Malloy Awards $5 Million For School Security

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Prompted by the Newtown school massacre, 169 public school buildings in 36 communities will receive a combined $5 million in funding to improve school safety.

The money will be used for items such as bullet-proof glass, panic alarms, surveillance cameras, buzzer and card-entry systems, and electric locks.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced the grants Wednesday, saying that the money will go to schools all across the state from Greenwich to Killingly. The $5 million is the first round of a program that will eventually reach $21 million.

Overall, the state received 111 applications in 604 school buildings, officials said.

The largest number of improvements will be in Bridgeport, where 23 schools will be upgraded. The total includes 17 in East Hartford, 14 in Norwalk, 9 in Enfield, and one in Greenwich.

Citing an exemption under the state\’s Freedom of Information laws, officials did not release the names of the individuals schools so that potential perpetrators would not know which schools are vulnerable. But some of the security work might have already been completed because the $5 million includes reimbursements for previous work, along with amounts for future work.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said, \”Governor Malloy and the State of Connecticut are to be commended for this significant investment in school security—a critical component of the state’s bipartisan, common sense gun violence legislation. In the months since the horrific tragedy in Sandy Hook, I have visited schools across the state, listening to educators, law enforcement and students about their school safety needs, and learning how districts have managed to make important upgrades with limited funding. We can and must do more to ensure our schools are as safe as they can be, but that burden cannot rest solely with our state and local districts. The federal government has an obligation to act, which is why I have co-sponsored the Schools and Campus Safety Enhancement Act to provide $40 million in annual grants over the next decade for safety-related capital improvements, training and security assessments.\’\’

Blumenthal continued, \”While the bill received broad bipartisan support, progress has been stalled by a minority in Congress unwilling to listen to the common sense needs and wishes of the American public.  It is time for Congress to learn from the bipartisan successes of Connecticut and take action on comprehensive gun violence reform now.”

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18 thoughts on “Malloy Awards $5 Million For School Security

    1. Kim

      Seems that the ‘prison’ part of your questions starts in grade 1 and continues through adulthood, enness. Government monopoly of our early educational system teaches our kids about governments power by forcing them to attend its’ indoctrination centers. If you want some change, then work on dismantling government’s control over what our kids are learning and where they are learning it (I use the term ‘learning’ loosely).

  1. susan

    Yes, we need to transform our schools into prison like buildings to prevent these sick kids from another mass shooting. They play these video kill games, then bring it to reality with no feelings. They’re all little monsters.

    1. Kim


      What we need is more events that thin the early student population in elementary schools. The less children, the less mouths that state needs to feed and educate.

      And I am all for reducing the state and federal budget anyway we can.

      1. Kim

        That wasn’t me. Probably billy boy who thinks he is a big deal here. No, I don’t want children killed. I want them shipped back to wherever they came from. I don’t like kids. Get it?

        1. Kim

          That wasn’t me either. Well, I’m not sure who I am anymore. Those dag done liberals have me confused as usual.

          1. Kim

            speaking of the bozo effect, there’s billy in full bloom using my name three times, while having a conversation with himself pretending he’s not any of them. No matter how hard you try and how much you wish for it, gollum, you will never be me. I can understand your not wanting to be YOU, but you just don’t have what it takes to fill my shoes. A rational person ashamed of himself as much as you are, would try to change what he is ashamed of – NOT loosen his screws even further! But then, ‘rational’ is not in your vocabulary

            It would be humorous if it didn’t reflect a dangerous psychology. Stalking, impersonating, seeing me around every corner and behind every bush. Yup, you’re more than a couple of tacos short of a combo platter! Be proud billy – orange hair, big nose, big floppy feet and all

          2. Kim

            The above was also the product of billy gollum katz. He fakes everything including himself. I want this stopped because it is interfering with my ability to influence my followers and fellow gun totters.

            Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson,… These are my heroes.

  2. Felix

    I can’t help but wonder how much of that money went to the towns that also voted for Danny for Gov…

    I personally would like to better understand how the decisions were made to award this money – I hope it wasn’t some lame argument that suggests our inner-city schools are at greater risk; last time I checked, Newtown was an affluent, rural community.

    Let’s just hope that the remaining $16 million goes to the other schools in the communities that applied for this program.

  3. Kim

    you gotta take anything Blumie says that includes the words ‘common sense’ with a grain of salt. Not his strong suit.

    And if ‘bipartisan successes of CT’ means passing laws without due process and trampling on citizens rights, then we should all be very afraid

  4. Common Sense

    A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a banana, and a Glock.

    Question: what should every child under 10 years of age bring to school?

    If every child was trained and armed, adults would need to learn their Ps and Q’s.

  5. kim

    billy has been following the same patterns on these threads for so long, it becomes obvious when he has absolutely nothing to contribute and is frustrated beyond comprehension. His solution? Impersonate me endlessley and converse with himself under my name. good for you billy. You simply can’t control your own mouth and must succumb to the urge to say something, anything, rather than remain silent.

    Oral incontinence – seems to be your trademark billy. You are the definition of the ‘perfect arsehole’

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