Gov. Malloy, Sen. Blumenthal, Hartford Mayor Rally For Gun Control

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra called Thursday for increased gun control as part of a nationwide effort to rally support for stricter measures.

Blumenthal said he was hoping that the Connecticut state legislature could pass new restrictions in the next two weeks so that he would have more momentum on the floor of the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. Blumenthal will offer an amendment banning high-capacity magazines after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there is not enough support to place banning assault weapons in the main gun bill.

\”The overwhelming majority of Americans have been on our side,\’\’ Blumenthal told the crowd in the rain Thursday morning outside Hartford city hall.

More than 15 uniformed police officers, along with Hartford\’s police chief, attended the event. The press conference had been scheduled for inside city hall, but the event was moved outside, where the rain was steady enough that an aide had to hold a large umbrella over the heads of Malloy and Blumenthal.

After the press conference, Malloy released a statement that thanked the chief state\’s attorney\’s office for releasing the search warrants in the case of National Rifle Association certificate holder Adam Lanza, who killed 20 children and seven adults, including his mother, on December 14.

\”In some cases, the facts really do speak for themselves, and in this case they only add starker detail to what we already knew,\’\’ Malloy said.

“We knew that a disturbed individual entered a school and fired 154 rounds in less than 5 minutes, killing 20 innocent children and 6 dedicated educators.  We knew that he had ready access to weapons that he should not have had access to. We knew that these weapons were legally purchased under our current laws. We knew he used 30 round magazines to do it, and that they allowed him to do maximum damage in a very short period of time.  And we now know that he left the lower capacity magazines at home.

\”This is exactly why we need to ban high capacity magazines and why we need to tighten our assault weapons ban. I don\’t know what more we can need to know before we take decisive action to prevent gun violence.  The time to act is now.\”

Blumenthal said, \”The sheer volume of ammunition, guns and weapons revealed and retrieved in these searches is absolutely staggering and should provide strong evidence for the urgency and importance of common sense gun safety measures. The apparent easy access to this huge trove of arms and ammunition by a clearly disturbed and deranged individual shows the need for a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence.\’\’

Blumenthal continued, \”This means background checks for both gun and ammunition purchases, as well as a ban on high capacity magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition—sensible measures most Americans support. I will use this evidence to help drive the national discussion and the Senate debate for passage of legislation in April. My hope is that it will also help lead to action in our state legislature so that Connecticut can be a model for the nation.\”

During the search, police found National Rifle Association certificates that had been issued in the names of Adam Lanza and his mother, Nancy. In their court-approved search, police also found a book entitled, \”The NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting.\’\’

Despite those NRA certificates, the NRA released a statement Thursday that Lanza and his mother had not been NRA members. 

(Video by Christopher Keating outside Hartford City Hall on March 28, 2013).

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127 thoughts on “Gov. Malloy, Sen. Blumenthal, Hartford Mayor Rally For Gun Control

  1. sam

    If these politicians really believe that more gun laws will eliminate gun violence then they shouold be run out of office because they definately dont have a clue. Botton line is these laws will only effect law abiding citizens and will do nothing to stop criminals and the criminally insane because they do not abide by the laws we already have.

    1. Jeanne

      Then, by the thinking in the prior post, why have laws in the first place??? Lets get rid of Policemen, the Courts, Prisons!!!! Eliminate ALL laws!
      But the fact is, since we have NO tight, strict gun control laws, then we don’t know what the results of this will be until they are law! Laws help reduce crime, and we need gun laws desperately!

      1. sam

        @ Jeanne I guess you fall under the same catagory of “not having a clue” what you are talking about. We have some of the strictest gun laws in the country here in Connecticut and we already have a ban on assault rifles. We already have plenty of laws in place they are just not enforced. You sound like one of these grandstanding politicians here.

        1. Doug

          It’s not the volume of laws Sam it’s the effectiveness.Law enforcement and mayors want universal background checks.As long as middlemen can go to a Virginia or Mississippi gun show, pick up guns and sell them to city thugs we clearly donot have quality laws.

      2. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservstives

        I will enforce only my law and I will toss these petulant little souls who have posted here into a vat of boiling oil.

        You Jeannie, may go in peace and speak unto the multitudes of a new day coming without ancient swords now fashioned into assault weapons.

    2. the truth

      Malloy is LYING AGAIN. CBS news just had a poll yesterday that states 53 % of americans donot want more gun control. Assault Type weapons are used in about 25 to 40 killings every year. Thats it . In the entie country. .04 percent.

      1. ASTANVET

        Again, people just going after the Black scary looking guns – has nothing to do with weapons or their function. A pistol grip does not make a gun more or less likely to kill. It still takes an operator.

    3. Scum Malloy

      Our lowlife Govenor and his pack of vultures want to turn law abiding gun owners into felons and at the same time want to let juvenile killers with life sentences out of jail early.

    4. thomas

      consider me as one of those people who don’t have a clue…what will the real effect be on law abiding citizens?

      1. sam

        @ Thomas, The effect on law abiding citizens will be that there a lot of law abiding citizens that already own these rifles and magazines they want to ban. These rifles and magazines will become illegal and some of Malloy’s comrades feel people who own them should turn them in to police or remove them from the state. These guns are personal property that was purchased “legally” before any of these new laws would take effect. Now this will only effect law abiding citizens because criminals and wack jobs wont turn theirs in. Arent you paying attention?


      Thats right, . Just out today, what Malloy dosent want you to know. The STATE OF CONNECTCIUT LOST 6000 jobs last month. And Dear Leader MAlloy wants to destroy thousands of gun jobs now also?

    6. Exploiters

      Christopher Keating should know NRA certificates are given out by the tens of millions to anyone passing a state mandated gun safety course. Lanzas were not NRA members. That of course dosent stop the dishonest liars form reporting otherwise. 1400 rounds a and 5 guns an arsenal lol. Hardy. Not in the real word. He had a thousands rounds of 22 ammo, big deal. The hot air coming out of these blowhards is just amazing. There will be a lot of new legislators in 2014, COUNT ON IT.

    1. Jeanne

      The majority of those for Gun Control are approx. 89%, and those that oppose are approx. 10%.
      Just because that only 40% were there in person, doesn’t mean it is only a 40% minority.

      1. Joe

        Please recheck those u bers with a reliable source. They simply are not true.
        The majority of CT citizens are in favor of enforcing existing laws, not creating new ones.

      2. Green3nergy

        Polls are a bunch of crap anyway. Did you ever take a class in statistics? The people being polled impact the results greater than any other variable. Duh! If you want poll results in your favor, just poll people who think like you.

        This realization is the result of critical thinking. Try it sometime!

      3. REAL POLLS

        Credible POLLS out in last 2 days:

        CNN: Only 43% want more gun control

        CBS:Only 47% want more gun control

        Malloy and Blumnthal are LYING when they tell the drive by media people want more gun control.

      4. Exploiters

        Stop lying. CNN POll 57 % against new gun control

        CBS POll 53% against new gun control. Both out in last 4 days,

  2. Truthseeker

    Still on the gun control issue, We need to look at society. With this country morally corrupt and bankrupt. They look to take away our freedom and defense. The liberals believe in killing unborn babies, gay marriage and man on man relations. We need to go back to the lord he is our only salvation.

  3. pete

    Typical liberals. Control the law abiding citizens rather than execute the CRIMINALS. I feel we should have a law so they when a crime is committed we must be told if the scumbag got his gun legally. Bet that number is zero. And remember DANNY BOY eliminated the death penalty. He let prisoners out early and one of these scumbags murder an UNARMED store owner. Amazing how the main street media doesn’t ask DANNY BOY about that.

  4. Richard

    Not bad. 2 and 1/2 years after Omar Thornton goes wild at the Manchester Beer Distributors the politicians are finally stepping up to the plate.

    Can you imagine the embarrssment if they did nothing in 2010 and someone stepped up a blew away a classroom full of kids. Oops. I forgot. That was a black dude killing white dudes and wasn’t actionable in 2010. It wasn’t universally condemned

    What’s next? A Ned Lamont run for Governor? The Progressives are in deep, deep thought these days. I expect a change in the ballot line order to come to a vote any day now. Let’s not rush them at all or make them prioritize stuff.

  5. sam

    @ Jeanne I guess you fall under the same catagory of “not having a clue” what you are talking about. We have some of the strictest gun laws in the country here in Connecticut and we already have a ban on assault rifles. We already have plenty of laws in place they are just not enforced. You sound like one of these grandstanding politicians here.

  6. Rickey

    I am a father and a grandfather; I have a sister and a brother, my family is of the upmost importance to me. I am sincerely sick at heart at what happened at Sandy Hook School. This tragedy is unfathomable. I am almost as repulsed, by the way the majority of Connecticut Democratic politicians are exploiting this tragedy to serve their own agenda. It is quite transparent that those who have been elected into office feel that they do not have to listen to their constituents concerns. It is quite transparent that there is an agenda by the majority of members of the Democratic Party to attempt to disarm the citizenry and NOT for the reasons as presented, to increase the safety of the general population. The facts and statistics are available that prove what is being presented, as control of guns, under the guise of safety, does NOT work. We who legitimately own guns for legitimate reasons want to help heal our state but that healing process should not include causing us to become collateral victims in this atrocity. The politicians are focusing on an object and saying that if that object is controlled we will be safe. Safety should be the focus. The mental health aspect of ALL mass murders is the common thread that runs consistently through these atrocities. Connecticut is rated 5th in the nation by the Brady Score Card making it one of the most tightly controlled firearms states in the union. Enforcing the laws that are current in the state is a way towards increasing safety. Helping those who need with mental disorders is a way towards increasing safety. Let’s take the stigma off mental illness and treat it as any other form of major illness. Let’s be a state that leads the nation in caring for and establishing care for those who suffer from mental illnesses. Let’s do something positive!!

    1. thomas

      Removing an object doesn’t make one safer? really? Do people have the right to bear arms? Absolutely! Does the government have the right to tell people what types of arms they can bear? Absolutely!!!

  7. Still Revolutionary CT

    So 8 Days before Sandy Hook, Malloy courts Bushmaster (Freedom Arms) to move its HQ’s to CT. Now, Malloy wants to ban all guns and confiscate all high-capacity magazines. Malloy has the conviction of a weathervane on this issue. Tough talk now to get cheap political points is not a way to govern Dannel.

    1. debbie

      Malloy you piece of scum. Lanza was also a DEMOCRAT. And just because he had an NRA certificate dosent mean he was a member. He could of got it from a safe gun handling class at a rifle range. Malloy your a true douchebag.

      1. Patrick_Henry

        Whether or not Lanza was an NRA member has nothing to do with his actions, his illness, or anything else.

  8. justme

    Most everyone supports background checks, but the problem is the Left Wing zealots, today’s Democrats, use that logic to incorporate unacceptable legislation that infringes on my right to defend myself. The devil is in the details.

      1. Kim

        wrong question thomas. The question should be: what specifically is being proposed that would prevent honest, law abiding citizens from ADEQUATELY defending themselves?

        The second amendment is about protection against evil and tyranny. Today’s tyrants and scumbags have access to weapons that a single shot handgun cannot possibly defend against.

    1. thomas

      I did! and they are not idiots. They are fathers, brothers, sons, concerned citizens, our elected officials who don’t have luxury of not dealing with the families that are torn apart by gun violence. We are the lucky ones. We don’t get calls from grieving families asking, no begging us to do something about gun violence. We get to sit back in the comfort of our homes and wait for our loved ones to come home. .

      1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

        Many more are killed by that menacing and built to kill device the automobile. As soon as we control death by banning vehiles then we can move down the list and ban items where they fall in order of the mosts deaths. We will get to AR-15’s in about a hundred years. More kids drown in backyard pools every year than are killed with rifles. Get of the soap box and talk some sense. This is a phony issue.

        1. Patrick_Henry

          The statistics on those killed by medical malpractice should be on this list somewhere as well.

          1. Bill

            I have already stated that permission has not been granted to use my name and that if this continues, I will sue you and my lawyer will subpoena the person behind the poster’s name.

      2. Metalius Shaperium

        Are they consoling the families of a rapist, mugger or armed robber killed by a citizen protecting themselves?

  9. clarity

    I think we have a common sense law against shooting kids and teachers. The existence of this law didn’t stop Adam Lanza. The legislature will pass a 10 round magazine ban. It will be largely ignored since people who now own these magazines will likely keep them. So otherwise law abiding people have now become reluctant felons. While, an individual intent on doing illegal violence on another (most likely someone in his community) doesn’t care about the 10 round limit either. Another stupid law based on emotional appeal instead of empiricism which makes us all the more cynical about our government.

  10. GRB

    Hey Malloy, you are so concerned about gun violence, how about that early release program. The last count I read is out of the 8000 released 750 have been rearrested. At least 2 committed murder (with a firearm). Oh wait that couldn’t happen, it’s illegal for them to have firearms.


      recividism is a huge problem that no one wants to address. The gang vilolence which surrounds the criminal activity (including guns) is well documented. Yet, we sit here today begging our government to allow us to continue to have OUR rights rather than figure out a process to disarm criminals… more than 80% of all Connecticut violent crime happens in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford and Waterbury – where is their plan to quell that violence, and yes, early release is a huge part of the problem. Some of those people should never be let out! Weak prosecution, weak judicial branch, and weak parole process… great job CT!


    I would submit that the vast majority is not in support of further gun control. If you ask where we can see an example of stringent gun control… Chicago – Detroit – Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, – you can ad Connecticut to that list – how many murders occur in these places? What legilsation has been proposed keep guns out of the hands of criminals – unless the goal is to turn all gun owners into criminals. With respect to the governor and our dynamic duo of senators – they fail logic 101, and reasoning 101. No background check is going to stop illicit firearms transactions in bridgeport. Are the criminals going to lay down their arms as Sen Feinstien says? I think not. What have police forces across the nation been using for justification for purchasing AR-15’s, .50 CAL sniper rifles, .308 sniper rifles, shot guns and powerful hand guns? They are excellent self defense weapons, highly accurate, easy to employ and effective. Kind of what I look for in a defensive weapon. Why should the police and the State be better armed than the citizens? I think we’ve seen the tragic end to that question several times in history. History aside, I would like to be able to protect myself as a police officer would on duty. WHY? Because the police are not there at the beginning of the crime, they are usually not there during the crime. They are there afterwords to fill out the paperwork and find the criminal. I would rather be given the opportunity to be interviewed by them, and not be a chalk outline. If you do not share my opinion, you are free to live your life as you see fit… please allow me the same consideration.

  12. Rickey

    Through our actions we might have to fortify the foundation of the 2nd amendment to keep it from being undermined by the current flood of bills and attempted bad legislation. But shame on us, if we don’t fight tooth and nail during the next elections in support of those who are willing to honestly represent the citizens of Connecticut.

  13. John Joseph

    So he “used 30 round magazines that’s why we need to ban them…”

    I highly doubt that the shooter emptied any of those magazines.

  14. America Is Dying

    Where is the rally for Mental Illness?
    I think I’m beginning to feel like Adam Lanza!
    Their agenda is to Disarm Americans.

        1. Kim

          billy and his 15 personalities are fools. ‘they’ think that it’s normal for a poster to have so many identities so they accuse everyone of being me.

          billyboy isn’t bright enough to realize how similar his personalities are when they post, making it obvious that they are all him.

          This is the type of person who favors gun control legislation – a deeply disturbed, seriously flawed person with multiple personality disorder at a minimum is the poster child on these boards for gun control. Do we need any more proof than that that the freedom lovers are on the side of right and justice?

  15. sam

    @ Thomas, The effect on law abiding citizens will be that there a lot of law abiding citizens that already own these rifles and magazines they want to ban. These rifles and magazines will become illegal and some of Malloy’s comrades feel people who own them should turn them in to police or remove them from the state. These guns are personal property that was purchased “legally” before any of these new laws would take effect. Now this will only effect law abiding citizens because criminals and wack jobs wont turn theirs in. Arent you paying attention?

    1. America Is Dying

      Sam, people like Thomas are Not paying attention. They are Brain Washed American Sheep. Adolph Hitler would have loved their kind. China and the likes of North Korea do love their kind.

  16. America Is Dying

    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra coming soon to a theater near you in, The Three Stooges, a new film by Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg.

  17. Howard Lippin

    NEITHER ADAM LANZA NOR HIS MOTHER WERE MEMBERS OF THE NRA! This is factually incorrect, dispelled by the NRA today. This shows the anti-gun bias of the media to jump to such an outrageous conclusion because it serves their agenda. Shame on the Courant for reporting inaccurate, biased information. The Courant needs to do the responsible thing here and publish a retraction, apology and correction immediately!

    1. Dr Spock

      So then they were members of the NRA. Just as I thought. Thank you for clearing this up.

      1. Howard Lippin

        Dear “Doctor”. Thank you for proving the point that no matter what the truth may be, there are some that will choose to ignore it.

    2. New Gun Laws Are Almost Here

      How could they be members? The NRA has very strict requirements. Send in the form and you are in, no questions asked. Charles Manson could probably join from his prison cell. Not what I would call an exclusive club. But, hey, if you want to defend the NRA screaming in all capital letters, be my guest.

      1. Patrick_Henry

        Speaking of letting anyone in, the NRA is about as exclusive as your state employees union club, right professor/newgunlaws?

      2. Howard Lippin

        You miss the point of my post entirely, not that it’s any surprise. The Courant published false information. The Media has an obligation to report accurately, without bias. Newspapers are supposed to fact check before they publish, but obviously the facts are of no consequence to the Courant. What I was “yelling” about, was the factual error and the need for the Courant to correct it. Read the story today; the comment has been corrected.

          1. Sean

            Yep “Exhibit #605 one (1) NRA certificate for Nancy Lanza”

            this is what you get for taking a safety course. For joining the NRA you get a membership card.

          2. Howard Lippin

            An “NRA Certificate” and an “NRA Membership Card” are two completely different things. And you really want your mind blown? The State of CT REQUIRES an NRA-certified safe gun handling course in order to apply for a state pistol permit. Get that? The State REQUIRES an NRA certificate! The NRA is the only recognized organization that offers such a class, not the Brady Campaign nor any other anti-gun organization, only the NRA and it is recognized by many, if not all states. The NRA is the only organization that walks the walk, with gun safety classes for children and adults. Once again, read the law before you speak; holding an NRA certificate is not a big deal. Who would you blame if he actually passed a background check (State and Federal) and was able to legally purchase a gun? Still the NRA’s fault? Did you know that it is voluntary, not mandatory, to provide the NICS with mental health info, and very, very few states comply. Lanza’s mental health status may not even have made it into the NICS–you can thank your State and Federal gov’ts for that.

  18. Mike

    In 2009 and 2010 over 70,000 people were arrested for violations of existing gun laws in each year. Less than 100 were prosecuted in each year. In CT from 2001 to 2007 about 27,000 people wre arrested for violations of existing gun laws. 71 percent were not prosecuted. These are facts yet we need more gun laws? How about utilizing the ones we have in place and see if they work? Legislators do not care about results obviously from these stats. They only care about being able to say they voted for or against a bill they believe will help them in the next election with their voter base. Results don’t enter the mix.

  19. Kim

    The phony alarm over 1,500 rounds of ammunition is simply another attempt to scare people into passing bad laws.

    I can go through 1,500 rounds in a single weekend at the range. I do this to learn how to shoot more accurately. It’s the responsible thing to do. It’s also what the gun haters claim to want – more responsible gun ownership.

    Now we have gun owners acting responsibly by becoming better trained so as not to harm innocent people if – the gods forbid – they ever have to use their weapons in self defense, and the gun haters using that against them. Nonsense

  20. Henry Salo

    Sen. Chris Murphy is a liar and a weasel. Sen. Murphy wrote a letter to NASCAR telling them not to accept any sponsorship from the NRA. The NRA has sponsor NASCAR and the races. This is the Dumbest move that Sen. Murphy has ever done. It shows how incompetent he is as a Senator. What Murphy should do is concentrate on Universal Background Checks and more emphasis on mental illness issues so the wrong people do not get guns instead of looking at what organizations do and who sponsor who.

    1. New Gun Laws Are Almost Here

      Henry, exactly how does writing one letter make him dumb, incompetent, a liar and a weasel? Just asking.

      Some might call it brave to openly attack the NRA since they are known to wage political war on politicians they do not like.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        Would you think it appropriate or a good use of a US Republican Senator’s time to write a letter to Planned Parenthood or to participate in a rally against abortions at a Planned Parenthood clinic? Would people call those acts brave also?

        1. New Gun Laws Are Almost Here

          “I would assume that most Americans would be surprised, if not shocked, to learn that the largest abortion provider in America is also the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X,” Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) said in January when he introduced legislation to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding. Title X is the federal family planning program.

  21. Howard Riehl

    Wake Up Connecticut! New gun laws are not the answer and never have been. The Courant ran a story a few weeks back where a State Senator confirmed that even if new laws were passed, the State does not have the funding, personnel or infrastructure to enforce them!
    There are many posts here that show the statistics of gun crime arrests versus actual prosecutions. Most gun crime arrests are plea bargained away! There is a case where a gun crime was plea bargained, and the criminal went and bought another gun–legally because he had no record–and killed someone!
    According to US News and World Report,Chicago, Los Angeles and New York ranked LAST in federal gun law enforcement in 2012, 88th, 89th, and 90th out of 90. These cities have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, but what good has it done? Where is the outrage over this “revolving door” justice for gun crimes?
    The answer is, the ONLY answer is, enforce existing laws, give law enforcement the tools they need, the budget they need, and the Prosecutors they need to put gun criminals away! Do you think the cops in Chicago don’t know where the guns are? How about taking the gloves off and letting the Chicago Police take care of business?
    And here in CT? More gun laws only means less freedom for the law-abiding, more work for already stressed Law Enforcement and Legal System, and inevitably, nothing getting done.
    Wake up CT! We don’t need new laws when we can’t enforce the ones we already have! That’s the real issue here, not taking guns away, arresting criminals and putting them in jail!

  22. The Conn-servative

    “Blumenthal said, “The sheer volume of ammunition, guns and weapons revealed and retrieved in these searches is absolutely staggering and should provide strong evidence for the urgency and importance of common sense gun safety measures. The apparent easy access to this huge trove of arms and ammunition by a clearly disturbed and deranged individual shows the need for a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence.”
    Because you said it Ritchey: Sentence # 1 referring to sheer volume. There are no laws against how much/many guns,ammo,knives,swords,axes,chainsaws,screwdrivers,pencils,erasers,etc. – you get my drift? you can own. Generally speaking,most people can ownly effectively use one weapon at a time,regardless of how many more they may have in their closet or even on their hip. Someone could have a tractor trailer full of ammo,but only one gun that is capable of dispensing it. So your diction of “sheer volume” and “huge trove” is obviously aimed at keeping Fairfield soccer moms and other ignorant folks into that category with this kind of terminology.Kind of like the fake definition of “womens healthcare” which really translated means,infanticide. But you wont call it for what it is . Rather irritate the hornets nest with this kind of terminology right Ritchey?

  23. Kevin

    President Clinton and Bush and Vice President Biden were at the Shanksville ceremony September 11, 2011. Flight 93 never crashed in Shanksville it landed in Cleveland Ohio. John Boehner is from Ohio. John and Jennifer Longworth were reportedly killed November 5, 2012 in Indianapolis Indiana due to a natural gas explosion. Scott Davis President of GexCon US said it was not a gas explosion. Indianapolis police have three people in jail and they are being accused of causing the gas explosion. Scott Davis is an expert on gas explosions. John Boehner’s office is in the Longworth building in Washington DC. The building was named for Nicholas Longworth of Ohio. He was the 43rd Speaker of the House and was born in the Mount Adams area of Cincinnati Ohio November 5, 1869. WCPO broadcasted Cleveland Mayor Michael Whites press conference September 11, 2001 in which he announced flight 93 landed at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. WCPO is located in the Mount Adams area of Cincinnati.

    Bodies were not returned in Aurora Colorado after July 20th shooting. I phoned the Colorado Governor’s office a long time ago.

    Monsignor Robert Weiss of St. Rose of Lima refuses to return my calls. He is on the board of directors of a Newtown group collecting money after the December 14 event. I faxed the Connecticut Archbishop today.

    A lot of people are saying the children’s caskets were empty in Newtown. The families in Newtown don’t do any talking. Many parents have websites asking for financial donations but they don’t return phone calls or email to me. Not one person expressed interest after I shared my experience of speaking to the families of the Aurora shooting. The Aurora victims families never saw the bodies of the twelve victims. All of the families had a funeral service.

    November 20th I spoke with Jordan Ghawi and he told me he never saw his sister Jessica’s remains after the shooting in Aurora.

    November 23 I spoke with Gregory and Rena Medek and they told me their daughter Micayla’s coffin was empty at her funeral. Rena Medek cried on the phone and asked me “where are they?”

    The FBI interviewed the passengers of fight 93 in the NASA Glenn Research aircraft hanger after the plane landed in Cleveland Ohio September 11, 2001. Those people are still missing. My friend Clifford Stone is a NASA advisor and he was in Shanksville Pennsylvania after September 11, 2001. Clifford told me there was no plane crash. Clifford Stone is retired from the U.S. Army and lives in Roswell New Mexico his email address is Cleveland Mayor Michael White said flight 93 landed in Cleveland during his press conference September 11, 2001 which was broadcasted once on WCPO. Michael White owns the Yellow Butterfly Winery in Newcomers Town Ohio.

    1. johngaltwhereru


      What are you trying to tell us?

      Are you suggesting Aurora and Newtown never happened and were staged events?

      Are you suggesting that the Government concocted the story about Flight 93, and has kept the pilots, crew and passengers sequestered or dead for the last 12 years?

      Do you feel the Government believes they had to fake mass murders to stir up support for gun control?

      Do you think the government feels 3 hijacked planes crashing into heavily occupied buildings was not enough to stir Americans to support a retaliatory war, so they had to fake a 4th plane crashing in a field to garner that support?

      Do you have any idea how many people would have to be on the same page of these conspiracies, and how long they would have to continue the lies without slipping up or coming clean?

      1. wildbill

        John, Kevin must be your alter ego. If not, a co-conspirator. Custom made to be a suspicious Libertarian.

        Anyways, I had a good laugh.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          I did. I found nothing Libertarian about it, other than a distrust of the Government.

          My, along with every other Libertarian I know, have a distrust of the Government which is based in the overt lies Government tells, the obvious and easily disproven propaganda they spread, and the Crony Capitalism in which they openly engage.

          Kevin’s post demonstrated something far different than Libertarianism.

  24. The CIA

    Keven, keep writing down everything you see and put the notes in a “secure area” and we will get back to you with new instructions. The snow in Paris is not as bad as the fog in Berlin.

  25. Johngaltwhereru

    By the way. Happy Easter. I hope your Italian side overrides your Egyptian side, and prevents you for calling for a Fatwa against my existence for my indirect reference to Christ.

    1. WildBilly

      Thank you and Happy Easter to you. Although I am an atheist like you are a Libertarian, I can compromise as I found myself yesterday carrying a small cross in a street march for gun control. The many crosses that marchers walked with had a name attached whose life was snuffed out by the will of a gun. And my count was about the same as the gun rally was in January but who cares.

      And the marchers; mostly families and supporters of those who have lost family members in mostly the urban environment. You know, those folks who the angry and fearful angry white men here arms up to protect himself from.

      The reason I asked if you read Kevin’s very limited and very paranoid representation of recent events. I read a few sentences and walked. These conspiracies are of little interest to me unless I can follow good reasoning. But I thought you find this stuff interesting. I found it very amusing and got a good chuckle. I thought that it was a spoof. Something I would have written.

      BTW, not only do I not trust the government, but neither do I trust anyone or most self-serving movements. But as I have said in the past, if pushed, I will move toward the left. The government is made up of We, The People. And we have prisons for those who violate the law.

      After the Italian high court reversed Amanda’s not guilty verdict, I am casting off my Italian cloak (except that I will make one of my great pizzaS today) and submit to the ancient Egyptian late period when Egyptians paid homage to the cat.

      I pay homage to the cat. I’ll bet their are lots of homeless cats in Costa Rica.

    2. wildbill

      JG: don’t know about any reference to Christ. But I did call you a jerk and I just had to defend my people. You have thick skin and can handle it.

      Not forgetting that you do have a very very very strange and extreme philosophy.

  26. The Conn-servative

    I really love the continual personification of the firearm:
    “the will of a gun”. I guess if you continual tell what amounts to lie,sheople will eventually believe it.You should get a job at MSNBC.They’d love your writing prose.

  27. Justin

    The overwhelming support of the American people line is just straight up bullshit now. I can’t believe they’re still saying it as if it’s true.

  28. Stick a fork in Corrupticut

    Liars talking to 100 people. Semper Lie Blumenthal lied about service in Vietnam and Malloy is incapable of telling the truth. 2014 one and done Malloy!! Lots of new faces in Hartford in 2014. Semper Lie Blumenthal needs to go as does idiot boy Murphy.Rolling out the sea hag Edith Prague creating a job for her and giving her a 120k a year salary at age 87… debacles in Willimantic and Bridgeport with the schools.. Donovan corruption scandal.. budget deficit after the biggest tax increase in state history.

  29. JohnZ

    Big sh*t sandwich coming in the next couple of days from our “wonderful” politicians in Hartford. They don’t have a clue!!

    I estimate compliance with any magazine restriction/outright magazine ban to be about 5%

    And these people still don’t understand a thing about semi-automatic firearms….

  30. peterkuck

    The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”

    Thomas Jefferson
    Third President of the United States

    1. Kim

      and the next greatest dangers is a complicit citizenry. Or worse, a citizenry that pays no attention.

      We get what we deserve

    2. Jeb Jeboloski

      The greatest danger is for We, The People to not address modern problems such as the culture of guns and by decent, the proliferation of guns.

      We shall overcome.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        The Vietnam war is over Billy. Still having those LSD flashbacks?

  31. Nobuko Solich

    Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago’s South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.`

    Visit our web site as well

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