Greenberg Rolls Out Endorsements in CT5

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The 2014 congressional election is still 17 months away but Republican businessman and 5th District candidate Mark Greenberg is already rolling out endorsements.

The Greenberg campaign issued a news release Friday morning announcing that he has won the backing of state Reps. Art O\’Neill and Mitch Bolinsky, along with 18 chairmen of Republican Town Committees in the district.

Greenberg ran in 2012 but lost the GOP nomination to former state Sen. Andrew Roraback, who in turn lost to Democrat Elizabeth Esty.

Greenberg announced shortly after Esty\’s win that he was planning another bid, but Twitter rumors suggest that the GOP field may be growing a bit more crowded soon.

 @capitolwatch We still have yet to see who else jumps in the race on GOP side.Greenberg\’s to lose right now,rumor has Piscopo jumping soon

— Bill Cortese (@BillCortese) June 13, 2013


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9 thoughts on “Greenberg Rolls Out Endorsements in CT5

  1. Sean Murphy

    The insiders in the GOP have lost every single winnable race in the past few years.


    2008 David Cappiello
    2010 Sam Caligiuri
    2012 Andrew Roraback

    None of these people excited the base, which is mandatory to win. Roraback actively antagonized it.

    Greenberg can mobilize the base and can attract unaffiliated voters and even some Democrats.

    DC needs real leadership. It starts with term limits, a staple of Greenberg’s campaign.

    It requires people who will not just go along with the Democrats and the Boehner/McCain Republicans and Mark Greenberg is that man.

    He perfectly contrasts with Elizabeth Esty. She and her husband have a number of ethical issues and use government to make a lot of money.

    Mark is a success from the free enterprise system.

  2. Chris Healy for GOP chair

    The GOP can’t win in CT anymore. We should be happy with a permanent minority in the state legislature. Let’s hope Dan Malloy doesn’t want a third term.

    1. Richard

      The cursed Chris Healey? The one who led his party members into Tut’s tomb and sealed it?

  3. Paul

    Let’s hope Mr. Greenberg’s accumulating this broad support this early will be a broadside to any would-be challenger for the Republican nomination. Esty is a deer in the headlights and a huge disappointment. Mr. Greenberg is a success in both his business and personal life, and scandal does not follow him the way it does Esty or Donovan. In the words of Nacy Pelosi, it’s time to “drain the swamp” here in CT, let it begin with replacing Esty, and Mr. Greenberg is the best choice, so you RINO challengers out there, don’t mess it up this time. Sit on your hands, zip your lip and unite behind Greenberg for God’s sake, and act like the state depends on it, because it does!

  4. Richard

    Torrington Mayor Ryan Bingham. Is he running? A young Republican has a better chance.

  5. Lee

    I think we have had enough of the left-wing Democrats pandering to unions. vote out Malloy and his mob rule.

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