GOP Strategist: Hammer Dems On Death Penalty During Newtown Debate

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Former Republican Chairman Chris Healy says the debate over gun violence and mental health is missing a critical component: a call to restore the death penalty:

… can anyone say the words \”death penalty?\” If Adam Lanza hadn\’t killed himself after his murder spree, these same Democrats, assuming Lanza was ruled sane, would have spent his life in jail – on the public\’s dime. Republicans can learn from the Democrats playbook. In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, the D\’s have resurrected their assault weapon ban. Where is the GOP cry to repeal the death penalty ban? The death penalty was created for those who\’s guilt is without doubt.

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4 thoughts on “GOP Strategist: Hammer Dems On Death Penalty During Newtown Debate

  1. Hank Morgan

    Unfortunately, the GOP strategist has neglected the fact that the death penalty can actually be even more costly than a life sentence due to the increase in court costs involved with sentencing a person to death. They get an automatic appeal, and often aren’t executed for many years.

    1. Kim

      Hank, that is one of the major flaws with the system. If there is no doubt whatsoever that someone committed a death-penalty-related crime, then why all the delays? Preposterous

      The Petit killers come to mind – no dobut there

    1. johngaltwhereru

      A very rare point on which I agree with you.

      A recent and equally rare flip-flop on my long standing position.

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