GMO Food Labeling Bill A Hot Topic at the Capitol

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Dozens of people came to the state Capitol complex Friday in support of a bill that would require food manufactured with genetically modified organisms to bear a label.

Among them was Jerry Greenfield, a founder of Ben & Jerry\’s ice cream (which is now owned by Unilever.) Greenfield was serving up cups of Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream ice cream at the legislative office building Friday afternoon.

Also at the Capitol was Dee Wilcox of East Hampton, who, like Greenfield, strongly supports the labeling mandate.


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3 thoughts on “GMO Food Labeling Bill A Hot Topic at the Capitol

  1. Deborah Cady

    I’m so disappointed you did not cover the evening hearing for H.B. 6519 Labeling GMOs.
    Beginning to understand how GMO processes are already effecting us is the most important discussion we should be having. Understanding why immediate action against GMOs is needed now has everything to do with life on this planet. You would have heard a most compelling speaker: Senior Scientist, Consumer Union, Michael Hansen give global research evidence contradicting claims by Monsanto and other Bio-Tech company representatives at the hearing that there are no safety differences between GMOs and conventional foods to justify labeling. Further contradicting their claims that all food is genetically altered. Such a claim is rubbish even to this lay person who can differentiate between natural selection and in-vitro genetic altering of one specie into a totally new specie. Research found the pesticide glysene the altering of flora and cellular activity in guts of livestock who feed on the ever-so-abundant toxins in BtCorn, resulting in spongy guts and death. Michael Hansen provided the committee with all source and research material. The Bio-Tech representatives offered no research results to justify their claims.

    But, the singular issue for this hearing was to allow for choice by labeling GMOs. That was all.

    1. Deborah Cady

      To correct an error and not finding an edit button: the pesticide glycene doesn’t exist. I meant to use it to look up correct name.

  2. Winston Tarrington

    While this is an emotional issue, it is still necessary to separate fact from fiction. The claims about the dangers of GMOs have not been documented in any respectable, peer-reviewed study anywhere and GMO labeling has been rejected by both the American Medical Association and the FDA. Those facts do not comport with the goals of the labeling proponents – but they are the facts.

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