GOP\’s Labriola Criticizes Malloy For Out-of-State, Out-of-Country Travel

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The Republican state chairman, Jerry Labriola, is criticizing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his travels this weekend to both Vermont and Quebec for conferences, saying Malloy has now made 32 out-of-state trips as governor.

“Dan Malloy might not have an impressive record on the economy, but he certainly has an impressive travel resume,\’\’ Labriola said in a statement. \”While the majority of Connecticut families are working harder and longer than ever to make ends meet, Governor Malloy is jetting off to luxury spas and resorts on the taxpayers’ dime. This latest trip will make 32 out of state trips – five out of country – and over a million dollars in taxpayer-funded costs after just over two years in office.\’\’

Labriola added, “The governor clearly isn’t learning much from his lavish excursions, because despite visiting places like Texas and Virginia – which are seeing real recovery – Malloy continues to drive jobs out of Connecticut with his insatiable thirst for government spending and record-setting tax increases. After his ‘different path’ has led Connecticut’s economy to a dead-last ranking, Dan Malloy faces a very difficult year ahead as he attempts to swindle Connecticut voters into giving him a second term. I don’t blame him for trying to get in some last taxpayer-funded luxury spa vacations while he still can.”

But the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman, Nancy DiNardo, defended Malloy’s travels.

“The reality is every single New England governor is going, and they’re going to be talking about lowering energy costs and transportation,\’\’ DiNardo told Capitol Watch in an interview. \”So it’s important for the governor to be there.’’

She added, “All you have to do is travel on I-95. In Fairfield County, 95 is terrible. We should be focusing on public transportation.’’

Concerning Labriola, she said, “Certainly, it’s Jerry’s job to be critical sometimes. In this case, I think he is really wrong in criticizing the governor.’’

Based on the number of trips out of state, Labriola titled his statement as, \” \’Travelling Dan Strikes Again.\’ \’\’

On Friday, Malloy headed to the well-known Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester Village, Vermont for an event hosted by Vermont\’s Gov. Peter Shumlin, who serves as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. On Saturday night, Malloy will be back in Hartford at the annual fundraising gala for St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center at the Connecticut Convention Center.

On Sunday and Monday, he is scheduled to attend a meeting of the New England governors and five Eastern Canadian premiers.

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10 thoughts on “GOP\’s Labriola Criticizes Malloy For Out-of-State, Out-of-Country Travel

  1. ccbeachcomber

    DiNardo is hilarious responding to/justifying this one excursion, yet no response to real problem:

    “The governor clearly isn’t learning much from his lavish excursions, because despite visiting places like Texas and Virginia – which are seeing real recovery – Malloy continues to drive jobs out of Connecticut with his insatiable thirst for government spending and record-setting tax increases. After his ‘different path’ has led Connecticut’s economy to a dead-last ranking”.

    Sending this governor anywhere is like sending our miserable president to the G20 Economic summtit: both are all about fleecing the middle class with higher taxes to fund programs that lower the bar for self-righteous indigents and illegal immigrants, while raising the bar on doing business in CT. Both embrace economic recession as a means to further exploit taxpayers and businesses.

    When they get there, suddenly, it is all about them and some hysterical distraction advisors dreamed up on the way. In the president’s case, it’s allying with al Qaeda in Syria. Malloy will probably boast about his busway to nowhere that will monopolize one of the few bright areas of business in downtown Hartford driving those businesses away like Middle East sandstorm.

    So yeah Jerry Labriola, Republican candidate for governor, all the other miserable Democrat governors will be in Vermont feeding off the teat of the middle class; as far as any meaningful discussion on economic development and businesses hiring, well that concept just doesn’t exist their world and Ms DiNardo has no obligation to respond to that.

    Bet Hartford Hospital can hardly wait for him to show up. Isn’t Malloy all about squeezing the juice out of healthcare and driving hospitals in the state out of business when his policies are keeping the unemployed out of work, education so prohibitively expensive as well as the cost of living in Connecticut?

  2. Disgusted Former Democrat

    Malloy has been a disaster for this state. He is an inept liar who is so self absorbed in delusions of grandeur he fails to see the death spiral his policies have placed the state in. Pathetic.

  3. The Conn-servative

    Danny is just another page out of Obamas playbook. His administration in conjunction with our Commander in Chief thug, are intentionally charting a course for more have nots than haves. However they need to get there, they will push for to establish more of a bigger,obtrusive,jurassic size government.

  4. enness

    Say what you want about Malloy (is that all it costs to get him away from here for a while?), but I feel like Labriola’s job of being the obligatory broken record must get tiring. Maybe I’m feeling extra reasonable today but I can see how it would look strange if Malloy was the only one not there.

    A word to Mr. Keating: there’s a subtle spelling difference between premier and premiere, but it’s enough to be confusing. You had me thinking for a second that he was doing a theatre or classical music tour, which is just plausible by a hair in the context of the story.

  5. ct deserves better

    Labriola’s spot-on. And how can we expect Dannyboy to be any good at business–if he can’t read or write, he sure as hell can’t do math. (True fact: Dannel Malloy can neither read nor write. See here: ) He’s done nothing for us. Nothing. Except for shredding the Constitution and chasing good jobs to much fiscally healthier states.

    Nancy, from one teacher to another, take a day off from the Blue Kool-Aid. You sound….oblivious.

    1. Connecticut is circling the drain

      What play book should they use? The “ignore it and let the Dems get away with murder” play book? How about the “let Them continue the state death spiral” play book.

      Would you keep mum if a Republican Governor made more than one out of state trip a month? Which state is he “running” by the way?

  6. Robin

    How come we haven’t checked and followed up about his free tree service His tickets he bought with the General Fund and his lavish trips Do the people of Ct really know whats going on I cant even afford to see my grandkids 6 towns away and I payed to have my trees removed Come on he goes after Satate Workers for SNAP Oh by the way my car property taxesand insurance went up

    1. Robin

      By the way where are all the programs Malloy destroyed or didn’t fix Section 8 Apprentice Program ABI Program Renters Assistance Program Summer Jobs for Youths Program Malloy hasn’t done one good thing to help the people of Ct ect ect ect

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