Gov. Malloy Meeting Wednesday With New York City Mayor Bloomberg On Gun Control

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Governor Dannel P. Malloy will be meeting Wednesday with New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg regarding gun control.

\"bloombergBloomberg is a national leader in the effort, and he will be discussing with Malloy the comprehensive package that was passed in Connecticut. No major gun control legislation was passed this year at the federal level, despite widespread lobbying. The national debate over gun control has been extensive after shooter Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six female educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14 in Newtown.

Malloy\’s meeting with Bloomberg will take place at City Hall in lower Manhattan.

After getting back to Connecticut, Malloy will be attending the American Cancer Society’s annual “Local Philanthropist Roast” at the Italian Center of Stamford on Newfield Avenue on Wednesday night.


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68 thoughts on “Gov. Malloy Meeting Wednesday With New York City Mayor Bloomberg On Gun Control

  1. Ant

    He’s still on this . Never mind the budget problems and unemployment rate and how nothing is getting better. Just guns. Well played sir!

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are borrowing to cover the ONE BILLION hole in our budget.

    We don’t call ‘em libtards for nothing.

  3. Mitch

    I truly hope you are happy Connecticut. This man is useless. Completely and utterly useless. The state is falling apart and he’s still on his gun kick. He and his flunkies have already gotten their bans in Connecticut, the Newtown report isn’t even public yet and now off to N.Y. with another person who is clearly letting his ego dictate what he does. Just who is paying for this trip and what could Malloy possibly offer as far as usefulness to Bloomberg’s mission to enact more gun bans? When will Malloy start getting to work on Connecticut’s going down the tubes … probably when Obama will start focusing on governing in D.C. What a mess.

  4. Norm Scott

    Bloomberg is a billionaire and retiring as Mayor. Maybe he will offer Malloy a job after the next election.

    In the meantime, I love the idea of both their armed security details vetting each other every time the two hypocrites meet to discuss disarming law abiding citizens. The vast majority of whom can’t afford anything like the armed police escorts following, “our betters” around.

    1. Midas Mulligan

      law-abiding citizens where? I read on these posts shortly after the gun laws passed that many would not respect the new laws which makes you all outlaws not law-abiding.

        1. Midas Mulligan

          Ma Man Kim; I posted awhile back that I do not adhere to ideological purity. I don’t care what you may think. My position hasn’t changed on gun control. But i do believe in smaller government and less taxes – a prime feature of Libertarianism. So the new me remains valid.

          further, I am fully self employed and have other things to do beside trolling on these blogs like you do. If you wish to believe that I am others who happen to have gun control beliefs, go ahead, believe it.

          My question remains to you; did you ever tell your wife that you repeatedly asked a poster named Carl Solomon a few years ago to give you a blow job?

          I’ll bet you didn’t which means that… you have a little secret? You only stopped after I painted a portrait of you needing attention via being pleased.

          What a pathetic person you really are.

          1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Why don’t you give that bogus little sex story a rest BillyJimmySusanMidas? We all know it isn’t true and represents a tranferrence of your own twisted sex desires on to Kim.

            Look in the mirror Billy and get some help. Fast.

          2. Betrayed Democrat

            billy/midas: do you toss and turn at night thinking of Kim? Do you fondle yourself at the same time?

            Your obvious obsession with Kim borders on OCD and is disturbing to rational readers. Couple that with your multiple personalities and 3-way conversations with yourself under different names, and you should be on the Homeland Security no-fly list

        2. Kim

          still having fantasies about going down on me gollum billy? you really should find another obsession – your stalking is getting boring and tiring.

          1. Kim

            especially given your recent post that you wouldn’t respond to my ‘foolishness’ any longer. You simply aren’t capable of telling the truth are you gollum billy?

            Poor preciousssss. Slink away, poor creature

          2. Midas Mulligan

            Hi Kim:

            first, I’m glad you are so discombobulated that you don’t even recognize your two other names; circling the drain and betrayed democrat.

            But what I am most interested in is in your circling the drain name and you state that my story is bogus. Before I go further in response, do I have you correct that my story of you asking Carl Solomon for special requests is bogus? Is that what you claim?

          3. Carl Solomon

            Kim; Your sociopathic predispositions are exceeded only by your ability to lie. You know and you remember what you said to me before. You continued to hound me with your perverse desire to have me please you.

            While, I never judge a man’s interest with which gender he wishes to cohabit with, I never gave you any such inclination and you continued to harass me for days until Jimmyboggs stepped in with a psychological profile on you. Only then did you go silent.

            I cut and pasted these insidious demands and saved in case you need your memory jiggled. Oh, and by the way, you are a racist unless you have since reformed .

            I don’t post here anymore (almost) since I returned to teaching part time. It seems I haven’t missed anything of note.

        3. Harry Hoku

          It seems that nothing has changed since last I was here. Kim, that guy that is stalking you should be locked up.

  5. Anthony

    Only a liberal pos like Bloomy would change the NY constitution to run for a third term. Only liberal scum would actually vote for this arrogant pos for a third term.

    As far as this asswipe Malloy is concerned, most of the BS unconstitutional laws he passed will be repealed in the court battle being worked on right now.

    Too bad these liberal pieces of human trash aren’t as passionate about balancing our budget as they are destroying our rights.

    Malloy raised 77 taxes last year and still can’t balance a budget.

    Liberal scum….every one of them.

  6. Joe Black

    Hopefully Malloy will ask for a job while he’s there. But seriously, this can’t be done on the phone?

  7. ct resident

    Malloy is hanging his hat on gun control. The bill he pushed through will do little for what it will cost tax payers. It is already a failure. 138 pages of hastily cobbled together legislation, pushed through by emergency certification, a missed opportunity to do something useful to society. Could have had simpler fairer, useful gun laws to keep guns from actual criminals. Could have had a real impact on the root causes of violence overall, and on dangerously mental ill persons. Malloy’s arrogance failed us again.

    1. Kim

      like I have said on a few occassions, the gun control law is about increasing the size and scope of government power. Yesterdays’ news reported the possibility over hiring over 50 ‘civilians’ (their word) to do the work related to ‘registering’ magazines and ‘assault weapons’.

      1. walls

        So they’ll hire 50 to be paid from from the new gun registration ‘fees’? Maybe the citizens who will lose their jobs when the gun manufacturers move out of state should be given first crack at these new job openings.

  8. The Great Pazuzu

    Guess Dan The Dictator wasn’t invited to rub elbows with Prince Harry in Greenwich today. Nope. Instead, he’ll be discussing how big your soda can be with Herr Bloomberg and how many bullets you can put in your gun as a law abiding citizen. Meanwhile the criminals…ohhhh forget it. This state’s hopeless.

    Let’s go park Joette Katz’s Beemer for her and then walk her dog on state time…

  9. Quinte West

    This should be quite the meeting!!Two egotists who love the sound of their own voices! Don’t be surprised if Governor Malloy bans soft drinks larger than 16 oz.’s when he comes back!
    And don’t be shocked if Bloomberg bans stuttering in NYC….

  10. Kim

    maybe there’s an upside to Malloys’ activities: perhaps the Second Amendment is starting to make more sense to the average citizen

  11. Jim

    Dannel being Dannel. Trying to revive a failed federal initiative with an out of state mayor on a project that means nothing to Connecticut. He’s trying to revive a gun law that does less than the one he shoved down out throats in Connecticut. How does this make sense to your state Dannel? Why are you spending our tax dollars on meeting with Bloomberg when your state is floundering in debt, hostile to new business and unemployment and crime are on the rise? Just send Bloomberg your resume for the job you are seeking after you are elected out next year. Your begging for jobs tour is so transparent.

    1. Kim

      well said Jim. Dannel is enamored of the Obama method of governing – constant campaigning on the road at taxpayer expense, with little if any actual governing. Whatever governing he DOES engage in, hurts the taxpaying citizens and deprives them of essential liberties

  12. susan

    Now that assault guns are banned, we need to go after all handguns. Are mission is not done until all guns have banned and been removed from CT homes. No more Newtowns, ever.

    1. Himmler

      Great plan disarm the people so only criminals will have guns. Then we can grow the state to get rid of the 1st amendment next. That way POTUS would not have all the problems if no one reported it. Time to take away the rest of the freedoms people have to defend their families. We need to be more like mexico and the UK with violent crime increases. Lets ban all guns.

  13. A great day

    Love it! Don’t let up! It’s time to ban all guns and confiscate them. The paranoid right and their hatred for our President and Governor is justification enough. It is great the Reagan voters and teabaggers are dying off. Tax them heavily and redistribute the wealth they hoarded on money they did not truly earn. We will have a more diverse tolerant and socialized America. Malloy and Bloomberg are great leaders getting us to a better tomorrow.

    1. Richard Woodford

      Another thoughtful compassionate and fair-minded liberal Just like Julian Bond the other day describing Tea Party members as the political Taliban in America. Let’s smash all decent and stop those asking questions. The Government is always right and individual freedom and liberty are antiquated concepts like the Bill of Rights and The Constitution…It’s time to move on to a more loving and inclusive globalist liberalism which embraces equal distribution of wealth and resources, where everyone is equal (except those who are more equal).

    2. Kim

      typical gollum billy contradiction: ” redistribute the wealth they hoarded on money they did not truly earn”. Right, and distribute it to those who did nothing to earn it.

  14. sam

    Thats it Susan take all the “LEGAL” guns out of all the CT homes, then only criminals will have guns in Ct. Oh wait I bet you think all the criminals are actually going to abide by these feel good laws to. LMFAO. How do people get thru life being so ignorant of the real world around them.

    1. Midas Mulligan


      I am not posting as susan. But it sounds like Kim aka circling the drain posting as susan then responding to his own post. This is what Kim does. he most likely is retired and plays on the computer in the day. His wife probably still works since he doesn’t usually go online in the evening.

      Kim trolls online because it is free entertainment for him. I just wonder if his wife ever knew that he once repeated demands of another poster (a male) to pleasure him. This demand lasted for several days until I drew up a psychological profile on him relating this need to early lack of maternal nurturing. After which he ceased badgering the poster, Carl Solomon.

      Isn’t that right, Kimarian Cimarian? Don’t lie or you will grow a long nose.

      1. Kim

        so this is you not responding to me, gollum billy? Your post contains all the usual lies and unearned pats on your own back. You are a legend in your own mind, you poor, pathetic creature.

        Seeing me in your dreams yet, gollum?

        1. Midas Mulligan

          Question Kimmie: Before I fully answer your charges that the Carl Solomon story is made up, do you deny that it ever happened?

          Go ahead an answer the question.

      2. Kim

        The king of talking to himself under different names is yet another example of gollum billy plagiarizing my words and ideas and attempting to use them as his own.

        Must be frustrating trying to be original in some respect. But be proud, gollum billy, you ARE original to a great degree in the department of multiple- or split-personalities.

        Compulsive lying is all to evident in politics these days so you get no credit for your participation in such fraud.

        1. Midas Mulligan

          Kim Jung Scum:

          so you refuse to answer whether my story of you posting and asking Carl Solomon to give you pleasure ever happened?

          Hum… sounds like you are afraid to get your hand caught in the cookie jar.

          busted. you know you did it. admit it and just say, “ya, I petitioned some guy to give me head but I was only kidding.”

          but you can’t even admit to making a mistake. in fact, you can’t even response directly to this issue because you know you did and you are afraid to give all your fellow poster friends cause to desert you. but in fact, most of the poster names are you anyways so you could always use fake discussions to write supportive things about you even though you are a sociopath. A real sicko.

          1. Kim

            thanks for not responding – yet again. Look for me in your dreams and fantasies, gollum

          2. A Great Day

            midas (or should I say ‘billy’) – seems you get a tad upset when others use your tactics or act like you, if your accusations are accurate

  15. Truefacts

    Whats sad is that only 2 email adresses are used by all the gun control nuts on this site. Its just the fact!

    1. Kim

      and they probably belong to gollum billy. You know, the same one who criticizes others because he thinks THEY are using multiple aliases.

    2. Jim

      Since none of us can see each other’s email address, you’re either a Hartford Courant staffer abusing privacy rights or you are a complete liar? Which is it?

      1. Himmler

        He is a spy, he must be found out. Get the DOJ after they get investigated for wrong doing. Oh and after they investigate the IRS for what they did wrong. Then he can go to prison for giving out private information. But I don’t see any given out.

      2. Kim

        gollum billy has implied in the past that not only does he have friends at the Courant, but that those friends have provided him with personal information about posters on these blogs.

        Given his recent spate of profanity left unchallenged by the ‘censors’ on these blogs, it looks like he is right and is favored.

        1. Kim

          proof? When gollum billy threatens to complain to his buddies at the Courant about someone else’s profanity, that poster is usually blocked or at least the posting disappears.

          Of course, being a flaming liberal, gollum billy can and does post profanities without fear of reprisal or removal. So we know that he is not necessarily offended by or opposed to profanity, just profanity by those who disagree with him (Can you say ‘do as I say, not as I do’?)

          The hypocrisy continues – along with the ignorance, the stalking, the obsession with me, and of course the compulsive lying

  16. Bob Johnson

    It amazes me that the people of these two states were stupid enough for voting in these corrupts punks.

  17. Deal Breaker

    The common sense…. and only vote I plan to change is the one to get the ” gun-grabbers/ Anti-Second Amendment People (ASAP’s) ” out of office!

    Like-minded people such as this pair will never stop until they’ve destroyed this country. They’ll eventually succeed using the dumbest voters in the history of mankind as their tools…..And those people that support the Second Amendment but watch from the couch saying nothing I do will change the outcome, are also helping them; they’re too stupid to get off the couch and actually vote/act to save this country.

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