GOP\’s Labriola: Malloy\’s Gun Plan Is Purely Political, Timed Specifically For VP Joe Biden\’s Visit To Connecticut Gun Conference

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\"ThisState Republican chairman Jerry Labriola says that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s gun-control proposals are purely political – timed directly to Vice President Joe Biden\’s vist to Connecticut for a gun control conference.

\”Even on an issue as sensitive and critically important as gun control, Governor Malloy has demonstrated that he is not above making it political,\’\’ Labriola said Thursday. \”It is clear that the governor wanted to be in front of the bi-partisan legislative committee studying these issues. It is clear he wants the headline to read \’Malloy proposes gun control\’ ahead of the Vice-President\’s visit to Connecticut. I hesitate to call it grandstanding, but the governor\’s hunger for a headline is making Dick Blumenthal look like he has stage fright.\”

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14 thoughts on “GOP\’s Labriola: Malloy\’s Gun Plan Is Purely Political, Timed Specifically For VP Joe Biden\’s Visit To Connecticut Gun Conference

  1. Ralph

    Ok, this is the most obvious article that I’ve read in the current since it said it snowed a lot the other week…Mr. Malloy is running for re-election and is getting nervous because of the potential primary from his own party. Oh, by the way, he’s not very popular any more because most people can see that he has his own agenda. Unfortunately, his agenda is not in the best interest of the citizens of the State of Connecticut…

    1. Nate

      I promise that in light of the Governors attitude toward my legally obtained and responsibly used firearms, I will show up in my military uniform with all my medals and be very vocal about him not being the best choice to represent this state as he campaigns for another term and tries to put so many people in manufacturing out of work with his proposals!

    2. Jan

      Yep, Danny is afraid of not being reelected…this was a purely political thing…the only thing WE have to worry about is how in debt he’ll leave us !!

  2. Time for Change!

    Ralph, I don’t think Danno has to worry about getting re-elected, especially since he only won by a razor thin margin of only a few hundred votes and only because Tom Marsh, the Chester 1st Selectman, took away roughly 17,000 votes from Tom Foley.

    Danno simply has to keep being himself pushing his liberal left wing agenda and he will be assuring a Republican landslide in the next election!

  3. gun control bill

    Everything we do in life is timed. Even your conception.
    I time my runs in the spring mornings.
    I time the food I eat to match my hunger.
    I time the medicine I take.

    Timing is everything. Now, what else is your beef?

        1. Kim

          more pretending that you know what you are talking about. You are quite adept at making things up, billyboy, and trying to pass them off as fact. A true liberal – no need to let facts interfere with a discussion

  4. John

    As a republican, comments like Labrioala’s comment shows why the Republican can’t win elections in Connecticut.

    1. Kim

      In fact his comment should show why Republicans SHOULD win in CT. John’s comment – and probably agreement from liberals in CT – shows why CT is becoming the laughing stock of the U.S. and why it is one of the leading welfare-states in the union. Honesty, truth, and commonsense have no place in CT politics.

    2. enness

      I would have to agree. Of COURSE Malloy wants to impress the vice president, Captain Obvious, what Democrat wouldn’t?

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