Gun Deal Would Grandfather Magazines

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\"highIn a compromise certain to cause controversy, sources say leaders of the state House and Senate have agreed to \”grandfather\” existing high-capacity ammunition magazines for at least some period of time. The proposed compromise would ban the magazines but allow owners of existing magazines to keep them.

The agreement has already led to some parents (below left, waiting for legislators) of Sandy Hook victims to call for an up-or-down vote on an amendment that would ban the magazines outright.

\"sandyThe legislative compromise, reached after weeks of closed-door discussions between Democratic and Republican leaders, would also enact broad ban on semi-automatic assault weapons such as the type used in the Newtown school massacre where 20 children and six adults died Dec. 14.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Monday morning said he was in full support of the Sandy Hook parents — in opposition to the compromise General Assembly leaders reached.

“I have been clear for weeks that a ban on the possession and sale of high capacity magazines is an important part of our effort to prevent gun violence – simply banning their sale moving forward would not be an effective solution.  This morning, we heard from victims’ families on that very point.  They’ve asked for an up or down vote on that provision and, whether it’s in the larger bill or as an amendment, the families, and every resident of our state, deserve a vote.  We know this is an issue that has bipartisan support, including from Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.  We cannot lose sight of our ultimate goal – improving public safety for all of our residents, including our children.”

A letter to all state legislators today signed by family members of 11 of the 26 victims asked them to eliminate the provision allowing magazine owners to keep them:


Below, Sandy Hook parent Nelba Marquez-Greene stands with others lobbying state legislators as they head into a caucus meeting to discuss the proposed gun control bill.



More later.


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59 thoughts on “Gun Deal Would Grandfather Magazines

  1. John Fugozzie

    Again for the “facade of feeling safe” they will be taking more of our conational rights.
    Enough is enough.

    1. the truth

      Grandfathering legally bought magazines seems “RESONABLE” and makes “COMMON SENSE”. Id say it was a common sense gun law Govenor wouldnt you?

      1. enough

        11 of the 26 families want a magazine ban. 11. Not even half. Sorry but theve gotten almost all they wanted from the committee they are being selfish and arrogant now.

    2. the truth

      Sorry to burst your bubble but a few Newtown families seem to think they own the legislative process. They are not above the law and I for one am sick of hearing them whine. They doonot have final say on public policy or opinion.

      1. Thomas in Pain

        Sorry to burst your bubble but the majority do not agree with your delusional vision of America.

        When we fully ban all semi automatics will the magazine size be unimportant.

    3. enough

      Ummmmm, maybe the legislators and govenor ( and some parents) could stop exploiting the poor dead kids long enough to actually get some jobs for this state. I mean we lost 5700 jobs last month.

  2. Seb

    Every legislator from both parties had better pay attention here: The second amendment community has all but written off not only Malloy, but most republican would-be candidates for governor. They have all turned their back on law abiding gun owners and continue to pursue useless, innefective policies to further their own ambitions.

    State Representatives and State Senators: you will be the ones facing the results of these votes in the voting booth in 2014. Do not underestimate the impact that hard working, tax paying gun owners will have on your election. Gun owners will be organized, they will be funded, and they will hold each and every one of you accountable. Follow Malloy and others down this path and many of you will mark winter 2014 as the end of your career. You’ll be able to spend more time with your families, and the state of Connecticut will be better for it.

    1. Patrick Henry

      Seb: one can only hope you’re right. My money – literally – goes to supporting the Second Amendment

    2. second amendment

      I totaly agree that malloy,murphy and reps that vote to take our rights away should be making plans for new employment come the end of there terms. Just passing feel good laws will never stop someone who is hell bent to break the law.

  3. JDH

    What a joke. This is the best we can do? If you grandfather in the existing magazines, you will not see any meaningful results until the existing magazines are depleted which will be years, if not decades, from now. This is exactly what happened with the federal assault weapons ban. The NRA constantly warns against passing “feel good” legislation that will have no practical effect. Well, that is exactly what this legislation is. It will have no practical or immediate effect. A ban with no grandfather provision had better be raised as an amendment so we know exactly where our legislators stand.

    1. CT2A

      A CT ban would be ineffectual even with no grandfather clause. Only a handful of states have a magazine ban now. There’s nothing stopping someone from driving an hour or two to another state and purchasing a “high capacity” magazine.

      1. JF

        Not to mention anyone who had said “standard capacity magazines” would not turn them in. I know I would not. Soon you will be able to make the magazines in your home with a 3d printer. Better living thought technology….

  4. Mario

    Mental health is the real issue and it still isn’t being addressed. Malloy wants to hold on to the poor parents of Sandy Hook and not deal with the real issue.

  5. Marxus

    Grandfathering existing magazines is the right thing to do, and it has been part of every other magazine ban…including the most recent in Colorado. This is people’s expensive, important, personal property we are talking about. CT citizens have hundreds of thousands of these magazines, the vast majority of which are reasonably sized (standard capacity is anywhere from 9-30 depending on type of handgun/long gun) and stored securely. You aren’t improving safety by making people give these up. You’ll just be overseeing the largest forced sale/confiscation of personal property IN US HISTORY from law-abiding citizens. That’s not fair or right.

    1. Patrick Henry

      ‘fair or right’ are meaningless terms to the state at the forefront of eminent domain takings. True believers and supporters of the Constitution must remain ever vigilant against the legislators in CT who would rule our every thought

      1. Bill

        Well Kim, you don’t need to worry about “thoughts” since you have no real thoughts to speak of.

  6. Jack

    There is no clear affirmation to the postulate that banning “high capacity” magazines will enhance public safety. The shooter in Newtown changed magazines several times and left rounds in many of them. Makes no difference in a gun free zone – no one is shooting back at the demented – a gun-free zone is what Malloy and others wish to make of the law-abiding-citizen world.

  7. Patrick Henry

    “How can we not remove large capacity magazines from Conntecicut if we know that it might save even one more child or teacher or parent?”

    A better statement would be “How could we consider banning high capacity magazines if owning one would save even one child or adult under attack by more than one armed thug, or a criminal with substantial firepower. When absolutely NO steps are being taken to address the REAL issues behind gun violence, such as failure to enforce laws and government crippling of the ability to recognize and deal with the mentally ill, this is simply feel-good politics shamelessly trying to capitalize on personal tragedy.”

  8. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    I wonder when the Governor and legislature will get to the little matter of the unrelenting $1B hole in our state budget.

    1. sam

      @ “Connecticut circuling the drain” Come on dont you get it? This is why they are keeping this gun violence & gun and magazine banning issue out front. It is so that the dumb ass people who vote these liberals into office and all the taxpayers paying for it, wont pay attention to the mess our states economy is in, and how bad they are mismanaging the state of Connecticut. All this feel good politicing keeps people minds off it. Malloy has all these politicians scrambling to figure out a way to vote on this and still get re-elected next time. This state is run by some foolish people that you have to wonder sometimes if they have any common sense whatsoever.

  9. Ben Franklin

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    1. Thomas in Pain

      If you were the Ben Franklyn I never knew, I would have thrown a lasso around your gullet a long time ago.

      1. Kim

        thomas is also billyboy, the owner of two shotguns if his own statements are to be believed (which is a crapshoot).

        A weapon in the hands of someone who can post such a threatening statement is precisley where gun control efforts should be focused – on mental issues. Here is a clearly disturbed, multiple-personality, threatening someone on line. Will anything be done about it? Of course not, not unless and until he actually carries out his threats. Then the press and our legislators will raise the hue and cry to ban the weapon

    1. Kristen Bartlett

      Why do Sandy Hook folks have a Greater Voice/Will than all the Voices it’s “We The People” Not We The Most Hurt People…. Im sorry but this is wrong..I feel deeply for your suffering but you cant decide for everyone out of your personal pain and suffering..All of my LOVE To YOU.

      1. Jim

        Kristen, this is called guilting you into a bad decision. 26 families did suffer a horrible tragedy at the hands of ONE mad man. Do those 26 families have more rights than us? No they don’t but Malloy, Blumenthal and Murphy believe they do. I guess they want to use the emotion of the tragedy to push their personal agendas and look good for the Democratic party to ensure their job future after they are elected out.

      1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

        Incorrect. Connecticut state tax revenue from the firearms industry is only about $81 million per year.

        “Jake McGuigan, (NSSF) director of government relations, told state lawmakers last year that the firearms industry has a $1.3 billion impact on Connecticut, including 5,400 jobs and $81 million in tax revenue.”

        The entire industry, every company, every employee, every supplier employee, every gun store, every distributor, every accessory maker, every repair shop, every range, everyone has to leave to reach $81 million. No more guns or ammo sales of any sort, zero gun economy. Then we would lose the entire $81 million per year. Nobody is required to leave. Guns can still be made here even if they cannot be sold here.

        1. Kim

          “Guns can still be made here even if they cannot be sold here.”

          That may be true, but I for one will NOT purchase any product made by any company who remains in CT if they can’t sell the products in CT.

          Gun manufacturers and their spin-off companies should consider that I won’t be the only one to act thusly.

          1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

            If everyone in CT did this they would lose about 3.0% in sales. The uproar over potential gun restrictions has generated a lot more than 3.0% increase in sales across America. You might even say this was the best thing that has happened to gun makers in recent years. They should send contributions and Christmas cards to anti-gun legislators for the huge windfall profits.

          2. Thomas in Pain

            Then perhaps, Kim, society will be safer for your sociopathic inability to purchase in state. May I suggest another state to move to? How about Atlantis.

          3. Kim

            thomas: no need to move to buy out-of-state. I assume you’ve heard of UPS, FedEx, etc. Your animosity and subjectivity cloud what little judgement you may have

  10. ace8888

    How in the world are the CAGV and the Newtown Alliance able to gain special access to closed meetings of the legislative leadership?? This proves just how disingenuous and rigged this whole process has been from the beginning. They were obviously handed the information by anti-gun leaders of the legislature early enough so they could draft a letter to be delivered today as a protest. Governor Malloy, Don Williams, Martin Looney and others…You are NOT legislators or public servants, you are tyrants just forcing your own agendas. This stopped being about the tragedy in Newtown a long time ago. When the Task Force found it too “difficult” to propose restrictions regarding mental health in conjuncture with banning guns.

  11. sam

    @ “Connecticut circuling the drain” Come on dont you get it? This is why they are keeping this gun violence & gun and magazine banning issue out front. It is so that the dumb ass people who vote these liberals into office and all the taxpayers paying for it, wont pay attention to the mess our states economy is in, and how bad they are mismanaging the state of Connecticut. All this feel good politicing keeps people minds off it. Malloy has all these politicians scrambling to figure out a way to vote on this and still get re-elected next time. This state is run by some foolish people that you have to wonder sometimes if they have any common sense whatsoever.

    1. second amendment

      Wow,this is so true,after they pass there feel goo laws they will have to go back to reality.We the state tax payers are paying malloy and the rest of them to take our rights away “feels good” doesnt it!

  12. Thomas Sebold

    I am a retired LEO and have heard Malloy in person say that ownership of existing weapons would be “grand fathered”.

    I hope he does not prove to be a liar!

    1. Kim

      Thomas: thanks for your service.

      Re: Malloy lying, you might recall his promise to change CT accounting procedures to conform to GAAP standards – never happened.

      This is one of the many examples available of his lying.

  13. Reality

    The legislators found out that not “grandfathering” the standard Capacity magazines already legally owned would jeopardize the bill if taken to Federal Court. It is Unconstitutional to confiscate private property that was legally purchased prior to passage of law banning it. What they fail to realize is that a 10 round limit in a “Grandfathered” magazine is also illegal because it is an unenforceable law. Malloy claims to be a lawyer. Good thing he doesn’t blame to be a good one.

  14. The Conn-servative

    It’s all incrementalism folks. Don’t all jump up and down thinking we’ve won. If you play the game now and register,in a few years, they’ll get rid of the grandfather clause and simple ban all clips capable of holding more than 10 rounds. At which point they now have a list of those who complied and will start with those people first for confiscation.Don’t take the bait.

    1. Kim

      remember the lists and what they’re used for. The tyrants in history are a good place to start.

      In the U.S., in recent history, lists were used to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens affected by Katrina, leaving them defenseless to looters and criminals. This is what lists are for in the hands of government.

      Aren’t there any Democrat gun owners out there who have the courage to stand up and demand that their constitutional rights be preserved? Have your legislators heard from you?

  15. Bill Katz

    It seems that the hard work of lobbying for stricter gun laws has paid off. We who have put in countless hours (no, not on these blogs) but where it counts, working for a safer Connecticut, can exhale for a moment. But only for a moment. There is much more work to do. Hopefully, in the not to distant future, we can achieve a ban on all assault rifles and handguns.

    We have lit the torch for the country to follow. I never petition the lord with prayer but I’m going to make an exception on this one.

    Praise The Lord.

    1. StaceyF

      Your a idiot! Ban everything so while your wife is being raped you’ll call 911 and hope cops show up before she contracts HIV??? No sir, you will not deprive me of defending myself and my children. My husband did not die in Iraq so you can trample the constitution to leave a single mother of 3 defenseless. Burn in hell you liberal communist!

      1. StaceyF

        Also, you mention the lord. Jesus was pro self defense. “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one” Luke 22:36 That was 2013 years ago, if it were today substitute sword with gun.

        1. Thomas in Pain

          And so sayith the Lord, “You will beat your swords into plowshares.”

          “And if you a slapped on one side of your cheek, you will turn the other cheek.”

          As a LIBERAL, I happen to agree with those assessments.

          1. Jeremy Newman

            The government will NOT beat their swords into plowshares, the government will only FORCE its subjects to do this.

            Subjects might be ok with being slapped in the face by the government. But I’M A CITIZEN!!

          2. Kim

            don’t be fooled by the ‘thomas’ name, stacey. This is the same character you started this debate with – he just changed into one of his many identities to cover his tracks and his shame

  16. StaceyF

    Its time the democrats and liberals compromise, we want less laws on the books. We get finger printed and background checks while crackheads that can’t even spell Background or Check are buying guns out the trunks of cars. These parents should have ZERO input to law makers regarding guns because they clearly know NOTHING about guns. Magazine restriction is like saying its ok if 19 kids die but 20 is too much. Shut up already! You want zero deaths of children then lock up the mentally insane and criminals! Also stick a cop in every school. I see more and more cops sleeping in their patrol cars in parking lots getting paid when they should be in the dam schools. Liberal input will only make CT less safe, that’s a fact.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Well said Stacey. I am thankful for your husband’s service I am sorry for your loss.

  17. Incredulous

    As an aside from the other conversations here, I’m wondering just how the state will embark upon registration of magazines. I expect that if this law passes those who follow it may be registering possibly dozens of magazines for both rifles as well as pistols that hold over 10 rounds. Also, how will “registered” magazines be identified? Shall we bring them down to the state police to be stamped, labeled, etc? If a gun is sold with the magazines what then becomes of them? Currently, there are no serial numbers on magazines since they were not designed to be registered, as with firearms serial numbers.

    Also, the press seems to have a hard time with the concept put forth and I’m reading both “more than 10,” as well as “10 or more.” So freely and quickly flow the words that accuracy doesn’t really seem to matter. Well, if the time comes to implement then will we see the same attention to detail with state bureaucrats as with the press? I suppose insanity breeds insanity…. LOL

  18. Pennies for Thoughts

    So much morality, biblical quoting, and uncertainty. If we need to interpret words laid down thousands of years ago by those who sought to control the masses, then we are not taking an active role in looking ourselves in the mirror here and now. Take your own path and don’t coerce others to follow it. Freedom is personal and it’s nature is individual. The main thing is to make your personal “philosophy” work for YOU, but please leave me to take my own path, as I’m sure you’d want me to allow you. People have morality, and once we extend it to inanimate objects do we then govern them, make them citizens, and would we have those “things” vote, as well? It’s who you are and what you do, not what you possess. Misdeeds are performed by people, not objects…

    1. Willow Weep For Me


      I am touched by your thoughtful words on the matters at hand. You are right, we must all seek our own paths – as long as the path chosen does not infringe upon others. And this is an important if not over argued point.

      I want you, as my neighbor, to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. I want you to a long and happy and contented life. Indeed, as it is inscribed in the Declaration of Independence, it is our right to, “…Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

      And this is what I want you to enjoy. As I too want to enjoy. But possessing weapons whose only purpose is to kill somehow detracts from my goals and it distracts from your goals, whether you want to believe it or not.

      You may be the most diligent, responsible gun owner ever to walk this earth. But with the plethora of guns in circulation, you cannot prevent seepage of these weapons of death into the hands of the madmen. In addition, you cannot prevent the rear accidental firing of a gun the kills.

      We both want to live long and prosper, my brother. But we must be responsible to each other and not possess these weapons of destruction.

      All civilized and developed nations on earth understand the need to restrict the big guns. And you know which one I’m talking about. But if you must, keep your shotgun to defend hearth and home.

      Live free and prosper. But please don’t infringe on my right to live a long life and prosper.

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