Gov. Malloy Signs Strict Gun Control Bill After Sandy Hook Massacre

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Surrounded by family members of the victims of the Newtown shootings, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed one of the nation\’s toughest gun control laws Thursday after three months of hearings and debates in Connecticut.

The bill\’s supporters say the measure is the toughest overall bill in the nation, while others note that various aspects on ammunition magazines, assault weapons, background checks, school safety and mental health are stronger or weaker in various states. Connecticut will have the nation\’s first dangerous weapons offenders registry, which would be similar to Megan\’s Law that requires a public registry for sex offenders. In this case, the gun registry would be available only to law enforcement, and citizens could not tap into a centralized, computerized database to check if any of their neighbors have been convicted of gun crimes.

The measure passed in the state House of Representatives by 105 to 44, hours after the state Senate passed it by 26 to 10 on a bipartisan basis. Of 14 Senate Republicans, 8 were against and 6 were in favor.

While state officials were happy that the bill was finally passed after long hours of negotiations, Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman said, \”Today won\’t make up for what happened that horrible day.\’\’

The bill was passed in response to the killings of 20 children and six female educators by gunman Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Newtown resident Nicole Hockley, whose son Dylan was killed at the school, said she never thought that she would become involved in gun legislation, and never expected to meet President Obama or Vice President Biden.

\”On Monday, I signed my first letter to a legislator,\’\’ she told the standing-room-only crowd that was packed into the Old Judiciary Room. \”This is a path I never thought my life would take.\’\’

Despite representing part of Newtown, Republican state Rep. Dan Carter voted against the bill because he said it is “overreaching and ineffective” legislation that will not stop future massacres.

“It is with a lot of serious thought and a heavy heart that I vote against this package of legislation,” Carter said in a statement. “I understand the political need to get something done, but everyone affected by this tragedy deserves more than a series of hollow laws that are touted as a step forward but won’t make us any safer or prevent any more horrific acts of disturbed and evil monsters.”

“While the bill contains some good measures I introduced, such as universal background checks and permits for long guns, I simply can’t support a bill that falls so short of actually preventing violence in a meaningful way, especially in our cities,” Carter continued. \”Understanding the root causes of violence were never even addressed in any of the concepts put forward.\”

Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, the highest-ranking senator, said he always had hopes that legislators could reach their goal of a strong, comprehensive bill.

\”There were many points when this bipartisan process could have blown up,\’\’ Williams said after the bill signing. \”We did truly put aside partisanship … as opposed to the usual divisive political partisanship that we see at the national level.\’\’

He added, \”I saw my role as advocating for the strongest bill in the country. The eyes of the nation truly were looking at Connecticut.\’\’

When asked if the bipartisan deal could have been pulled off with any other Republican leaders other than the pro-gun control Senator John McKinney and Rep. Larry Cafero, Williams responded, \”I don\’t know the answer to that question.\’\’

Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence for the past 11 years, said that his organization was not originally thinking about a bipartisan compromise.

\”We were thinking about 76 votes in the House and 19 in the Senate,\’\’ he said.

\”Starting on December 14, the phone calls started, and it was an absolute tidal wave,\’\’ Pinciaro said, noting that the group signed up 35,000 new members to reach a total of 45,000 to 50,000.

Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney of New Haven said that the state Senate had voted in 2001 to ban the Bushmaster rifle that Lanza used in the Sandy Hook shootings. But  the House never voted on adding the rifle to the assault weapons ban, and the Bushmaster was purchased legally by Lanza\’s mother, Nancy.

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35 thoughts on “Gov. Malloy Signs Strict Gun Control Bill After Sandy Hook Massacre

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Who speaks for the families of the hundreds of shooting victims in Hartford, New Haven, or Bridgeport? Where’s the sweeping legislation for them?

    Once again a social issue has been hijacked by sanctimonious liberals for political gain at the expense of the law abiding majority.

    I am disgusted to be a Connecticut citizen and will be gone from this libtardian freak show as soon as I am able.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Why WildBill does of course. I’m starting to think that Danny boy may make him the gun czar!

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        Every libertard mother of child bearing age should be sterilized. That is the way I feel about liberals.

    2. GunsKillKids

      lemme give you a big: SEEEEE YA!

      One fewer gun nut in CT is a good thing for the rest of us.

      1. Liberals kill Countries

        Who is going to pay for your nanny state when all the productive taxpayers go away billy? Who will pay for all your psychotropic meds and hospitalizations?

        1. The Conn-servative

          Exactly what I just said over on the “Gun Manufactures question Their Own Future….blog. Quite a long dissertation but check it out.

  2. Joey

    The king of Connecticut can return to his throne to rest before his next media preformance. The signing of THE LEWINSKY ACT had to be draining.

  3. Alexander Hamilton

    Are you idiots going to whine about this forever like you did on the election? You guys just can’t catch a break. Let’s see some more posts with lots of capital letters. Trampling on the Constitution, circling the drain, blah, blah, blah. Idiots.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Are you going to whine when the Supreme Court deems vast swaths of this bill unconstitutional the way Liberals did when the Supreme Court didn’t allow Democrats to retroactively change Florida’s election laws in 2000?

      1. bill

        johngalt: And are you going to whine when the supreme Court rejects the arguments against the gin control legislation? Are you going to throw a tantrum as you did when the Roberts court rejected Obamacare and you stated like a little child that you would close your practice and move to Costa Rica?

        As that what you are going to do, Dr Picklehead?

        1. bill

          “gun control” Well, you can’t run again but Dr, are you going to throw another hissy fit when the Supreme Court rejects arguments?

          Isn’t it funny how American always divide along partisan line on every issue? When gun bans were enacted in England, both labor and conservative voted in favor of the legislation. In Australia, the then conservative government led the reform to ban guns.

          We live in a mad gun culture and this disease must be broken as we enact more gun control. We will but it will take time.

          The gun culture looms large for a couple of reasons: 1) the 2nd amendment should never have been enacted. It is a stain on our national soul. Just as slavery was a stain now so is the 2nd amendment. 2) I believe that because we have participated in so many wars and soldiers grow to enjoy their guns and want to relive their war moments. Therefore, veterans want to continue the gun life thereafter.

          It is a bad habit – guns. The data shows that a full 60 percent of guns recovered from crime scenes in CT were once first purchased legit. I call this process, seepage and no one can prevent seepage. Perhaps these new draconian gun laws will prevent this seepage. God, I hope so.

          We need to register our cars and account for their transfers yet not for guns?

          It is the gun culture that most needs to be dismantled. Gun owners hug their guns as if the guns were alive. So pathetic.

          No Johngalt, you and your Davy Crocket living-on-the-frontier mentality are not compatible with a modern humanly compassionate life style. Sorry for you that finally, you are on the loosing side. Your old world Supreme Court is falling away. If we are able to elect Hillery Clinton for 4 + 4 years, some of those aging Court conservatives will be replaced with younger progressives and we will finally have a degree of sanity in this country.

          Your old order is crumbling. Get out of the new way if you can’t lend a hand.

          1. walls

            George Santayana, who, in his Reason in Common Sense, The Life of Reason, Vol.1, wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So true.

            If you think the 2nd amendment is a stain on our national soul, you are an idiot, a flaming one at that. Go ahead and confiscate all our guns … like Hitler did, Stalin did, and Zedong did. See what happens next. You don’t think what happened there can’t happen here?

            Yamamoto wouldn’t invade the US mainland in WWII because he said there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

            We owe our freedoms to the 2nd amendment. It’s just a shame libtards and progressive idiots can’t comprehend that.

          2. The American Way

            Walls, Here in America, land of the free, why were over 100,000 people of Japanese descent not able to avoid being sent to concentration camps in 1942? They were in America, they had guns, but it looks like the guns were of no use in defending themselves from horrible tyranny. Is there any tyranny worse than being imprisoned? Isn’t the holy Second Amendment supposed to protect us? Either the amendment or the guns don’t work very well. What makes you think next time will be different? When the UN comes with their black helicopters you are done no matter how many pea-shooters you have.

        2. Johngaltwhereru


          I will mostly be disappointed that the rule of law no longer exists, and that Roberts has guaranteed the Constitution is no longer valid.

          I will be disappointed that the document which made America the most free and prosperous nation in the history if the world, is officially garbage, and we are on the same path that every other government that has seized tyrannical control over it’s people had taken.

          Mostly, I will be disappointed that tyranny will spread throughout the world once America is no longer a counter weight to oppressive government.

          It is too bad there are so many of you who believe you are not smart enough to run your own life and make your own decisions. It’s even worse that the reality is you are not smart enough to recognize the end result of ceding individual rights to the government.

          1. my response

            John: I hope you know that i opened the doors to use aliases on these blogs. Boy, did I open a can of worms. So no the intent is to confuse everyone.

            To your statement: No, one can either be optimistic or pessimistic in their outlook on life. i guess I have both depending on which side of the bed I rise.

            You have a pronounced pessimistic side and one which upon reading, I sometimes see my reflection and don’t like what I see. We will always be a nation of laws. In fact, I think this is our defining essence of this democratic republic. But when laws are passed that you disagree with, you turn to your philosophically pessimistic side as your gateway drug.

            Your personality very much reminds me of my guidance counselor in freshmen high school. Her and I had built a good dialogue and at that point she suggested that I read some book on government control and I think it was an Ayn Rand book, LOL. I kid you not. In my young mind, she suddenly went from a benign counselor to a paranoid. We continued to chat but I quickly realized I had a quack setting across from me.

            This is you, John. You are on the extreme wrong side of everything that appears good in this world – at least by your comments on these blogs. In a way, I feel sorry for you although to read my responses, you wouldn’t think so.

            I am in real life a tolerant person but while posting here, tolerance and middle ground I believe are, in the little minds of posters, a sign of weakness.

            Modern Libertarianism is a disease. In youth, I was close to being one. Or to use another word, an anarchist. Some of us grow and some do not. I presume to have used time well and I have matured into a more tolerant person until of course i run into a fur trapper. Then my Yankee comes out.

            And I’m proud to be a Yankee from the nutmeg.
            Were my hunting dog and one gun all I need.
            I’ll smoke some legal weed and dance the hillbilly jig.
            And the liberal cause is just the fix I heed.

            (I think Merle Haggard wrote that)

            Hey, the geniuses for a new song.

            Thanks, pardner.

          2. johngaltwhereru


            Libertarianism and Anarchy are not synonomus. Your lack of understanding this might explain your disdain for individual liberty.

            I am neither an optimist or a pessimist. I am a realist and objectivist.

            The objective reality of this bill is that it focuses on feel good bans and essentially ignores the actual problems.

            No severe penalties for convicted felons in possession of a firearm.

            No severe penalties for commiting a crime while in possession of a firearm.

            No crackdown on inner city gang-bangers who are responsible for the vast majority of gun violence.

            No expansion of mental health services, or facilities to house the mentally ill.

            No change in HIPPA laws to allow for a compilation of a data base of mentally ill people to be retricted from gun permits.

            No easing the difficulty of having a mentally ill person institutionalized.

            All this bill does is revoke rights of law abiding citizens, because utopian liberals think is is racist and cruel to address the actual causes of gun violence.

          3. bill

            johngalt: You might like to read the history of Libertarianism. it was closely connected to Anarchy and i am dating this to its historic origins. Read about it as you so often admonish others to do on other topics.

            freedom is relative. to call us the most free is such bull crap that i am surprised that you fall for it. those who hide behind nationalism and patriotism become that last refuge for the dull-witted scoundrels.

            prosperous? yes, we have been a very upwardly mobile tribe.our innovations are historically second to none.

            as far as being the international policeman; there is balance to that, too. balance and moderation – that is the solution. so you want to be the pipe pipper police against tyranny throughout the world. then pay for it, god dam it and stop you stupid whining about paying too high taxes. but instead, you went off to a tax haven. what a pathetic arm-chair neo-con. that is what I find most revolting about you. you don’t want to pay taxes but you want to be the continuation of the mad dog neo-cons of W bush era.

            how ignorant of you.

            I am smart enough to run my life with limitations. I can’t stop meat food processors from putting poisons and antibiotics in the livestock. this is why we need a robust inspection team. i can’t stop predater banks from wrecking the financial system almost every ten years. this is why we need an effective regulatory system.

            guns? you think guns make you more free? where did you go to school? you have far more formal education then me but you sure don’t exhibit an independent ability to filter the partisan garbage that they, your talking head right wing fanatics, shove down your gullet.

            you think guns are the killing machines that make you free?

            how ignorant and how ignorant that you would dismiss all the data that shows that in our modern society, guns, which did play an successful insurrectionist role in our founding could be the very element to bring a civilization down.

            you live encased around a very stratified brain. change with the times or you die. you fade away.

            you are full of contradictions, Dr Picklehead.

            and BTW, I hope you have a nice weekend. I mean it, LOL.

          4. bill

            johngalt: I almost forgot to mention the redeeming part of you. You once mentioned that you administered to some who didn’t have insurance coverage. and that is very laudable of you.

            why don’t you become associated with “doctors without borders?” if you have time on your hands to pontificate of the evils of the world and you most certainly have the learned healer’s hands, why not?

          5. johngaltwhereru

            Bill, you ignorant, ill-informed, Egyptian cat loving, bleeding heart moron:

            I have never once advocated for being the police of the world. I advocate far more isolationism, combined with ferocious retaliation for intentionally causing harm to the U.S.

            I have never advocated anarchy. I could not care less about what you read regarding anarchy and Libertarianism being equivalent. Mordern Libertarianism is Constitutionalism. It is not Anarchy.

            That being said, war and policing the world are in no way limited to Republicans. There has been far more military police action committed by Democrat Presidents than Republican Presidents. There is no historical argument against this; only the typical uniformed assumption that Republicans=War.

  4. Quinte West

    Whether you were for or against this legislation, the fact that the bill was voted upon and passed via the Emergency Certification process should concern every citizen of CT.
    We, the people, did not have a chance to read, digest or discuss the language that would become law. There was no opportunity for public comment.
    Even the elected officials had virtually no time to review the content of the bill.Certainly they had no time to elicit input from their constituents.This is not the way that our democracy is supposed to work.
    On these grounds alone,in the upcoming election cycle I will support the challenger, regardless of party affiliation, of every legislator who voted to approve this legislation.

    1. GunsKillKids

      and I will vote FOR every legislator who voted for this excellent legislation.

      So your vote is canceled out!

      1. Quinte West

        Well, look who’s back—let me try to explain something to you GKG–on Election Day, when you come out of your parents basement, you CAN’T vote for every legislator who voted for this legislation.That would be illegal. No, wait, you probably could if the Dems get to change our voting rights also…
        I said I would support the challenger of any legislator who backed the E-Cert process. And I intend to spend more energy,time and money to defeat them than your lone vote can counter.And I don’t think I’ll be alone.
        Want to run with the big dogs? Then its time to get off the porch…

        1. GunsKillKids

          looking forward to it, Quinte. Whether you like it or not, CT is a liberal state and since the Republicans have become beholden to the extremists on the right, Republicans have zero chance of winning anything here, particularly any one running on a pro-violence agenda.

          You are free to try, though.

          1. The one who knows

            Pro violence agenda? Still huffing that airplane glue billy? Look out your window at the war zone called Hartford created by decades of the liberal great society. Which party is breeding violence?

    2. The Conn-servative

      This was only passed this way to give The Commander in Thief something to grandstand about this Monday when she visits. Otherwise he would have to spank his inferior Danny boy.

    3. Joey

      Quinte West,

      I agree. “Emergency Certification process should concern every citizen of CT.”

      Emergency certification bill, or “e-cert,” which can be passed on the floor without going through committee first. The e-cert is generally reserved for use during times of crisis, such as natural disasters or when deadlines are approaching too quickly to delay action.

      I apologise, but I was not aware of ANY crisis, such as natural disasters. If there was ANY crisis, such as a natural disaster the news media missed it competely! There was a mass shooting in newtown over 100 days ago. This was not a wide spread recurring event. It is clearly a tactic to circumvent the domcratic process. Emergency certification was challenged in the Senate. It may have been Senator Kissel. The question I have is, how do the citizens challenge Emergency Certification for this bill?

  5. JimMac

    Let me see. The Gun Bill excludes police etc from the ban.
    Must be different criminals they have to deal with. Home intruders or attackers must be nice people. Dumb, just plan dumb.

    1. The Conn-servative

      One must ask, why do the police need any more firepower than any citizen is allowed to have?

  6. justme

    It is time to move out of Connecticut. We are run by fools who don’t know how to solve problem while the media supports the left wing crap. Oh yes how is our economics doing under complete Democratic control. Connecticut is one big mess.

    1. walls

      One big mess indeed! High taxes, unfunded pension liabilities, a union stronghold, and now a choke hold on our abilities to defend ourselves.

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