Gun Bill Opponents Arrive At Capitol Before Vote

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HARTFORD — The Connecticut General Assembly is expected to approve a wide-ranging gun control bill Wednesday that will immediately change the way firearms are regulated.

The vote on the bill comes after weeks of negotiation between Democrats and Republicans and is a viewed as the toughest-in-the-nation response to the gun violence of Dec. 14, when a 20 children and 6 adults were massacred a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

Upon passage and signing by Malloy, the legislation would enact an immediate ban on more types of so-called semi-automatic assault weapons. The sale and purchase of large-capacity ammunition magazines would be prohibited and universal background checks on all sales of firearms would begin.

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7 thoughts on “Gun Bill Opponents Arrive At Capitol Before Vote

  1. Bill Katz

    I’m here and I am not an opponent of gun control. But yes, as usual, the fer trappers are in the field. I am in the senate gallery front row with my green flowers and signs.

    Today is a celebration. But much more work needs to be don. Such as a complete ban on all semi automatic long guns and hand guns.

    Policeman just gave me a close look at my flowers and I’m OK.

    More to come.

  2. A Great Day

    This is just the start to a complete ban and confiscation of guns. What do you need one for what are you compensating for? We have police to protect us. Please. All the loser unemployed tea baggers showed to protest. YOU LOST in November. We are the majority and will give you the fundamental change this nation and state need.

  3. David

    Bill & Great Day,

    I am speechless. Are you aware that there is more to Connecticut then the urban areas and suburbs that surround them? Are you aware that there are places in Connecticut where there is a 30 minute response time for police to come from surrounding areas? Are you aware that in some areas of Connecticut hunting and shooting sports are still considered activities to be passed down from parent to child? Are you aware that both the Federal and Connecticut constitution guarantee a citizen’s right to have firearms?

    Or do you have such a myopic view of the world that if it does not fit in your neighborhood then it should be banned?
    The two of you are prime examples why no one on the side of the Constitution want to give an inch because of the gun banner’s rallying cry of “Good Start!”

    1. Bill


      The other poster is probably kim, the coward impostor.

      I believe in the constitution but I simply interrupt it differently from you.

      So stop your rolly polly baloney about you having exclusive rights of abiding by the constitution. You wouldn’t say this if you had a degree in political science or history.

      Get real. Others have legitimate principles too.

  4. A Great Day

    You tea baggers need to realize that children were killed by these killing machines. Senator Beth Bye made me weep in her stirring discussion of actions here to keep kids safe. As for East of the river… dueling banjos?

    1. Joey

      Obama is right, we do forget. With tears in our eyes, we can’t always read the 58,195 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall and forget that they gave their lives to defend our FREEDOMS. Their mothers,,,, never forgot.

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