Gov. Malloy Plays \”Hardball\’\’ on MSNBC; GOP\’s Jerry Labriola Not Impressed

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy got national attention on Monday with an in-studio appearance on \”Hardball\’\’ on MSNBC – a program preferred by Democrats.

Malloy went back and forth with host Chris Matthews on gun control in an appearance seen in Hartford and around the country.

When Matthews asked about the recent partisan votes with the Senate Republicans voting against a series of gun control measures, Malloy responded, \”These are real profiles in courage, aren\’t they?\’\’

Matthews laughed and said, \”Well, they can\’t all be sick.\’\’

Matthews added, \”I guess they believe in same-sex marriage between the NRA and the Republican Party.\’\’

But state Republican chairman Jerry Labriola was not impressed with Malloy\’s appearance.

\”Governor Malloy\’s appearance yesterday on \’Hardball\’ is more disgraceful proof that there is no issue – no matter how sensitive – that Malloy won\’t politicize,\’\’ Labriola said Tuesday. \”Trapped between his unquenchable thirst for media attention and his insatiable hunger for high office, public policy finishes a distant third on the Governor\’s priority list.\’\’

\”Demonizing his opponents and rushing to beat his fellow Democrats on radical gun control measures are just two more ways for Malloy to advance his personal political ambition,\’\’ Labriola said. \”Connecticut residents need more than \”zingers\” from their governor. The fact is that the governor\’s tax, borrow and spend economic policies have failed Connecticut and no amount of distractions and no number of Washington forums and talk shows can change that unfortunate fact.\”

During the program, Matthews then showed a film clip of freshman Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas clashing with Democrat Dianne Feinstein over the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.

\”I\’m not a sixth-grader,\’\’ Feinstein responded to Cruz. \”Senator, I\’ve been on this committee for 20 years. I was a mayor for nine years. I\’ve looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. I\’ve seen the bullets that implode. In Sandy Hook, youngsters were dismembered. It\’s fine you want to lecture me on the Constitution. … I\’ve studied the Constitution myself. I am reasonably well educated, and I thank you for the lecture.\’\’

Concerning Republicans, Malloy said, “They have no shame, to go back to the McCarthy period. And I think Senator Cruz is one of those individuals. He\’ll demagogue this issue, and it plays well for his constituency, and I think he might even believe some of this.”

Regarding a Washington Post/ABC News poll that shows 57 percent of Americans favor a ban on assault weapons : “There’s a lot of people in Texas, I guess.”

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15 thoughts on “Gov. Malloy Plays \”Hardball\’\’ on MSNBC; GOP\’s Jerry Labriola Not Impressed

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    I wish he would get off TV and do some real work and not all of this grandstanding. I read the other day that he grates at the NJ Gov. and his high approval ratings. Biggest difference I se is that when Chris Christy says he is going to lower spending and taxes he has come thru. Gov Malloy said to trust him and he would lead us and what happened. Big tax increases and let run good paying jobs out of the state. Maybe he is angling for a slot on MSNBC, they just got rid of their nightly 8 o’clock guy, moved him to the weekeend and tried to tell everyone it was a promotion, LOL.

  2. Joe Visconti

    Hey Danny Boy, how bout looking for the Union Label down at Colts Firearms in my hometown of Liberal West Hartford and ask Mayor Scott Slifka what Colts move out of State will do to our town. When I stood arm and arm with Union Workers against your assinine CCM Pol hack bills at the LOB last week I knew your re election campaign was toast. When HardRight Republicans like me stand with HardLeft manufacturing Union guys it spells the beginning of the end of your Dyslexic Agenda,Party & Future!!!

  3. Joe Black

    I am not impressed with the zingers or Malloy’s attraction to the tv lights like a moth to the flame. He wasn’t funny and at a time when we have serious issues to confront and solve, his own lack of seriousness about the task at hand is clear.

  4. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Malloy is alot like Obama. Both would rather demogogue liberal read meat issues and campaign/blather about just about anything besides WORKING TO PREVENT A COLLAPSE OF THE NATIONAL/STATE ECONOMY.

    Time is running out on this country. If our elected leaders don’t transcend politics and LEAD for the good of the country and state, we are doomed.

  5. nonsense laws is more like it

    Gov Malloy is a disgusting child exploiter who shamelessly uses the memories of these poor dead children to vulture for camera time and direct attention away from his failed leadership as govenor, the states high unemployment, sky high taxes and the fact that jobs, businesses and people are leaving by the hundreds every week to states like TEXAS ( Sen Ted Cruz state) which is absolutely booming . Texas is a business friendly state. It dosent chase businessess and jobs out of the state like Malloy is doing to Colt, Stag Arms, Mossberg etc, it dosent tax its businesses and residents to death and it dosent believe in suffocating its people in red tate and goverment restrictions and nannism or turning its citizens into felons because they own a handgun that has 11 rounds instyead of 10 or own a rifle used historically in less than 40 killings a year nationwide. This has become a punitive game now for MAlloy where he can exact revenge on those that voted againts him. He is a coward and worm.

  6. ted

    A Quinnipiac Poll came out just today that said Gov Cuomo took a massive hit to his favorability ratings directly attributed to his draconian gun control measures. Apparently polling on gun control dosent resonate with the public until illegal laws are actually passed. By then the damage to the politician is too late to correct ( ask Al Gore and an army of congressional democrats). Malloy will NEVER be elected. His approval swoon from his constant attacks on gun owners and his overreaching will be his political downfall. It wont show up today. But it will. Just as King Cuomo.

  7. union member

    LOL, Malloy couldnt hold Ted Cruz jock strap. For Malloy to have the nerve to belittle Ted Cruz and Texas is hilarious. Dannnnnnel Malloy, the Govenor and chief facilitaor of the state named on several “worst of” lists and polls. Worst economy, worst taxes, worst business environment, worst crime” etc etc. Too funny. Ted Cruz and Texas is at the bottom of those worst lists. Its economy is booming. Jobs are increasing by the thousands every week there.Texas is attracting business and jobs. Malloy is scaring away businesses with endless red tape, regulations and taxes. People and businesses are FLEEING. And hes worried about a gun used in almost nonexistant amount of killing nationally relative to handguns and knifes? For that he wants to chase away thousands of jobs, millions of tax dolllars ( hundreds of million future tax dollars lost to the only businesses booming in this state. IS HE CRAZY? My union brothers and sisters deserve more than that.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Well said. Your non-union sisters and brothers also deserve more than they are getting from the village idiots in Hartford.

  8. enness

    I’m not impressed with anybody here – both Malloy’s bad jokes and Labriola’s indignation over “politicization” of “sensitive issues” fall flat to me.

    Of course Dianne Feinstein is a hypocrite, that’s nothing new. As long as the dismembering is done behind closed doors by Planned Parenthood, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

  9. Sharpshooter

    I wonder if he got a ‘thrill up his leg’ talking with the incoherent Chris Matthews….

  10. JEN

    I simply want to be able to own high-capacity magazines to protect my family from armed robbers carrying dangerous weapons.

  11. Charlene

    As long as Dannel P. has someone to talk to in the media he will talk. About what, he generally has no idea.

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