Governor\’s Advisory Commission Calls For Limiting Magazines To 10 Rounds

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The governor\’s gun advisory commission called Friday for limiting ammunition magazines to no more than 10 bullets in the wake of the Newtown massacre by a shooter with multiple 30-round magazines.

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission will release its formal, interim report on Monday, and it will include widespread recommendations that the governor sought by the self-imposed deadline of March 15. The report will be written throughout the coming weekend, said Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, who was handpicked by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to chair the commission.

\”The consensus was to limit magazines to no more than 10 rounds,\’\’ Jackson told Capitol Watch after the meeting. \”There will probably be 40 recommendations in the interim report, and probably 60 percent of them were unanimous.\’\’

On Friday, Malloy\’s 16-member commission reached consensus on some issues without casting formal, roll call votes. The commission also did not make recommendations on many other issues, such as mental and behavioral health, because the commission will continue to do its work after issuing the interim report. The commission is not even halfway finished with its work, Jackson said.

The commissioners debated back and forth over whether to potentially ban guns that could fire more than 10 rounds without reloading, but Malloy quickly clarified his view later Friday.

\”Today’s deliberations by the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission mirror the conversations taking place in living rooms and towns halls across Connecticut on how best to make Connecticut safer,\’\’ Malloy said in a statement. \”While I appreciate their hard work, I want to be very clear on one point – I do not support, and will not advocate for, the confiscation of firearms by law-abiding citizens.  Again, I appreciate the hard work of the commission in reaching these interim recommendations, and look forward to receiving their final report.”

Concerning the importance of the consensus on magazines, Jackson said, \”It\’s a point. Obviously, firearms and ammunition have become a flashpoint. No pun intended. There\’s a lot of gut-level interest, but it just doesn\’t make it the whole story.\’\’

\”There was a long and broad discussion pertaining to weapons able to fire more than 10 rounds,\’\’ Jackson told Capitol Watch. \”Originally that came in as an attempt to redefine assault weapons, based on function. … But then the conversation moved a little bit to the issue of [gun] culture and whether it makes sense to separate out something called an assault weapon from something of equal lethality that is not an assault weapon. Aren\’t we really talking about firearms here? And not slicing and dicing too finely.\’\’

Through the years, there has been disagreement over the precise definition of an \”assault weapon.\’\’

Concerning recommendations on mental health, Jackson said, \”It is a much trickier issue, and it needs a lot more time.\’\’

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38 thoughts on “Governor\’s Advisory Commission Calls For Limiting Magazines To 10 Rounds

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    So basically they are admitting they can only agree along partisan lines and will promote the most extreme restictions/banishments/conficatory agenda possible. Good job comission. Go home and see how your recommendations are received. Also don’t let the Governor fool you. This is his commission, his appointees, and he wants to take your guns even if he says he doesn’t. Until he does something that is the opposite of what he publicy says I will not beleive it. He is scamming everyone.

    1. Doug

      I don’t get what you are saying.I’m seeing limits on magazines and alot more discussion.Haven’t even gotten to mental health yet.

      1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

        It was reported last week that mental health is being tabled for consideration by another commission to be picked for the 2014 session.

    1. Stan

      The sad thing is that you are correct. It is coming. I hope it does not happen but I do not hold out much hope. It will make the Civil War of 1861 a minor footnote in the history books.

    2. Doug

      You whack-a-doodles live in your own world.It’s the 14 million or so that listen to the constant stream of conservative nonsense and get all worked up and make silly comments about civil war.But the vast majority shake their heads at such things and go about their lives.Besides a war isn’t even necessary.Texas has everything you want.

      1. Bill katz

        LOL. I called them doddleheads in the past. But I included myself because anyone who is anyone is not wasting time on these blogs.

      2. Bill katz

        Ya Doug, can you see it now? A bunch of overweight, bald-headed old farts holding a carbine in the air with one hand and their pants up with the other hand, charging up the green mountain almost reaching the summit only to be told by their near-sighted Sargent that it was the wrong hill to charge. There after, they each man walks dejectedly home to the wifey who cooks them some hot soup and puts them to nighty night with a kiss on the forehead.

    3. Connecticut is Dying Too

      I hope some of this anger is directed toward getting rid of some libtards in November and restoring some balance and sanity to our legislative process.

      1. Bill katz

        The opposite will take place. Don’t forget, we have close to 80percent support.

        Sorry Charlie.

  2. Johanna Galt

    I watched deliberations of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission this morning on CT-N and I was shocked to see what uninformed people populate this committee. Their decisions are completely arbitrary and biased. After 3 months of pretty thorough testimony from various hearings in the legislature this group of dullards have clearly not done their research into the issues. They do not know – nor does it seem they want to know – any of the serious implications their policy decisions have. This Advisory Panel is a complete failure and will only serve to regurgitate the nonsense already coming out of our Governor’s mouth. Shame on CT for putting together such a collection of inept and uninformed policy makers! Anyone making policy for CT regarding gun issues, mental health or school safety would be completely foolish to adopt any of the moronic and ill considered recommendations coming out of this panel.

  3. Doug

    Those that can build a bookcase, restore a care,knit a sweater, bake a pie,start a business and volunteer amoung other things.Those that can’t buy a gun.

  4. Roger

    Duog, I do build bookcases, I love to cook, and I ran my own business for 29 years. Oh and I am also a longtime target shooter

  5. Green3nergy

    Let these policy makers pass an unconstitutional law… Then we’ll have the right to force a citizens arrest and remove them from their seat of power.

    These politicians forget, they are our servants. We do not serve them. We provide funding for their paycheck. They do not rule over us. We rule them.

  6. Jim

    Emotionally charged decision making rarely makes for an informed decision. That’s what is happening here. Whatever happened to the tenant, let calmer heads prevail? Use of momentum to ram home legislation that will have no effect on curbing crime is foolish and punitive to legal gun owners. If banning firearms and reducing magazine limits was really effective, then it would have shown crime reduction in the 1994 assault rifle ban. Other parts of the legislation make sense like expanding background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands, straw purchase prevention, gun trafficking and stiffer penalties for careless storage of firearms are good pieces of law. Banning Connecticut manufactured items will drive out a big chunk of Connecticut manufacturing responsible for $1.8 billion in tax revenue is completely stupid. I don’t blame the manufacturers for packing up and leaving the state that uses the very tax dollars that they pay to crush their business. Can you imagine whay a company would stay here in Connecticut because all of the employees from CEO of the company down to the mailroom clerk can’t even legally own one of the products that their company manufactures? Short sighted political theater to grow their political capital. I grew up here in Connecticut, we used to have Yankee common sense. Now we only have knee jerk reaction politics. Colt, Mossberg, Ruger, Stag Arms and their associated fine support vendors, I wish you could stay but I understand why you don’t want to call home to a state that micturates down your back only to tell you that it’s raining.

  7. DaveC

    Complete madness.
    I’m a law-abiding citizen, that uses my Glock to go shoot paper targets a few times a year.
    It’s kept in an enormous 700 pound safe, never loaded unless at the firing line of the local range.

    And what am I to do with my gun that fits 15 rounds in the clip?
    Keep in mind, when I’m at the range, I pay for the time at the firing line. Stopping to re-load every 10 rounds is ridiculous.
    It’s a sad day… a sad time for us as US and Connecticut Citizens.

  8. JoeS

    This story has a bunch of mistakes. The CT Newsjunkie link above reports the story correctly. It’s a gun ban not a mag limit and there is no way that this would pass a constitutional test.

    I’m encouraged by their use of logic though. They actually tried to use mechanical function to differentiate which guns they want to ban. There is the tiny issue of the right to self-defense and the logistical hurdle of the millions of guns in circulation. At least it is an honest approach unlike the Assault Weapon Ban which works on cosmetics. I’m hopeful more anti-gun legislators will take this approach so it can be knocked down and we can settle the issue once and for all.


    I like how it’s somehow moral to kill be means of changing out more mags. The physco that perpetrated this mass killing was not to be deterred by mere laws. Anyone with off hand knowlege of firearms would tell you how easy the same hideous act could be carried out with common everyday Hunting arms. A guy in NY just killed 4 with a shotgun, trust me he was being nice, he could have taken out many many more. Of course the Black Evil looking gun would have had a more visual impact on the sissified elites…to bad.
    As usual the Liberal Media and bobbleheads think they are going to accomplish something by making millions of Americans felons over night.

  10. Bill katz

    The issue of 30 mags verses 10 mags is a somewhat foolish debate. Somewhat because I would rather have 10 then 30 but better to ban them outright.

  11. John East Lyme

    State wants to confiscate all the guns. These politicians are all liars. They hate guns and gun owners. Want it impossible to own firearms. They want us to have to rely on the government for everything. Then hand us crumbs. The ironic point is, waiting period for an abortion in CT none. Age requirement for abortion, none. 14,000 done last year. I bet if the state tried to pass a law regulating that in anyway, these same anti gun people would riot. Want to own a firearm, they think that’s a privilege. Want an abortion, that’s a right. This is just the beginning of how the liberal politicians want to regulate every part of you life. They know if they can pass this, they can pass anything. After all what are you going to do. Everyone should question why they are so eager to disarm the legal citizens.

  12. MrLogical

    Registration for all guns. 10 rounds today and 5 rounds tomorrow. Then, they’ll adopt Ed Meyer’s (D-Branford) idiotic proposal and limit all rifles to bolt action singles and all shotguns to single breech loaders. (Goodbye doubles…)

    And then they’ll start confiscating.

    There is a lot of history for this and it never ends well for the citizens.

  13. MrLogical

    How many rounds of hollow-point ammo has DHS, ICE, SSA, NOAA and the National Park Service purchased? Anyone remember?

  14. BobC

    Article 1, section 10 US Constitution….read it and weep…states cannot pass ex post facto laws…

  15. Sharpshooter

    Finally, sanity is brought to the argument…now if we can just get the criminal commission on gun control to accept these measures, we can make some progress….

  16. Randy DaRos

    Here is an excerpt from an article on so called Assault Weapons bans:

    “Nor should it be since all available evidence suggests that an assault weapons ban would have a negligible impact on safety. Of course, that point is one of substance, and nothing about the debate over the proposed AWB has anything to do with whether it will or will not work. Everything about the proposed renewal of the AWB is theatrics and serves as yet another example of the triumph of style at the expense of substance in our national politics. ”

    Not my words. But this accurately explains how the claims for an AW ban are a false canard, that only serves to detract from the more important conversation on how we can reduce crime, without infringing on the law abiding.

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