GOP\’s Cafero and McKinney Say Martha Dean FB Post Is Vile, Disgusting, Despicable

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Here\’s what they say:

\"marthaHARTFORD – House and Senate Republican Leaders Larry Cafero of Norwalk and John McKinney of Fairfield today denounced the posting of a video by former Republican Attorney General candidate Martha Dean that promotes \”vile\’\’ conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook School shootings.

Dean, on her Facebook page, linked to a video composite which involves conspiracy theories, including the allegation that the tragedy was staged by actors.

\”The victims and families of Newtown and Connecticut as a whole have been devastated by this horrible tragedy, many of whom may never recover. We do not need to hear these vile conspiracy claims,\’\’ Cafero said. \”I have no idea why she would call attention to this by posting it on her social media page, but it would be best if she takes it down.\’\’

\”The information put out by so-called \’Newtown Truthers\’ and other conspiracy theorists is disgusting and despicable. Their conduct and actions are not only an insult to our intelligence, but also hurtful to the people of Newtown and disrespectful to the families of the victims and the memories of their children. Reposting, or in any way furthering the legitimacy of these groups, is grossly irresponsible and equally wrong. Anyone who engages in such behavior owes the families of the victims and the people of Newtown an apology,\” McKinney said.

State GOP Chair Jerry Labriola added:

\”While it is certainly the right of all Americans to express any view they may hold and while Connecticut and the nation continue to struggle for answers regarding the Newtown tragedy, the posting of the conspiracy video by Martha Dean was, in my opinion, ill-thought and highly insensitive.\”

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19 thoughts on “GOP\’s Cafero and McKinney Say Martha Dean FB Post Is Vile, Disgusting, Despicable

    1. enness

      Excuse me, sir. How about we tell you what we “need” to know, not the other way around?

      I dislike conspiracy theories as a general rule, but dismissive comments like this are rather high on my list too.

    2. Kim

      I see nothing wrong with what Martha Dean said in your link. Firearms training for youngsters has historically proven to be both beneficial and wise, resulting in both an understanding of the dangers of firearms and preventing accidental discharges of weapons resulting in injury.

      Is your zealotry against firearms more important than the health and welfare of our children?

  1. Don Pesci

    We need to know more than that. Your spot is a hit job by Democrats. How would you feel about swimming lessons for young children in school the object of which, I guess, is twofold: 1)to teach young kids how to swim, and 2) to prevent ACCIDENTAL drownings. The object of firearms instruction in schools would be 1) to teach kids the proper use of firearms (i.e. don’t use them to shoot other kids), and 2) to prevent ACCIDENTAL shootings. And your objection to this would be what?
    Naturally, the courses should be elective.

  2. SteveHC

    She’s obviously just a self-agrandizing, self-promoting moron who has nor morals whatsoever. People who run for public office should be required to undergo thorough psychological evaluations and a polygraph test.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      That would eliminate our President and a massive swath of elected officials.

      Obama, being a pathological liar, would fail the the psych evaluation. Being a highly manipulative propagandist would get him as well.

      Despite his rampant lying, Obama would likely pass the polygraph. He lies with such ease and confidence that his pulse, respiration rate and all other physiological processes are probably unaffected.

    2. Adam J Schmidt

      You’re being ridiculous. Why would you want additional requirements on who can run for office? If you don’t like someone don’t vote for them, or support their opponent…. this is why we have elections. Honestly, what’s wrong with you?

      1. Kim

        Obvious to you perhaps, SteveHC. But is private sector workers see things differently than the public sector (we’re considerably more realistic, for starters).

  3. MrLogical

    Growing up in the Midwest, when I was in high school in the early ’60s, we had a rifle club that met 2-3 nights per week for NRA-sponsored training that was conducted by an NRA instructor (Mr. Nunez) who was also an officer (a Major as I recall) at the local National Guard unit. He was assisted by 2 instructors from school. We had a 4-station, 25-30 yard shooting range in the school basement; 2 prone stations and 2 bench stations. We shot pistols and long guns; all .22 caliber. On the first day of each year when the old and new members met, Mr. Nunez spent roughly an hour going through the history and importance of the 2nd Amendment, followed by the first of several safety lessons. (New members didn’t shoot until the 3rd or 4th night as I recall, while returning members could resume shooting after the first orientation meeting.) Toward the end of the school year, our team competed in a regional state competition where we shot against roughly a dozen other HS teams from our corner of the state. The top 2 winning schools from the regionals then went to a statewide meet where state champions were determined. It was great training and made me a better,safer shooter than I would otherwise have become. Unfortunately, sometime in the ’80s, anti-gun groups ultimately brought pressure to bear against the NRA, schools and the state and the programs were cancelled. A huge loss, IMO. This is the training that Martha Dean was speaking of in the video link.

    1. Kim

      great post Mr. Logical. The indoctrination centers we call public schools have long since strayed away from the teaching of this country’s history from a subjective viewpoint. They waste time brainwashing kids, building up ‘self-esteem’, and pushing liberal agendas.

  4. Charlie Lynch

    Sean Murphy asks a very good question, what exactly is it that Martha Dean did? I can’t find anything on Facebook about her.

  5. GunOwner

    Wow, the chairman of the GOP jumps right up to condemn something 1 private citizen linked to on her personal facebook page, but still has had nothing at all to say about his position on the dozen or more gun control bills already introduced in Hartford this legislative session?

  6. Martha Dean

    Friends, let me be clear once again: I have never endorsed — and do not — endorse this video or any conspiracy theory making the rounds. This video is out there in circulation and my post asked only for comments on “what’s wrong with this”? Comments of all sorts have come in on my page and elsewhere. The private messages that I have received, with first hand information — information that will eventually come out and put many rumors to rest — have convinced me that posting this specific video should have been done with a clear statement of my position at the outset. Those of you who are familiar with my Facebook page know that I generally try to avoid doing expressing my view at the outset in order to allow a free-ranging discussion. But, in this case, I agree with my critics that I should have clearly expressed my view up front or, better still in the view of some, not posted the video at all. There will be times when I get it wrong, but you know I will always try to err on the side of a greater flow of information and a more robust discussion of issues and the importance questioning facts.
    At this point I will leave my original post up so there is a clear record for anyone who wishes to check what I actually said.
    To the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre and all those touched by this tragedy: know that you and your lost friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers, and in the thoughts and prayers of millions and millions of people from here around the world. I feel your deep sorrow. I offer my apology for any pain that my posting of the video that is circulating or the inquiry process, generally, may cause you. Know that we share the common objective of getting to the truth. I extend my love and I offer my assistance to you in whatever way I can be of service to you personally in this situation. – Martha Dean

  7. billm

    I have listened to many comment from a variety of people regarding the New town tragedy. An act committed by a mentally defective young man with a gun.
    The focus now, predicably, is focused upon the gun. The most inane comments can from the political class especially Chris Murphy and the camera shy Richard Blumenthall. When the NRA suggested armed guards at schools they, in Their knee-jerk response, again focused on the presence of guns in school which they found repulsive. If a gun free zone is the safest place then I suggest they place signs in front of there homes stating the they were “gun free zones”. This would demonstrate the courage of their conviction, and applies to all those who be live they are safest without firearms.

    1. Kim

      bill: I’ve often suggested the exact same thing. Put your money where your mouth is! It’s not gonna happen

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