At DC Press Conference, Esty Blames \’Cowardice\’ For Failed Gun Vote

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At a capitol press conference Thursday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal promised there will be another vote on gun control in the Senate — one where he said gun control advocates will win a bipartisan victory. He was joined by Newtown families,  other members of the Congressional delegation as well as House and Senate leaders.

\”Our cause is unstoppable,\’\’ Blumenthal said.

\”We are never going to give up,\’\’ U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy added. He also said his colleagues who won\’t meet with Newtown families ought to \”have the guts\” to speak with them.

U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty was more blunt. \”Inexplicable cowardice\” is stopping an up-or-down vote on gun control in Congress, she said.


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22 thoughts on “At DC Press Conference, Esty Blames \’Cowardice\’ For Failed Gun Vote

      1. Bob

        They offered no solutions that would have stopped any mass shootings. Only that would stop law abiding citizens from owing firearms.
        THAT is counterproductive to the cause of keeping people safe according to newly released FBI and DOJ statistics.
        But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your fears.

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    So now people are cowards who don’t agree with elitist Democrats?

    This from our courageous legislators who a) didn’t serve in Vietnam and said they did, b)didn’t pay their bills and said they did, and c) got sketchy contributions from their powerful husband’s friends and said they didn’t.

    Why in the hell should we pay any attention to these people? Will there be no end of the exploitation of dead children for political gain?

    Rome is burning and these idiots continue to fiddle. Its nothing short of pathetic.

  2. Greg

    An entire political party thrilled that Newtown occured and can fulfill their political agenda they’ve been trying to advance for decades…incredible. Never was a political party so happy to be dancing on the graves of small children all for a photo-op.

    Those poor parents, being paraded around like circus animals by any legislator looking to score points for the next election. Have they no shame?

  3. Connventional thought...

    Please Democrats stop using these grieving families as props for moral outrage for a failed political agenda. It’s time to vote these pathetic liberals out of office.

  4. BobC

    Doing what is popular in the moment is less courageous than doing what is right in principle.

  5. Jim

    Liz, typical liberal attack of name calling and use of guilt. Better watch what you say, look what happened in Tolland! New state rep is a Republican. One of the big reasons the seat went from blue to red was the state government ramming gun control down our throats. Also the dictatorial hijinks of Malloy sneaking around thge transparency he promised. Karma!!!

  6. CT Fred

    Ditto Jim’s comment. Esty is typical of Democrats in assigning bad motives and lack of principles to their opponents. It is the political version of the ethnic-cleansing practice of dehumanizing the enemy.

  7. Myles

    If Esty actually thought about what she was saying, she’d realize that she’s yet again insulting America. Just because the vote didn’t go your way is not a good reason to call people names. That stuff is reserved for little children who don’t know any better. Blumenthal is a proven liar about his time in Vietnam trying to leverage the veteran vote and Chris Murphy is too. Murphy said on a Youtube video that laws won’t stop mass murder. Nobody wants to address the cause of people doing this because it can’t be villified like inanimate objects that don’t fight back. You can’t villify people who are mentally ill, you’d get crucified. These politicians are so lazy they only go for the low hanging fruit.

    1. The Conn-servative

      In some cases they only go for the low hanging fruit.But domestic terrorism,say airport security where we don’t profile people,it’s become okay to scrutinize granny and little children,but not specifically target the known demographic of middle eastern males between say 18 and 45.That’s unconstitutional,but labeling every gun owner as a threat and subjecting them to the onslaught of recently passed lawbreaking legislation is ok.

  8. Lorenzo

    If you want to strip citizens of rights by in effect voiding the Second Amendment by legislation, do it the right way. There is a process for amending the Constitution, it’s clearly written there for a reason. Grow some spine and use some of what Dickie Blumenthal calls that “unstoppable force” to deal with what Ms. Esty calls, “inexplicable cowardice.” Stop wasting words and say what you really want.

    You all ran on the premise that you could make the tough choices. Make them and deal with it. If you believe, as I have heard quoted in the media, that 90% are behind you on this, then why other tinkering around the edges? Do the right thing. Call for a Constitutional Convention, gather up the necessary states, then vote to change the Bill of Rights to your liking.

  9. StevenRosenbaum

    A tragedy to be sure. Nothing will ever be done that can staunch the pain of those who suffer. Yet, our shameless political class continues to use these poor souls as props to further their political agenda. Make no mistake, they are ably assisted by media outlets like the Hartford Courant. They will do or say anything to draw attention from the sad state of affairs that impact all citizens like anemic economic growth, chronically high levels of unemployment and a grim future. Now the nation faces far greater issues. Gun control legislation will wither as legislators and the media focus on immigration reform, NSA intrusions and the Internal Revenue Service scandal. Our legislators leave a light political footprint. In fact, you would not see them if they did not climb atop the shoulders of those they claim to represent.

  10. PJD

    Push push….nudge nudge….like the old magicians, the libtards are trying to distract us with this gun control claptrap to detract from the government intrusion scandals. Watch what the other hand is doing folks.

  11. Dave

    You numskulls are too much. Nobody is parading anyone from Newtown anywhere. These brave people, and the others who are also calling for common sense restrictions on the out of control gun violence epidemic are taking action out of principal. Not politics. There is nothing political about wanting to raise kids in a world free from the fear that you all like to monger. Open your minds, and help depoliticize the issue. Keep them closed and stay on your selfish-deadly course, and you’ll only add fuel to the fire.

    1. Jim

      OK, first get rid of all criminals in your perfect world. Then get rid of all prejudice and malice. Next pull your head out of your rear end and live in the world which we have been given. Gun control is a massively political issue. Just look at the people on both sides of the issue, they use anything to politcize their cause. The people who lost may be brave, but the politicians trying to “win” this issue won’t let them heal because they want to beat us all with the guilt club. Not working, the emotional tide is receding. BTW, it’s just a violence issue. The tools may differ, but it’s only “gun” violence when it suits your point.

    2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      @Dave: if you want to showcase your superior intellect, try spelling correctly. Its “numbskull.” Its “principle,” not “principal.”

  12. Resident CT

    Our elected officials Bloomenthal, Murphy and Esty, rather than representing us by addressing the national issues of NSA spying, IRS abuses of power, and calling out the President and Attorney General Holder for abuse of power and illegal expansion of power (presumably legal as set out in secret documents), choose to harp on an issue that was defeated in congress because it was not sound legislation. The continuous indignant claim that they are doing what 90% of Americans want seems to refer to a Quinipiac poll that is really about the desire of Americans that criminals not have guns, the 10% that are “against” background checks are people that understand that the issue of background checks is window dressing to something far different. The poll itself does societal harm in deflecting attention from real issues and problems to being a research tool for effective methods of political posturing such as what we are now seeing. These people work for us, and it is about time they got back to work on real issues such as wisely spending taxpayer money, and supporting our Constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech(IRS Scandal), protection from illegal search (NSA spying), and supporting open government(exposing secret legislation, and secret justifications for encroachment on American’s civil liberties). And for a change make the effort to do real commonsense legislation that stops real criminals, effects real openness of government, and actually promotes the public good. It is a terrible thing to use the word “coward” for anyone that disagrees with you, and it should be plainly obvious that this is just more name calling and attacking the people and reveals a lack of commitment to honest debate and discussion of the issues.

  13. Common_Tator

    Right – because it is easier to pass laws against what guns a madman can use than pass any law which would prevent the slaughter of innocent children. After all, don;t intentions count more than results?

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