Gov. Malloy: Here\’s $750K to Design New Sandy Hook School

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On the sixth month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School gun attack, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced that the state will give Newtown $750,000 to pay for the design of a new school. The state bond commission is expected to approve the sum at its meeting next Friday.

The General Assembly this year also approved $50 million in bonding money to pay for construction of a new school.

When he announced the $750,000 Friday morning, Malloy said this in a statement to the media:

It\’s hard to imagine that six months have passed since that terrible day. In that time, we have mourned deeply for those we lost and done our best to move forward in a way that honors their memory.  There are many decisions to be made when it comes to the construction of a new school.  There will be many challenges along the way.  But it’s my hope that by announcing this funding today, we can help Newtown continue with the healing process.  Our thoughts are with those 26 angels today and their families.  Their memories will forever be close to our hearts.



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9 thoughts on “Gov. Malloy: Here\’s $750K to Design New Sandy Hook School

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Why the heck not? We’re only a billion short each budget year before Malloy’s budget shenanigans.

    when it comes to spending more of your money we don’t have on stuff we don’t need, you can’t beat a Democrat.

    1. fred

      Connecticut is doomed.

      Unless the continued improvement of the economy causes CT tax income to rise $1 billion and cover the shortage. The Malloy tax increases already in place will result in more tax income for a given income.

      The trend in tax revenue has been steadily increasing year after year, but you can ignore that:

      Tax income for 2012 was $17.4 billion so we would need a 5.7 percent increase to generate another 1 billion in taxes.

      Too much I guess. We are doomed.

  2. Bob Hebee

    Super Storm Sandy victims are still homeless after 10 months because they can’t get the Federal money to put a roof on their homes. Here in CT we have so much EXTRA money that we tear down perfectly good buildings and ask the Feds to pay for a new one. (Columbine is still standing and VA Tech wasn’t razed.) If a town wants to tear down a school or town building, more power to them. They have every right to have the majority of town residents vote to do it and then pay for it with local tax money. Gov. Malloy and Legislators in our State can’t grasp the concept that those Federal Tax Dollars are OUR money too.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Your comment is dead on but I would just like to modify your ending.Ringleader Malloy and his clown apprentices in the general assembly probably do realize that the federal monies are OUR tax dollars to,but they just don’t care.Apathy is their montra.Their way or the highway.When they rarely don’t get their way,they stomp their feet,have a hissy feet,and complain that the Republicans and special interest groups are not reaching across the aisle to pass common sense legislation.This is laughable because they define special interests groups as the NRA,Heritage Foundation,Fox news,etc. Groups such as Planned Parenthood,Afl-Cio,NEA,CEA,and any network with a ‘C’ in it’s call letters are just regular organizations.

  3. susan

    Yes, this time we should design the school like a prison. That way no nut job can hurt those children again.

  4. ccbeachcomber

    Word on the street is Newtown children are wondering why they can’t return to their old school, try to get some normalcy and continuity back in their lives. Looks like blatant vote buying, since the great implementer failed to get the date move up for illegal immigrants to obtain licenses. Imagine the number of votes in the balance now.

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