GOP Roundtable Tour: Invitation Only, Please.

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State Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola says that his meetings to discuss the future direction of the party are not come-one-come-all events as reported earlier this week.

\”It\’s invitation only,\’\’ Labroila said Thursday. \”It\’s essentially a strategy discussion. There are things we need to do within the party … you have to start with party officials.\”

While Republicans held the line in the General Assembly, every party member running for Congress lost in the November election. Labriola said the party must talk about how to expand its base.

The closed-door sessions continue in West Hartford this evening. There are additional meetings in Branford, East Lyme and Torrington in coming days.


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10 thoughts on “GOP Roundtable Tour: Invitation Only, Please.

  1. Palin Smith

    Aha! They didn’t like what they heard in Fairfield!

    Who got it wrong? Was it Rick Green or was it the GOP?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Da Troof

    Maybe the Republicans can hijack the media and have it sling anti-Democrat mud all the time. After all, if the media says it enough, its the truth, right?

    Naahhh…it’ll never happen. Too many liberals in the media.

    1. Ken Krayeske

      Da Troof – Which liberal media are we talking about? The liberal media owned by billionaire Sam Zell? Or the liberal media owned by Rupert Murdoch? Or the liberal media owned by nuclear weapons parts manufacturer General Electric? Or the liberal media owned by Sumner Redstone/Viacom? Or the liberal media owned by Disney? None of these for-profit corporations or right-wing individuals really shows much liberal bias. Maybe I’m wrong. And please, pin a liberal bias on the Hartford Courant – the same Courant that endorsed Rowland twice, GHW Bush in 88, and W in 2000 and 2004? That liberal Courant? Please. The liberal media is another one of those GOP myths that exists only in the unreality bubble.

      1. Kim

        liberal media is a myth? Please point out where the MSM gas covered the Benghazi coverup, in its’ entirety, from the beginning to now. I’d be interested in where the MSM has expressed outrage over this.

        Same for Fast and Furious, one of the best examples of MSM blindness and silence.

        Same for the addition of Kagan to SCOTUS and the likelihood that she lied during her confirmation hearings. Whether she did or not isn’t the point – where was the coverage.

        Where was the coverage and outrage over Candy Crowley’s ‘intervention’ in the 2nd Presidential Debate?

        Where was the coverage and outrage over Sotomayors’ stating that the Heller decision was established law during HER confirmation hearings, then immediately upon being confirmed weighing in AGAINST this established law and against the 2nd Amendment?

        Where was the outrage and coverage over Nancy Pelosi’s statement that ‘you have to pass it to see what’s in it’? Or the quality investigative journalism over the costs of Obamacare hitting AFTER the 2012 election?

        Where’s all the coverage and outrage over President Obama’s usurping privileges from the legislature and making his own laws, or ignoring those in effect?

        How about the coverage and outrage over the ICE agents’ suit against this administration for making their job dangerours and virtually impossible given the written law on one hand, and the contrary edicts from the White House and Napolitano on the other?

        I don’t recall the MSM going after the Harry Reid for his lies about Mitt Romney and the tax crap. Could be me.

        You must be right Ken – it’s a myth.

  3. malvi lennon

    The message is quite clear; the CT GOP has no use for people who are not inbred party loyalists. It is obvious that the Party, at least in CT, does not have room for people who think, speak, look and feel different. Perhaps that is why they have been incapable of making inroads with blacks and Latinos. Maybe in their heart of hearts they really are a bunch of white elitist.

  4. redlady

    This sounds typical of the current CT GOP: include only those who these insiders feel comfortable with, exclude anyone else with different ideas or energy. A closed society eventually extinguishes its own flame.

  5. Palin Smith

    The “media” exists only because it makes money. Take the money away and it is finished. A national boycott implemented by a majority of corporations and small businesses can crush it quickly. Who will lead the way?

    People already know where to shop. Stop all advertising for a year and the “media” will beg forgiveness.

  6. Charlie Lynch

    No Malvi, the voters have no use for you because you’re a terrible candidate who doesn’t know how to campaign. You only got 14% of the vote last time out, how is the CT GOP to blame for that? You need to take responsibility for your pathetic performance and stop being such a nasty, miserable malcontent.

    redlady, everyone is getting sick and tired of your whining too. If you don’t like the Republican party then leave and be a Libertarian. You can sit around with the three other fools who comprise the entire Libertarian party structure in the state of Connecticut and whine and complain all you want and be rude and nasty, just like Malvi Lennon.

    If you two think the Republican party should embrace you and your lunatic fringe agendas along with your constant nastiness and whining then you two are off your rockers. You two need to leave the Republican party along with your friend Sean Murphy, we’re glad he’s gone and you two should follow him.

    1. Kim

      Libertarian party members in CT may or may not be fools, but that shouldn’t be a reflection on the Libertarian party in general.

      IMO, one of the single most important things that can be done to save our country is to have MORE political parties – or none at all. The two-party lock has proven deadly to the longevity of a country whose constitution is grounded in personal responsibility and freedom.

      This reader certainly prefers the Libertarian agenda over the Dems and Republicans.

  7. Kim

    The truth about the Bush Tax Cuts and why they should NOT be allowed to expire.

    “For those who find that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” they need only see the graphs published in the November 30th issue of Investor’s Business Daily.

    What both the statistical tables in the “Economic Report of the President” and the graphs in Investor’s Business Daily show is that (1) tax revenues went up— not down— after tax rates were cut during the Bush administration, and (2) the budget deficit declined, year after year, after the cut in tax rates that have been blamed by Obama for increasing the deficit.

    Indeed, the New York Times reported in 2006: “An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year.”

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