Gabrielle Giffords In Newtown For Private Meetings

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After meeting with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York yesterday, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be in Newtown today to meet with families connected with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Giffords, a former U.S. Representative from Tucson, was wounded in an attack by a lone gunman at an Arizona shopping center parking lot two years ago that killed six people and injured 13.


State officials and local residents are not commenting about Giffords\’ visit to Newtown. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal will also attend the meeting.

@MichaelBloomberg tweeted this picture of his meeting with @GabbyGiffords and her husband, @ShuttleCDRKelly, when they met yesterday:



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13 thoughts on “Gabrielle Giffords In Newtown For Private Meetings

  1. susan

    This will be the first step in banning all of those evil, wicked GUNS, ASSULT WEAPONS AND HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES. This must NEVER happen AGAIN, EVER.

    1. Kim

      are you a teacher Susan? How do you explain attributing EVIL to an inanimate object?

      Please define ‘assault weapon’.

      You’re free to avoid gun ownership. Why do you feel you have the right to deprive everyone else of their rights under the Second Amendment?

        1. Kim

          Thanks Mike, your link proves that the term ‘assault weapons’ is misused, misunderstood, and not applicable to the weapons used at Newton. You’ve made my point quite well

  2. Shawny

    She is an inspiring woman!
    I so glad that she is taking time to meet with the families in Newtown.
    I hope that the MEDIA with not disturbed the meetings! The Media needs to leave the families and Newtown alone to morn and heal!!

  3. Dorothy Bennett

    There is no reason for the average American to own an assault rifle or high capacity magazines. We must ban together to put an end to these senseless acts.

    1. Kim

      the average american family does NOT own an assault weapon of any sort: they are banned without special permits that are extremely difficult to get.

      There are many reasons for high-capacity magazines. If and when you are involved in a home invasion, with multiple perps, you might understand. You might understand if you were a citizen of Egypt of Syria struggling against tyranny.

  4. Scott

    Dorothy, assault rifles are already illegal in CT. If you’re referring to “assault weapons”, whatever that is, there is also an assault weapon ban in CT.

    There is no reason for the average American to express their opinions or beliefs. Yet it is a constitutionally protected right, so you don’t NEED a reason.

    Do you drive anything bigger or more powerful than a 3 cylinder 80 horse power vehicle? I would say speed is the biggest contributor to motor vehicle related deaths, no? According to the CDC (2009 data is the most recent I could find), there have been 11,493 firearm related homicides (NOT excluding self defense) and 34,485 motor vehicle related deaths. Where’s your outrage for the people that die in car accidents? Where’s the call for banning any vehicle with more than 80 horse power? Driving isn’t a right in any sense of the word, but you would surely be outraged if you were limited to a choice between a Smart FourTwo and a Geo Metro.

    1. Mike Robinson

      Ah, the car argument rises again. Such a tired old saw. Kind of like the old joke: “The best thing you could say about the guy was his brother was worse.”

      I *wish* guns were regulated as well as cars are regulated. Licenses, registrations, titles, insurance, plates, inspections, testing, education, sales tax recorded on every sale. Even your silly little town can determine where and how fast you are allowed to drive, or park, or even store gasoline.

      The government specifies what must be in every car: safety equipment, emissions, vehicle weight, tire ratings, stopping distance, and much more. Location and size of gas tank is similar to gun magazine size. Maybe a limit on maximum gun size, or length, or muzzle velocity, or limits on destructive ammo types. Safety testing, maybe even gun emissions.

      1. Scott

        Mike, that is an excellent point. Thanks for bringing it up. Government is the answer to everything. Because, you know, as great as cars are regulated, people still drive without insurance, without a valid driver’s license, drive while impaired, drive unregistered vehicles, steal vehicles, drive stolen vehicles, drive recklessly, break the speed limit, drive vehicles that don’t require emissions, drive vehicles that fail emissions, drive distracted, and over 34,000 people die needlessly a year.

        What is the benefit of limiting the maximum gun size? Are guns currently too big? There are actually limits on the MINIMUM size for rifles and shotguns. Are they too long? Generally, the longer barrel equates to better accuracy due to a longer sight radius and the round getting up to maximum velocity before exiting the barrel. Do you know what muzzle velocity has to do with anything? What exactly do you consider “destructive ammo”?

        And finally, what do you propose they do for safety testing and what king of emissions does a firearm give off that would have to be regulated?

        Which one of your “common sense” suggestions would have prevented a single firearm death?

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