Got Syria On Your Mind? Rep. Esty Is Listening.

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\"EstyHey 5th District constituents, here\’s your chance to give U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty and earful. She says she is skeptical but hasn\’t yet decided how to vote on President Obama\’s request for Congressional backing to strike Syria.

The details:

CORNWALL, CT – Saturday, September 7, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-5) will hold Congress on Your Corner in Cornwall to provide constituents with an opportunity to meet with their Congresswoman one on one and share their thoughts on some of the most pressing issues facing Connecticut and the country, including the President’s request for authorization for military action in Syria, or to discuss any issue they like. Constituents can also attend to seek assistance with any problem they may be having with a federal agency. Esty will be at Cornwall Town Hall from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

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15 thoughts on “Got Syria On Your Mind? Rep. Esty Is Listening.

  1. Kathy Conyers

    I would strongly urge Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty to vote no in response to a proposed Military Strike in Syria. There are many unknown factors regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria and I think a Military Strike in Syria would entail unintended consequences from nations in support of the Syrian Regime.

    1. Himler

      I agree with Kathy I think we should let them fight their own battles.
      They only killed a little over 400 children in the last gas attack I think the
      syrian gov can improve on that.

      1. Greg

        Yea, let’s be Al Qaeda air force, providing air support while they go shell Christian villages and behead infidels.

      2. Kim

        just who is ‘they’ that you are referring to Himler. It would help to be clear so we all know where you stand on this issue. Unless, of course, you simply prefer to be considered ignorant by basing your opinions on nothing other than your personal feelings instead of facts. Same goes for your boss

  2. Himler

    Well the syrian government is one of two forces with the capability of launching the rockets. The other
    would be hezbollah but because they are working together the point is moot. The use of chemical weapons
    was because rebel forces had the edge.

  3. Scott

    These blog comments could use a little reform. Make people log in with a facebook account like the courant articles. It would remove the problem of multiple posts by the same nitwit under different names.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Yup. He’ll screw it up for all of us. But then, isn’t that what libtards do to everyone else? Make everyone else pay for their beliefs/mistakes.

    1. Kim

      Scott, one of the problems with logging in with a facebook account is that many workplaces block facebook sites and/or the login process through facebook, to access courant comments. Some of us post during breaks or lulls or when we need to get our minds off vexing business matters for a few moments. Otherwise, I agree with you completely

  4. The Conn-servative

    I look at Iraq and Afghanistan and the 5k + US (other countries to) service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, and see what is still going on over there and am very apprehensive about more troops in another country. I don’t think if we get involved with Syria it’ll be that much different.

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