GOP\’s Tom Foley Is Not Giving Up; Says Legislators Essentially Accepting Bribes Through Jobs; Wants Vote on Friday

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Tom Foley is not giving up.

After clashing with legislators during a public hearing last week, Foley strongly reiterated his stance Tuesday that there is institutional corruption in Hartford as legislators hold jobs that he says have a clear conflict of interest.

Foley was sharply criticized by three House Republicans who said his proposal was so far-reaching that it would prevent as many as half the legislators from serving because of Foley\’s definition of a conflict of interest. But Foley said that those legislators may have misunderstood his bill, which he said is much more narrow that they had believed.

\”A lot of the members of the committee may not have read it or understood it,\’\’ Foley said, adding that some legislators \”didn\’t know what the bill actually said.\’\’

He says flatly that legislators should not be allowed to serve in Hartford if they are paid more than $1,000 per year for working for a state contractor, a public employees union, or a lobbying firm. The bill would not prohibit being a union member – just being an employee who is paid by the union.

\”There should be a presumption that income given to a legislator is to influence public acts,\’\’ Foley told Capitol Watch on Tuesday. \”Guess what? That\’s a bribe. That\’s a bribe under federal law.\’\’

He added, \”The problem is these things are masked as jobs. It\’s a bribe.\’\’

Foley is pushing for a vote on his bill during a meeting this Friday of the Government Administration and Elections Committee at the Capitol complex. He said he has called the two Democratic co-chairmen, Sen. Anthony Musto of Trumbull and Rep. Edward Jutila of Niantic, but he said he had not heard back from either of them by Tuesday afternoon.

Both Republicans and Democrats blasted Foley\’s bill, saying the language was so broadly written that it would affect any family members of legislators who worked for FedEx, Yale University or Aetna because those corporations employ lobbyists at the Capitol. But Foley says that was never the intent of his bill.

Legislators were upset because Foley said the conflicts of interest were \”sleazy,\’\’ adding that \”the foxes are running the henhouse\’\’ at the Capitol.

\”It\’s good law,\’\’ Foley said. \”It\’s badly needed.\’\’

Foley added that legislators have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the gun control legislation that is scheduled for a vote Wednesday. Instead, he said they should be talking about Malloy\’s proposed two-year budget.

\”They are trying to stretch out the gun discussion so they don\’t have to talk about the budget,\’\’ Foley told Capitol Watch. \”They\’re purposely not talking about it. It\’s not a pleasant conversation. They don\’t want to talk about it.\’\’

Foley is a former Republican nominee for governor who won 128 of the state\’s 169 municipalities before losing in 2010 to Democrat Dannel P. Malloy by less than 1 percentage point in the closest election for governor of Connecticut in more than 50 years.

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5 thoughts on “GOP\’s Tom Foley Is Not Giving Up; Says Legislators Essentially Accepting Bribes Through Jobs; Wants Vote on Friday

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Another example of liberal bias at the Courant. Note the title of the article. Of course Foley hasn’t given up you fools- he’s considering another run for office. Just because you commies haven’t ordained his candidacy doesn’t mean he is out of the race.

    I think Foley’s bill is a breath of fresh air as legislators of both parties have had some cozy and dubious relationships with special interest groups. Personally, I once had a standing legislator with direct union ties attempt to organize my company on behalf of his union. How’s that for a blatent conflict of interest? This crap goes on all the time and Foley has been ripped for calling it out. Good for him- he must have hit a nerve if there’s this much opposition.

  2. Still Revolutionary CT

    Amazing Arrogance by that Tom Foley. He must think he’s still the politically-connected Ambassador.

    What’s wrong with this statement:”Foley added that legislators have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the gun control legislation that is scheduled for a vote Wednesday.”

    SO what Ambassador Foley is really saying is let’s stop talking about the dead kids slain by a madman and how to stop this from occurring in the future. Let’s instead talk about his ill-conceived and written bill!

    I guess it’s all about him.

  3. Gompers

    If Tom Foley is such a fan of transparency will he please release the police reports for his two road rage arrests. Foley was arrested in two separate road rage incidents that occurred well into his adulthood. In one Foley chased his ex-wife and son in his car and broke several motor vehicle laws. In another, Foley got into an altercation with a motorist and rammed his car into the motorist’s car. In both incidents the victim dropped the charges. But, still reports were written. Let Tom Foley lead the way on transparency and release the reports. Foley is running for the highest office in the state. Understanding Foley’s temperment and actions are important.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Gee, why would Tom Foley corner the market on transparency? If we can elect US Senators who lie about their Vietnam service or about their mortgage debt, why does Tom need a higher standard? Oh, thats right- he’s a Republican.

  4. Kiss This

    Foley is spot on. What is allowed in this state is criminal, would not be allowed in many private business. What’s more, what passes for transparency is laughable. These people craft legislation in secret, write in changes nobody claims to know about after public hearings, signs up for millions of dollars in debt that nobody knows about…and then they hold public hearings so they can check off the box and call that transparent. That’s just the secret police, well paid, fat and happy taking care of their own. I have equal disdain for both republicans and Dems in this discussion. They screw and nanny us in private, and tell us they love us in the daylight. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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