GOP Listening Tour Begins Today

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\"\"What should the Connecticut Republicans do after another resounding thrashing at the polls?

GOP Chair Jerry Labriola will begin a series of roundtable discussions tonight that are open to the public. It starts in Fairfield.

Here\’s the schedule:

Fairfield: 11/27/12
Time 7pm
Location: Roger Ludlowe Middle School
689 Unquowa Rd., Fairfield, CT

West Hartford: 11/29/12
Time: 7pm
Location: West Hartford Town Hall, Room 400
50 S Main St # 2, West Hartford, CT 06107

Branford: 12/1/2012
Time:10 am
Location: Branford Community Center
46 Church Street, Branford, CT 06405

East Lyme:12/4/2012
Time: 7pm
Location: Flanders Fish Market
22 Chesterfield Road East Lyme, CT 06333

Torrington: 12/6/2012
Time: 7pm
Location: Bogey\’s Restaurant
93 Main Street Torrington, CT 06790


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30 thoughts on “GOP Listening Tour Begins Today

  1. Palin Smith

    Nobody will show except the usual suspects. Meeting at the Flanders Fish Market says it all!

    The CT GOP met in January, 2010, at CCSU in New Britain. Over half the crowd were Tea Party. Republicans complained that it was a Republican meeting, not a Tea Party meeting. The saviors were not appreciated and reluctantly welcomed. That’s the problem in a nutshell!

  2. johngaltwhereru

    What would I tell Republicans? Easy: Tell them to move to another State.

    Even RINOs can’t win here. There is no reason to waste time or money.

    The educational system is nothing more than a Liberal Indoctrination Program. The ever-growing minority population has been brainwashed into thinking Republicans hate them. The ever-growing dependent fear their goodies will be taken away by Republicans. The uneducated inaccurately believe that Congress has the power to reverse Roe vs Wade, or even that Republican’s want to take their birth control away. The moronic believe that the cure for yearly $Trillion deficits is a 4 percentage point increase in rich people’s taxes. The poor could care less about the economy collapsing, as many of them fail to understand that could end their benefits. And the entire State gets their information from sources like Rick Green and The Courant, who care less about presenting factual information than advancing an agenda.

    So in short, stop wasting time in Connecticut. It is a lost cause.

    1. Da Troof

      Well said John. Connecticut Democrats are owned by public sector unions, the urban entitled class, and the liberal elite. That coaliition continues to grow and when people vote for free stuff and union jobs over good public policy, its game over.

      One look at the 2012 national voting map says it all. While the vast geography of the country is red, the cities are now owned by Democrats who enslave minorities and the poor in exchange for votes and more free stuff. Combine these demographics with an impressive Democrat ground game and voter fraud and its game over at the national level too.

      This all ends when the insatiable liberal appetite for spending combined with the galactic stupidity of the electorate causes the collapse of our currency on the weight of our unsustainable national debt. Then the liberal utopia will be at hand.

      Its a crying shame but it is the new reality. RIP America.

    2. Kim

      I couldn’t agree more, John. These problems are not limited to CT, though they are more evident and obvious here.

  3. Bob Johnson

    Johngaltwhereru – all those things you mentioned that people believe Repulicans want to do such as make major cuts to the social safety net or take away women’s birth control rights are believed by so many people because that is what many Republicans want to do. Not all of them I’m sure, but many, from Rommey down. People don’t need to be brainwashed as you suggest, they just have to listen to many Republicans. We had an election and the people spoke. Now it’s time to respect that decision. For people that can’t be part of the process to help out nation moved forward rather than attack ever move, I wish they would move as you suggest.

    Dr. Bob Johnson

    1. Bob MacGuffie

      Dr. Johnson – Winning an election does not change reality, no matter how hard Liberals wish it were so. Our nation is bankrupt (when you borrow 40% of your spending needs and sell half that debt to yourself, you’re broke); our state is bankrupt (CT just raised taxes $1.5B and now face $1.2B deficit next yr, we’re broke). Haven’t met a Liberal yet, willing to deal with this reality – will you be the first?

    2. Da Troof

      Dr. Bob,

      No Republican I know wants to cut the safety net from those truly in need. That said, the current nanny state (Section 8 housing, Medicaid, food stamps, Obamaphones and the rest of it) is UNSUSTAINABLE. 1 in 5 are on Medicaid in this country and 1 ion 6 are on foodstamps. Is this the kind of safety net you want? Why bother working when you can get it all for free, right?

      The system we have perpetuates increasing numbers and successive generations of poor. It is also bankrupting our country. Is this the “great society” you liberals had in mind?

      Stop drinking the koolaid and lets have a real honest debate about the state of entitlement spending in this country. We need to shine a light on how entitlement spending (not taxes) will turn us into Greece.

      PS- Romney is a MODERATE. If we can’t even elect a moderate Republican, that tells you all you need to know about how far left this country has shifted. Pathetic.

    3. johngaltwhereru

      Dr. Johnson,

      Please list the Republicans who have stated they want to take away womens’ birth control. I assume, as a Doctor, you have the intelligence to discern between making birth control illegal and ending forced mandates for employers to provide birth control.

      Please explain how increasing the Social Security eligibility age for people who are currently in their 40’s, or means testing Medicare equate to “major cuts to the social safety net”?

      Please explain how Republicans statements of truth that we cannot afford the current rate of entitlement spending, or the current pace of increase in entitlement spending equates to hating the poor.

      Please list the elected politicians who have declared their hatred of minorities and the method by which they declared their hatred.

      It sounds to me like we can add you to the list of the brainwashed. Not one piece of the Liberal Democratic Platform was based in reality, but you seem to have bought it hook, line and sinker. The rich pay way the hell more than their fair share in taxes. There is no “War on Women”. Entitlements do need to be reformed before they collapse our Country.

      Would I be correct in guessing that your Doctorate is a Ph.D., and you work in academia?

      1. Kim

        great questions JohnG and of course you know that there won’t be any honest, sensible answers forthcoming. The good Dr. apparently bought into the feel-good connotations of the ‘forward’ concept without actually looking ‘forward’ to see what was down the road. To make it worse, he apparently didn’t have enough concern for facts and truth to look ‘backwards’ to see exactly what he was pushing ‘forward’.

        This is what passes for liberal education for the last 50+ years – matchbook cover degrees. Your decision to drop out of the medical field is becoming more and more understandable to even the thick-headed. I’m expecting a much larger percentage of the GOOD people in the medical profession to follow in your footsteps and leave medicine to the likes of Dr. Johnson and his ilk, to the detriment of their patients in particular and the entire medical profession in the US in general. How sad.

        1. johngaltwhereru


          Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.

          I am not dropping out of the Medical field. I just will not practice in the US during the coming collapse of our health care system. I am going to practice in Costa Rica until that point. If I have to finish my career there, so be it.

          I will be down there a while, because Obamacare will survive at least a decade on Nurse Practitioners and PA-Cs providing most of the care. And they are great for most conditions. However, when delays in proper diagnosis start resulting in large numbers of deaths from diseases that could be cured if diagnosed promptly, there will be a revolt.

          Medical problems aside, the economics of Obamacare will likely collapse the system first. I believe collapse of the medical system is the ultimate goal in order to install single payer. I see no reason to subject myself or my family to the pain that will occur with this transition.

          1. Kim

            It was delicious and enjoyable, as I hope yours was. Thank You.

            I’m happy to hear that some people in need of competent, honest medical attention will be able to obtain your services, even if they don’t live in the US. As I always say – we’re getting what we deserve, at least collectively if not individually.

            Any updates on when the relocation will take place?

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            I am leaving Jan 2nd. I will be joining a private practice that only accepts private insurance and self pay patients. Just like the quality doctors in the US will operate once government provided health insurance is what everyone but the wealthy depend on for their coverage. Just like is already the case in the UK. (Read about Harley Street)

            I already have a small house in the Guanacaste region, about 30 minutes from the Pacific Coast.

            I am retaining no investments or property in the US. I am retaining my license and citizenship, just in case, by some miracle, there is a huge awakening of the American citizenry once the penalties of Liberalism become too obvious to ignore.

            As I told Da Troof, (possibly Jim Nasium)I will still have Internet access, and will use it to expose the Courant’s liberal lies and hypocrisy for my pleasure and yours.

        2. Da Troof

          Kim and John,

          It is good to see you both in this format and it it is good to know that John will continue to blog via Costa Rica. John, I would like to get more information from you at some point about your experience there. I’m not sure if South Carolina or Florida will be far enough south for me.

          I have seen a few of the others (Jimmy, demented Davej) on other threads but not often.

          The reelection of the Obamanation was a shock and a great disappointment. I fear for the future of this nation and feel that it is a matter of time before we’re Greece. No one wants to give up the Government freebies and all the liberals have to offer is more spending, borrowing, and taxation. The fall of our currency seems inevitable at this point. So very sad but true.

          1. Kim

            Da Troof – agreed on all counts. I’ve never been more discouraged over the fate of this country than I am at this moment. It’s hard to believe that people don’t see what’s going on, or don’t care enough to do something about it.

            I’ll say one thing for the 60’s: right or wrong, people took to the streets over social issues and actually tried to change things. Now, the only ones who seem to be trying to change anything are the unions (esp the public sector) fighting for yet a bigger piece of the pie for less work.

            Us taxpayers just seem to keep right on giving – somethings’ gotta give here.

            On the bright side, we can look forward to 12-21-12 if the Mayans, Nostradamus and others are right about the impending catastrophe. Those who depend entirely on the government will be in for quite the culture shock when no one answers the phone

    4. Kim

      Move ‘forward’ to what, Dr. Johnson? Towards more and more deficit spending, higher taxes, and less personal responsibility and accountability? Are you really that obtuse or does it take a conscience effort to avoid facing the facts?

      If people don’t need to be brainwashed, why is so much effort put into doing just that, by our politicians? In the interest of objectivity – if not a simple comparison to test the results – would you consider dismantling the Department of Education and putting education back under local contral? Or do you prefer to continue moving ‘forward’ with higher costs, higher pensions, earlier retirements, and less results without any attempt at testing alternatives?

      ‘Forward’ is a nice, positive word until you look at what lies ahead. It’s naive to put one’s faith and trust into a word or goal without looking ‘forward’ to see the results that lie down that road.

      The people spoke? Or was it the electoral college system and one or two states that spoke? And if those who ‘spoke’ are overwhelmingly part of those groups that exist off the efforts and income of others, are the results in line with the goals of our constitution and it’s freedoms as envisioned by our founding fathers?

      I would submit that if anyone were to move from either their state or their country because they are unhappy with our political process and leaders, then it should be those who prefer their own agendas instead of what’s right for this country that our ancestors fought and died to create.

      If you want freedom, stay and fight for it and speak out against the inequities and selfishness of the socialist direction we are heading. If you want socialism, there are plenty of other places in the world that you would find more to your liking. They’d be happy to redistribute whatever earnings you have.

  4. Frustrated Republican

    Instead of “listening” he and other “GOP leaders” should remind folks about who raised taxes, increased spending, gave their money to poor people who don’t pay taxes and still have a budget deficit. They should say this everyday with laser discipline…if they are talking about anything else (ie wasteful ballot position fights), they are losing. Go back to the early 90s and steal the playbook in NJ…you had to have lived under a rock if you didn’t know that Gov Florio raised taxes 2.8 billion…and actually act like you are going to win…play in targeted races…and quit listening to Mr. Whinerman Chris Shays or anyone ever associated with him….he and his staff and former staff wouldn’t know a campaign if it hit them on their head.

  5. AndersonScooper

    Good luck Jerry!

    Is it too late for the GOP in New England? Has the Connecticut GOP devolved into a hard-line rump party of perennial losers?

    A: “Help me help you, DUMP DeLAURO!” (actual Labriola quote at the 2010 New Haven tax day Tea Party).

    Simmons and Shays were palatable, and marginally electable. Fortunately Jerry and Healy kicked them to the curb in favor of Linda “Smack-down” McNasty….

    Wicker and Chafee now sanely root for Democrats. ‘Nuff said?

  6. malvi lennon

    Dr Johnson:
    Speaking as a moderately pro-choice, feminist, Republican woman, and mother of two I am deeply offended when men whom obviously have no idea what they are talking about comment on issues, which affect mostly women.
    When it comes to waging a “war on women”, you need to look to countries such as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other countries of the Muslim (the radical kind) “faith”. It is they that treat women as a third class citizen (sheep are the second class). Death for going to school, stepping outside without a male companion, or becoming the victim of rape, is the REAL war on women.
    While we have a long way to go before reaching full gender equality in America it is, insulting to all women when the radical left wages a misinformation campaign about or reproductive organs. Such lumps all women into the “ignorant bimbo” category.
    Republicans do not want to “ban” contraceptives. We simply want the people engaging in the act, which requires contraception, to purchase their method of choice with their own money, not ours.

  7. Charlie Lynch

    At least under Chris Healy we added State Senators and State Reps. Republicans in the State House had the largest net gain of seats in 2010 with Healy leading the party in 26 years. Under Labriola we lost everything and made no gains in the House and the Senate. If the logic was to “change leadership” due to performance under Chris Healy then Labriola’s performance is far worse so not only should he not be reelected, he shouldn’t even throw his hat into the ring for the next chairman’s contest.

    Labriola is a complete failure, he had no plan and did nothing for this year’s election cycle. Knock Healy all you want but at least he had a plan and a program for voter outreach & contact in conjunction with the RNC in 2010 where tens of thousands of phone calls were made and ID’d voters were gotten to the polls. Labriola did none of that.

  8. Sean Murphy

    Chris Healy had nothing to do with wins in the legislature. Jason Welch won because he earned it. Suzio won because of his great campaign in the special election.

    I was on State Central when Healy was party chairman. The group was dysfunctional then and still is today.

    The system is designed to keep conservatives out. The RTCs as a whole are more interested in keeping power than doing the right thing.

    The Tea Party movement has tried to work within the system and been spit on and pushed out. Message received.

    The politicians in the legislature re-elected McKinney and Cafero, neither of which belong as Republicans and keep the party in the minority.

    Republicans need to lead. The politicians elected will not. They are more interested in making sure they are re-elected. There are a few exceptions.

    Who wants to take their spare time and energy working for a party that major officials and candidates go out in the press and insult you? I disagree with Chris Shays on a lot of issues, but he has never been rude to me or anyone I know about it. Roraback insulted conservatives and the Tea Party, along with McMahon. They did not want us, so guess what, people stayed away.

    The message to the GOP is clear in the results of the Senate race. The libertarians received almost 2%. I guess about half of that vote is people like me who have left the GOP for good.

    You cannot win without your base. Disagreeing is fine. Handling it the way the party does is why they deserve to lose and will continue to.

  9. TCPOG

    I applaud his efforts but it’s not what needs to be done. He’s heard what needs to be done but the State Central Insiders will squash his efforts in order to allow the fiefdom of failure to run the party into the ground. That fiefdom is the loser State Central members who double as political consultants and have their hands out at every turn. This is charade. The real people in charge at CT GOP and HOUSE Republican Cowards are getting paid and as long as their checks keep cashing they are happy. Sure they’d love the Governors office back, just means a pay raise for the payroll patriots.

  10. malvi lennon

    The message is quite clear Doug; the CT GOP has no use for people who are not inbred party loyalists. It is obvious that the Party does not want or respect those who think, speak, look and feel different. Perhaps that is why they have been incapable of making inroads with blacks and Latinos. Maybe in their heart of hearts they really are a bunch of white elitist. I am very disappointed. Republican will continue to be a dirty word for as long as the same people are running the show.

  11. Saul Freedman

    Don’t pay attention to Dr. Bob Johnson, he is a Democrat operative who moves from blog to blog posting Democrat talking points. He frequently trolls the Patch series of local sites as well.

    1. Kim

      Saul, IMO, it’s is important for readers to see the rebuttals. There are those out there who read his nonsense and swallow it whole heartedly, but might be ‘englightened’ by the comments from more objective posters.

      It’s the old ‘the only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing’ thing. Silence might be interpreted as agreement

  12. Charlie Lynch

    Healy’s efforts and his plan in place that was properly executed did indeed help the GOP pick up legislative seats in 2010 Sean Murphy so you are wrong as always.

    People don’t “push out” or “spit on” you Sean Murphy, you have a long history of being irrational, losing your temper and not being a team player and when you don’t get your way, you whine like a baby and throw temper tantrums. The Republican party doesn’t need people like you and they’re glad you’re gone. Please stay gone. Thank you.

    And Malvi Lennon, you’re another one who can’t seem to resist the urge to shoot your mouth off. You’re pathetic, you run for State Rep in 2010 in an open seat and you lost by a huge margin because you are the loser who ran a horrible campaign. Then in 2012, you try to run for State Senate and you can’t even raise enough money to get the public grant money, you then lie to people and say you’re “only a few dollars short” of the necessary level of funds when you were thousands of dollars short. Malvi, you shouldn’t lie to people, it catches up to you. So you run anyway against Eric Coleman and you got a paltry 14% of the vote! That’s just plain laughable!

    So then what do you do? You blame everyone else but yourself then claim the Republican party is racist. You are just as irrational and sick and Sean Murphy and the Republican party doesn’t need your negativity and lies either. Good riddance to you.

  13. wwd

    Until State Central defines its success in terms of provable RTC local success, there is no hope for winning regional races. State Central’s only organizational function should properly be as organizer and promoter of local RTC’s. RTC’s are close to the voter, know the local issues and need to be the outlet for State Central regional candidate information.

    To be successful, the organization should be run as a franchise- McDonald’s customers judge success by what their experience is at the local level and really don’t care about home office in West Overshoe. Input, standards (principles), agreed upon requirements from home office and every effort aimed at local level. State Central and RTC’s are today separate entities, tying the levels together in a way that makes them interdependent helps all.

    State Central may think they are important, I believe that they have no beneficial effect that matters and are irrelevant. But they can be and need to be.

  14. Charlie Lynch

    wwd, you are so clueless it’s laughable. RTC elect the State Central members and the State Central members elect the Chairman. The State Central members are not only “relevant” here, they have ALL the say as to who the chairman is and you have none since you’re irrelevant.

    Political success or failure at the local level is mostly a function of the voter registration statistics in any given town. The Hartford Republicans have virtually no chance of ever being “successful” when the voter registration numbers there are 25 to one against them while the New Canaan RTC can not even meet for two years and the Republicans will win every seat they run for.

    You’re a fool wwd, thankfully you’re irrelevant!

  15. Kim

    The truth about the Bush Tax Cuts and why they should NOT be allowed to expire.

    “For those who find that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” they need only see the graphs published in the November 30th issue of Investor’s Business Daily.

    What both the statistical tables in the “Economic Report of the President” and the graphs in Investor’s Business Daily show is that (1) tax revenues went up— not down— after tax rates were cut during the Bush administration, and (2) the budget deficit declined, year after year, after the cut in tax rates that have been blamed by Obama for increasing the deficit.

    Indeed, the New York Times reported in 2006: “An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year.”

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