Gun Control Advocates Amazed At How Far The Gun Bill Goes; Toughest In The Nation

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Lobbyists Betty Gallo and Ron Pinciaro have been pushing for gun control for years with mixed success.

As a result, Gallo was stunned Monday at the sweeping nature of a bipartisan bill on assault weapons, ammunition, magazines, and background checks that could pass in the state legislature as early as Wednesday.

\”This is really amazing,\’\’ Gallo said in an interview.

She added, \”Two years ago, we lost a ban on high-capacity magazines, and we couldn\’t get it out of the judiciary committee.\’\’

Today, the proposed ban on the magazines is highly comprehensive. The bill calls for the immediate ban on the sale, purchase and importation of the magazines. Buying, selling, importing or transferring the magazines for free would be a Class D felony. The maximum penalty for a Class D felony is five years in prison and a fine of $5,000.

Ron Pinciaro, the executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence for the past 11 years, said, \”This couldn\’t have happened in any other state in any other year.\’\’

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66 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocates Amazed At How Far The Gun Bill Goes; Toughest In The Nation

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Just because the Leaders agreed to this fictional scenario does not translate into votes and sure passage. The real fun begins as we will now see who stands for what in the legislature.

    1. Disappointed

      Unfortunately, the Republicans in our state legislature hardly deserve the label. They’re more like moderate Democrats (old Clinton Democrats) who disappeared from the Democratic Party. I spoke to Rep. Tom O’Dea, and he knows little more about firearms, the self-defense mindset, and the history behind the 2nd Amendment than any ignorant Democrat — even as he professes to be “a supporter of the 2nd Amendment”. When I heard his answers to my questions, I thought, “yeah, you THINK you’re a supporter, but you don’t get it at all!”

    2. Disappointed

      Unfortunately, CT Republicans are no more logical than the Democrats. And that can only be the case if they aren’t true Republicans because the logic behind conservative ideology is far more consistent, systematic and rational than modern liberal ideology. The CT Republicans appear to be no different from the Dems as big spending, establishment crony capitalists that pander to whomever will keep them in power (mostly the ignorant and ill-informed masses). They’re not conservatives at all — fiscal or constitutional.

      1. Truth

        Republicans in CT can’t seem to figure out why they can’t get elected. They obviously think joining forces with the Democrats to betray the citizens of this state is the solution.

        They will be surprised at the thinning of their ranks in the next election, if they are among those who vote for this kill list

    3. Chicago here we come

      The SCUM with the smug smiles slapping themselves on the back for passing laws that will do nothing but turn law abiding people into criminals is nauseating. Theyll be a special place in hell someday for this bunch. There are no republicans in this state only sheep.

    4. dancing on dead kids grave

      Its amazing what shamelessly exploiting dead children can get you.

    5. dancing on dead kids grave

      Make no mistake the pushers of these illegal laws from the scummy camera hungry politicians to the vengeful exploiting Newtown parents had only one goal in mind . Enacting revenge on Connecticut gun owners that they couldnt get on the Lanzas anymore. Shameful.

      1. joe

        I talked and emailed w/ Senator Meyer (D). He too claims to support the Second Amendment (I’m more concerned w/ Article 1, Section 15 of the state constitution). He is really a gun-abolitionist at heart. That’s what this is all about … steps on the path to abolition. Oh, and I find it remarkable that law-abiding gun owners even vote for these people and haven’t been single-issue voters all along. Make no mistake, the abolitionists are a constant force and know what they are doing … they aren’t ignorant or uninformed.

  2. Johanna Galt

    I’ll bet these gun control zealots couldn’t be happier that dead children got them this far for measures that the legislation wisely rejected in past sessions. The fact of the matter is that NONE of these proposals would have stopped Lanza and they will certainly NOT prevent another tragedy from happening again. Also I wonder who will be designated the task of making sure the gangs like the Latin Kings will be in compliance.

    1. smoke fire

      Yeah, like the Latin Kings, et. al. will really be targeted. That would be RACIST. Can’t do that, especially in “Sanctuary City” New Haven. Nope the targets are the legal gun owners. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

  3. Billabong

    “I’ll bet these gun control zealots couldn’t be happier that dead children got them this far”

    What kind of person would write that?

    1. Jeb Jebaloski

      Most are sociopaths who post on these blogs. It is easy to identify them by their remarks. They don’t represent society in terms of the number of posters. They lack all form of decency and they represent a fraction of the population left behind both economically and educationally.

    2. jesus

      you would if it suited your purpose billabong. Here you are posting under two separate names and pretending to have a rational conversation as both billabong and Jeb. We have seen many of your posts since the Newton tragedy and you have not been shy about exploiting these children for your own aims. Let’s not pretend to have a moral high ground here.

  4. Disappointed

    I am so disappointed in the minority Republicans and Independents. Looks like CT is more far gone than I had thought. It had looked pretty hopeless when a bunch of authoritarian Democrats took over control of the entire state government and many local governments, but still I thought freedom, facts and logic would prevail. I guess I was too optimistic. The Republicans are weak “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only); the Independents are really the old Democrats before the Democratic Party got hijacked by progressive liberals and socialists; and constitutional conservatives are nowhere to be found. Libertarians and champions of individual freedom have their work cut out for them to try to take back this state and save it from the plague of its neighbors in the northeastern US.

  5. Fiveform

    It’s amazing the band-aids that lawmakers put in place to make up for law enforcement’s impotence in enforcing the multitude of laws already in place, when it comes to keeping guns out of criminal hands. This entire mess is an exercise in futility, political posturing and attention getting. …and who will be the recipients of the restraints the proposed laws will put in place? Those who are lawful owners and users of firearms. If someone wants to perform mayhem and mass destruction they will do so with whatever is available, whether 6 shot revolvers, machete’s, or an automobile. I do feel for those in authority who are desperate to “look like” they are doing something and taking action, but this is not the answer, just another restriction, misdirected. Time will certainly tell. Let’s see what the statistics say 5 or 10 years from now, provided the new laws are passed and go into effect. Perhaps if enough drunk drivers of Lexus automobiles hit and kill or maim enough innocents, then they can legislate against makes and models because of their horsepower, design, tires, and such. These so called “assault rifles” are responsible for far far fewer shootings that 5 shot revolvers and this has been mentioned by both sides of this gun debate.

    Personal safety is a part of our personal freedom and really no one can do it for you. Ask the government to make you safer and you’ve also given them control over you. The myth of someone or something outside yourself making you feel safe is just that – an illusion and myth. Yet, so many buy into it. I feel as many gun owners do, that in introducing additional gun laws our lawmakers will ultimately “get the wrong guys…” Don’t punish those who take responsibility for their health and safety and are responsible firearms owners.

    1. Blame the NRA

      “enforcement’s impotence in enforcing the multitude of laws already in place, when it comes to keeping guns out of criminal hands”

      The NRA and the gun industry have made sure that they’re impotent at enforcing the multitude of laws already in place.

      Not because of the 2nd Amendment. Because they want to make a buck. That’s all. There is no grand noble motivation behind the gun industry and the NRA. They’re getting rich, by making sure they can sell as many guns to as many people as possible, regardless of the consequences.

      And to make sure people keep buying guns, they keep feeding the public scary propaganda and bad statistics.

      They want to scare you stupid, so you buy a bunch of guns and ammunition, so they can get rich.

      1. Truth

        right, blame. There’s no grand noble motivation behind the gun industry and the NRA. Freedom is certainly not a grand or noble goal.

  6. Lars Arden

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”– Thomas Jefferson.

    The second reason is that no person shall be denied then natural right to self-defense.

      1. Kim

        What does Thomas Jeffersons’ owning of slaves have to do with the quote that Lars offered? Not a thing

    1. Norm Scott

      Well, yeah, Mr. Jebaloski, we should tear up the Declaration of Independence because Jefferson owned slaves. Now that you mention it, King George III was the legal ruler at the time of the Declaration, and he stated Jefferson was a criminal. And compared to the power of a king who are Malloy and the legislature, right?

      1. Blame the NRA

        “And compared to the power of a king who are Malloy and the legislature, right?”

        Malloy and the legislature are democratically elected. They have the power of the public vote behind them, which is greater than a monarch’s fiat.

        If gun nuts find themselves in the minority, and that the majority haven’t fallen for NRA scary stories, tough. You made your case, you failed in the court of public opinion.

        That’s how this country works.

        I would suggest getting therapy and xanax instead of trying to soothe your fears with guns.

        1. Joey

          Dear Blame the NRA,

          You sure have that right. “Malloy and the legislature are democratically elected.” Democracy ended after he took his oath of office. I have been trying to contact my representatives since March 27th. Their votes don’t represent me!

          The people in Connecticut should learn to read.

          The Gun Control Act of 1968 covered the Sandy Hook incident. We just need enforcement!

          The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 expired on September 13, 2004. Banning high capacity magazines didn’t work then, why should it work in Connecticut?

          The Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 prohibits registration!

          Obama asking us to “not forget the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook” is very emotional. I ask that we do not forget the 58195 men and women who lost their lives in Vietnam. We should not forget that they lost their lives defending our freedoms!

    1. Jack

      This will go down faster than Monica Lewinsky on Clinton. They don’t want to listen to what you and I might have to say, they will not listen to your emails either.
      I think we have to take this to the Supreme Court as if it is a poll tax defacto stripping us of our rights by harassment.

    2. Blame the NRA

      We had hearings. We had demonstrations. We’ve had lobbyists.

      Gun nuts have made their case, and failed.

      1. Joey

        Dear Blame the NRA,
        You are right again. “We had hearings. We had demonstrations. We’ve had lobbyists.” Overwhelming testimony opposing gun control legislation was heard on 1/28/2013 and 3/14/2013. I don’t see how the gun nuts failed. Did I miss the day the general assembly enacted new laws?


      There were several public meetings.
      I guess now you’ll claim that they were held in secret. Wrong again, dude.

      1. Kim

        the voices of the majority at those public meetings were ignored, campus. The voices of a few were heeded because their message fit what the politicians wanted to do.

        I guess now you’ll claim that the gun control advocates were the majority. Wrong again, dude.

  7. Norm Scott

    The Legislatures of some, mostly liberal, States are doing to 2nd Amendment rights what the Legislatures of reactionary States did during the era of, “Jim Crow” when those States enacted, “literacy tests” and, “poll taxes” to limit 14th Amendment voting rights.

    Thereby, suborning the US Constitution to the irrational fears of some, often willfully ignorant, constituents.

    1. Blame the NRA

      Join a state-organized militia, fatty.

      Guns wouldn’t be as popular if buyers were required to drill frequently and maintain standards of physical fitness.

      ‘Cause frankly an awful lot of gun nuts are fat loads who think an AR-15 makes them Rambo.

      1. Wildbill

        The coming revolt of the ragtag pro-gun militias: so they charged up the green mountain, with one hand waving a carbine in one hand and the other hand holding up their pants. As they huff and puff their way to the summit but never quite reaching the top, the Sargant yells to cease because he charged the wrong hill. Dejected, the bald-headed overweight soldiers of fortune with heads downcast, return to their loved ones as the wifey has made some tasty soup and soon each intrepid enlistee is soon snoring in his revolutionary dreams while peeing the bed.

        1. Truth

          if they are so non-threatening, wildbill, why all the effort to disarm them? Let them sit home and amuse their fat selves by cleaning their guns.

          Your attempts at humor are sadly misplaced and not at all humorous

          1. Free Country??

            It is sad when one fat man against gun ownership (WildBill) has to make fun of another that chooses to have guns.

          2. Kim

            free: wildbill is not against gun ownership – he claims to own shotguns. He’s against OTHERS owning guns, especially guns that HE doesn’t approve of. It’s call tyranny and hypocrisy

        2. The Conn-servative

          Wow!! This sounds like a preview to a screenplay for The Expendables 3. Keep up the good writing BillBoy!!

      2. Truth

        spoken like a true bigot, Blame, pigeon-holing everyone into categories and subcategories.

        Long live racism and ignorance, dude

        1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

          …another rant from Billyboy, the poster child of the party of tolerance.

        2. johngaltwhereru

          Blame the NRA,

          It is time to learn the difference between a militia and a military.

          There is no such thing as a “State Organized Militia”. By definition, a militia is not run by the State.

          In an easier to read form:

          Military=Professional soldiers run by Government

          Militia=Non-professional soldier citizens not run by Government.

          Next, contrary to your opinion, democratically elected officials and public opinion is not all that matters. Malloy, Connecticut’s Citizens, and the Connecticut Legislature do not trump the U.S. Constitution or the Supreme Court.

          Commonly used weapons cannot be banned. This was made very clear in the Heller Case. It is also clear that with millions of weapons that are on the banned list currently in circulation, they are commonly used.

          If there is such overwhelming support for an “assault weapons ban”, there should be no problem Amending the Constitution to include that provision. Otherwise, get your tissues ready for when the Supreme Court crushes this emotion based, logic-free waste of a law.

          1. Joey

            Well said johngaltwhereru,
            It’s too bad it usually has to go to the Supreme Court, because most of our legislators lack any common sense.

          2. johngaltwhereru

            It is more than too bad. The CT Legislature had a blank check to address mental health issues which are in desperate need of attention, and instead focused on guns.

            On top of that, the State is going to waste piles of money defending a law that has already been deemed unconstitutional.

  8. America Is Dying

    This Bill is Illegal and it is not going anywhere.
    Again, the real problem is not being addressed.
    Vote all of these Idiots out of office next election!

  9. America Is Dying

    Brain Washed American Sheep who support this do not deserve Freedom. China loves your kind.

  10. John

    Magazines have no serial numbers. How many criminals do they suppose will register their 20 round magazines? None of course so once again legislation is aimed at criminalizing law abiding gun owners rather than getting criminals off the streets. As legislators pat themselves on the back there is nothing in this legislation that would have prevented Newton or the common criminal from murdering innocent victims who the left in this country want to render defenseless. The nut who murdered those poor kids in Newtown would have been deterred how? He changed magazines frequently before they were anywhere near empty. He stole the murder weapons. So what here prevents another massacre? Armed guards in schools? Nope, not in the legislation. Why? Because it doesn’t adhere to the lefts agenda which is not to protect children but to disarm law abiding American citizens. Tragic.

  11. Joe Citizen

    If Nancy Lanza had registered her lawfully purchased semi-auto rifles and magazines, would this have prevented the tragedy? Of course not. Adam would have taken the duly-registered items and committed his heinous act. There is already a record of firearm purchases made at FFL dealers in CT both at state and local levels which is where she purchased hers. So there’s now an additional recording requirement. This helps how? And it will become a crime to load more than 10 rounds into a magazine? Hmmm. Don’t think Adam would have cared. But lets harrass everyone else.

    Mental health access reform might have helped. But when asked at the capitol press conference today, the leaders said they “might” take up legislation on mental health later in the session. What a bad joke this is. After the next Cheshire tragedy, the pendulum will swing the other way. Legislation by emotion.

    1. Blame the NRA

      ” Legislation by emotion.”

      The gun industry is all about emotion. They want you scared stupid, so that you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on guns you don’t need, because you have unrealistic estimate of the threats you face.

      I live in Cheshire, not far from the prison. I have no desire to own a gun. Because I’m not afraid.

      1. Truth

        you’re obviously completely ignorant of the crime statistics, blame, when you pretend that threats are unrealistic. I’m sure Dr. Petit and his family would disagree with you, to start.

        We should all be scared by these attempts to undermine our freedom.

        If you don’t possess a rational fear of the criminal element, especially living so close to a prison, then you are fortunate indeed. That doesn’t empower you to deny anyone else their fears or concerns.

        Do you have home insurance? Fire insurance? Flood insurance? Auto insurance? What are you afraid of?

        “When they came for me, no one was left to stand up for me”.

      2. Joey

        Dear Blame the NRA,
        I live in the city, 4 people murdered in two days. When you have freedom, you get to make a choice that’s right for you. Have you got some room for some tents in your yard?

  12. Tom

    As a life long Republican, All I can say is why would I vote for Larry Cafaro or John McKinney for Governor ? There is no difference between them and Dan Malloy. All 3 want bigger Government and more laws that attack our Constitutional Rights. If those are my choices in a couple of years I might as well vote for Dan Malloy. The choice is clear 1 out of 3 admits he is a Democrat, the other 2 hide it and claim they are Republicans.

    1. Blame the NRA

      “All 3 want bigger Government and more laws that attack our Constitutional Rights.”

      The 2nd Amdmt isn’t an unlimited right. The 1st Amendment has similar “Congress shall make no law” language, but speech isn’t an unlimited right, a principle that has been upheld repeatedly.

      Obviously: Even if you had the money, you can’t buy a Sikorsky Blackhawk kitted out with all the military gear and weaponry.

      Unlike Colt, I don’t see Sikorsky whining that CT residents can’t buy a Blackhawk with miniguns and such.

        1. Thomas in Pain

          Only if it’s legal. If not, Jar, then prepare yourself to spread ‘em for the boys.

  13. Scott

    Bottom line folks. Nothing in this package improves anyones safety. IT will do nothing to disarm your neighbor, merely inconvenience them. The status qo remains.

  14. Observer from ohio

    Interesting… you have some real unimagintive legislators there. Do you not think that you couldn’t just drive over the border in any direction to pick up more 30, 40, 75 or 100 round unserialized magazines?

    And as far as buying Blachawk helicopters… My, aren’t you the knee-jerk responder. Who the heck would want a Blackhawk? They are not exactly overflowing in creature comforts. They don’t even come with cup holders. But, (sigh)… If you want to make a point just for the sake of saying so, yes indeed. You COULD have a similar helicopter completely outfitted with automatic weaponry. National Firearms Registered machine guns ARE available to qualified Konnectikut (Glorious People’s Republik Of) subjects. As for mounting them to a similar helicopter, it’s not a big deal to visit any of the hundreds (there used to be thousands) of small machine shops still managing to stay afloat despite your state’s desperate desire to eliminate any business other than service or government oriented.

    This state has turned for the worse in so many ways that my dreams of someday returning to the state of my birth is looking more like a nightmare… Higher taxes, higher food prices, less freedom, outrageous real estate costs, insurance costs more (and it’s going to go higher) not to mention oxygenated gasoline at more than 50 cents a gallon higher than I’m used to paying.

    And now you want to severely limit my most enjoyable hobby of competitive shooting? You DO know that there are a lot of us that just like to see who can shoot better than others, no? You DO know that maintaining a level of proficiency requires some practice, right? And so we ARE talking about thousands of rounds of ammo a month, no? Sure, it’s a hobby. I suppose I could collect or race cars for fun, or spend thousands for a boat or something, but that’s not my thing.

    I don’t try to take whatever floats your boat away, stay the hell away from my small pleasures.

  15. Johngaltwhereru

    Congratulations on wasting time and money. Not only will this do absolutely nothing to prevent Sandy Hook type events, but several of the provisions, especially the ban on commonly used weapons, are going to get bitch-slapped out of existence the moment they reach the Supreme Court.

    Have none of these legislators read the Heller case? Do they not consider millions of these weapons in circulation to be considered common use?

  16. ConnecticutExpatriate

    JohnGalt… Legislators do not read. They are not required to read. They have aides that do all that disgusting stuff for them. Much like our legislators that sit there in the Capitol at the various hearings, they can be observed perusing their laptops, engaging in social media such as Facebook, playing Solitaire, Angry Birds or whatever… All the while they are supposed to be listening to whomever is speaking. Take a pair of binoculars to the next legislative kumbiyah. Take a look a what they are actually doing… Instead of listening to your heart-felt speech.

    Face it… A legislators sole job is get get or stay elected. If something happens where you get some benefit, marvelous… You got lucky. Go buy a lottery ticket.

  17. Vic

    Great,now ammunition will be the new black market item,distribution already exists with the illegal drug trade. Yo, you need any 9mm or. 45acp with that coke or smack? Do you think bad guys are going to get a permit for ammo for their illegal gun?

  18. Henry Salo

    Another thing, Ct. residents will go out of state to purchase ammo and guns. This law will do nothing. I live in northeastern Ct. and there are two gun stores out of state where I live. One is in Webster, Ma. and the other is in Foster, R.I. If this law goes through, these stores will do a lot of business from Ct. residents. Plus also sales tax dollars will go to these state coffers. This law doesn’t stop out of state purchases.

  19. shootstrait44

    There comes a time when a person has to say enough.
    I’m not registering anything, turning in anything or in anyway going to comply. Its time people….the line has been drawn.
    Make everyone criminals and then you can deny their right to own a firearm…
    That will work to a point and then peopel are going to just stop caring about your laws and then all bets are off.
    Malloy has no shame, this isn’t about safety, its about him “one upping” his liberal pals in Ny, Ma, and Cali.
    All to satisfy his ego. This is your leadership in our country and state, using the death of 20 children for political gain and personal compensation.
    Mr Malloy, consider yourself denied.
    You are a sad little man who has no business in a leadership role. Enjoy your one term.
    The line has been drawn.

  20. Donald Mei

    We’re all amazed at how far it goes. I think its terrible, but no matter what side you are on, I think we are all amazed that this will pass.

    It will, of course, do nothing to reduce violence.

    All of these restrictions depend on people following the law. There is no such thing as an assault weapon, since its merely a political term for a semi-automatic rifle that takes detachable magazines. Dozens of which are not affected by this legislation. Lets also not forget that there are almost 1 million AR15s in CT already.

    Finally, even if they did confiscate all AR15s and similar firearms, they are used in less than 2% of all crimes. So it would have little to no effect.

    This is a terrible law that will do nothing but entrap otherwise law abiding gun owners in CT. Just terrible. I really do hope that every gun maker and every subcontractor associated with the gun industry pulls out.

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