Government Shutdown=Fundraising Opportunity

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Even though U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy doesn\’t face reelection until 2018, he is busy raising money to help his fellow Democrats who will be on the ballot next year.

And for Murphy, the looming government shutdown presents an opportunity to raise money. He is asking supporters to chip in $10 to help his campaign committee fund candidates \”who are challenging some of the radical Republicans taking our government hostage.\”

Murphy says he\’s a bit short of his $20,000 3rd quarter online fundraising goal and is looking for some help before the midnight deadline.

\”Shutting down the government isn\’t a game — it\’s people\’s jobs,\’\’ he said in an email to supporters Monday. \”Your contribution will help replace some of the people placing partisan ideology ahead of putting people back to work.\”

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15 thoughts on “Government Shutdown=Fundraising Opportunity

  1. Johngaltwhereru

    Such tunnel vision.

    Murphy is just short of his $20 goal? Wow.

    You know who just had a record breaking month with $1.5 Million in donations? The Senate Conservative’s Fund. Their most successful and lucrative fundraiser? A commercial featuring Senator Ted Cruz asking supporters to help fight ObamaCare.

    Daniela’s brief stint reporting both sides of a story must have been met with some severe threats from the higher ups.

    1. Mr Bill

      this is a continuation of our discussion. LBJ passed under his watch: 1) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 2)The Voting Rights Act of 1965, 3) Appointed one of our finest jurists to the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall, 4) passed Medicare and Medicaid. I would say that he was one of the most goal-oriented presidents in the 20th century.

      Saffice to say, I protested his Viet Nam war policies. but he did do a lot of good in this world.

      Of course, as a racist, this things don’t impress you, do they?

      1. johngaltwhereru

        LBJ, like FDR and most other Liberal Elitists, was a racist douchebag wannabe dictator. He deserves a tiny bit of credit for #1. Mostly for passing it against the wishes of mainly Democrat opposition, a scenario shared with #2.

        The Voting Rights Act was largely a useless bill, as it simply repeated the 15th Amendment which was alreadly the Law.

        Medicare is going bankrupt. Obama hastened it’s bankruptcy by stealing from it to fund Obamacare.

        Medicare and Medicaid should have been combined into a healthcare program for children. Up to age 18, I am in favor of something similar to Single Payer. It is not a 4 year old’s fault that their parents can’t provide. It is an able-bodied and able minded 25 year old’s fault if he or she can’t buy health insurance.

        1. Mr Bill

          And he started the National Endowment for the Arts. But once again, you being the Philistine that you’re, would probably say it was a waste of money.

          And Thurgood Marshall but once again, as a hooded member of a friendly little group, you would probably disagree.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            The hooded folks were Democrats Billy. Remember Klansman Senator Byrd (D-WV)?

            As for Marshall, he was a Liberal Justice appointed by a Liberal President. Who cares?

            I will point out this: 10 of the 11 racist Senators who voted against Marhall’s confirmation were, wait for it, DEMOCRATS.

          2. Mr Bill

            Galt: well, you know how white people are. After all, you are one of them. They change. From good to bad and from bad to good.

            When did you go wrong. Wait let me guess. In your youth.

  2. Mr Bill

    The a Republican Party is about to split in two. Who could have guessed. Brown shirts on one side and black shirts on the other. Who would have thunk?

    They want to destroy The Affordable Health Act. They don’t believe in global warming. Their carbon footprints are large.

    The American government is no more. It is over. No more taxes. Interstate expressways return to dirt paths. The law of pack wolves gain momentum. Gun-toting men guard the local hospital from the hordes of the impoverished. Aging mothers show a breast for a dollar or a piece of bread. And the bread is fought over. The new sign of the homeless instead of “will work for food” says “soul for sale.”

    Grandpa puts his grandchild on his knee and regales the child in stories the day the United States of America died.

    “Grandpa, why did you even have that thing called government?”

    But grandpas replies, “Yep, we thought we needed a government. But Libertarians showed us how to live without one. Pure anarchy”

    “Grandpa, can we go out to shoot some rabbits and crippled children?”

      1. Mr Bill

        Galt, yes especially the part of grandpa.

        Don’t you appreciate literature? This is an excerpt from my newest novel; “Atlas Unshrugged.”

        1. Mr Bill

          BTW; you play a prominent role in the novel and I didn’t even need to tinker with your online persona.

  3. enness

    How is it that political schmucks raise tens of thousands, even tens of millions and we can’t come up with the means to function? Does it ever occur to them that somebody needs the ten dollars more than they do?

    Throw out every single one of them like yesterday’s coffee grounds…oh wait, those are probably more useful.

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