Gun Groups At Capitol

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Flavio D\’Avanzo from Meriden is among dozens of people at the state capitol today who are there to stand up for the rights of gun owners.


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33 thoughts on “Gun Groups At Capitol

  1. Greg

    This is all well and great, and I would have joined if I could, but geez…can’t these folks throw on some slacks and a collared shirt and at least look semi professional while lobbying for the cause? Perhaps we’d be taken more seriously if we ditched the hoodie and jeans in favor of a cleaner look.

    1. Kim

      OK let’s take a guess: Does PCM have any biases or prejudices at all? Even one?

      Let’s take another guess: Assuming that PCM has a college degree, does that make him intelligent? How about logical or rational?

      Last one: Assuming that PCM has a college degree, does that mean he has a lick of common sense?

      1. bill

        I will agree with you on this one even though at state of war continues to exist between us. A degree should make no absolutely no difference in the belief system. I am only concerned with the political and social orientation of the individual.

  2. Tricia Magyari

    Gun owners come from all walks of life and it’s pretty ignorant of you to assume they don’t have college degrees. Almost every gun owner I know has a college degree.

    1. Bill

      The morning I waited in line to get into the LOB to testify, the line was full of fur trappers with gaps between their teeth.

        1. Bill

          And by the way, CT, one of them was dressed in a fur coat purposely in good humor and we all had a good time talking about his fur. Online, talking fur trapper sounds insulting. But in person, everyone jokes and has a good time.

  3. Johngaltwhereru

    Last night’s 10 o’clock news reported hundreds of people were at the capital for this event; not dozens.

    Maybe Bill has some photos he can share to clear this up.

    Based on the fact that this is Rick Green’s piece, I am confident the photo selected was of the most unkempt individual the photographer could find. There could have been 20K people wearing custom fitted tuxedos, coming straight from the dentist and a barber, standing directly behind Green and the photographer, and we would never know about it.

    As far as the gentleman in the photo, he is wearing a Cabela’s sweatshirt. This is likely due to the fact that, as WTNH reported, Cabela’s transported “hundreds” of people from the Cabela’s store to Hartford’s LOB for this event.

    1. Kim

      What? Bias from Rick Green? Say it ain’t so!

      I just commented on another story of his with the headline “Malloy Big Winner in Q-Poll On Guns, Storms, Newtown, Taxes, Budget, Education” which included stats that contradict the heading. Now the page doesn’t exist. Go figure

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        He also reported Malloy’s sub 50% approval rating as “good news” and “Buoyed by Strong support for gun control proposals”.

        To Mr. Green’s credit, he did manage to include the fact that Malloy has pitiful support for his tax, budget and economic policies. But what does that matter when there is an emotion based issue which Malloy can use to wrap up uniformed voters.

      2. bill

        Kim, I’m sorry. I didn’t know if you wanted to keep the piece up. Would you like me to have it restored?

        1. Kim

          what ‘piece’ are you referring to billyboy? Are you referring to the pseudo-peace where you say you’ll stop using my name ‘or maybe not’? Then an hour later you post another personal attack against me?

          Personally, I’m not listening to any of your weak promises because they all have little disclaimers and/or are followed by more attack posts. You are not an honorable person and your words can’t be trusted.

          If you want to play nice, then stop acting like an a**. That’s the best you’re going to get out of me.

          Your threats mean nothing – keep acting the fool and getting personal and I’ll continue to dismantle you and expose you for what you are. Stop acting the fool and I’ll have nothing to defend myself against. Let’s see what you do from here on out

    2. bill

      Are you once again basing your argument on the validity and morality of the issue dependent on the quantity of protestors that turn out? Why Dr. Picklehead, I’m surprised at you.

      1. johngaltwhereru

        No Billy,

        I am not making any comments on the validity or morality of this issue. I am pointing out lies, hypocrisy and media malpractice, like I always do.

        The Courant, despite having run multiple Newtown/Gun Control stories across their internet front page every day for the last 3.5 months, could not find space for a single mention of the pro-NRA rally on yesterday’s or today’s front page. I went to a slightly less biased source to find out if anyone actually went to this event.

        As it turns out, hundreds attended, a fact that is found nowhere in The Courant.

        1. Bill

          There you go again JohnGalt. I didn’t hear you respond to the yellow journalism of Fox and day time radio. So you must think they are the truth talkers.

          I have never seen a more odd piece of work then I have of you.

  4. Kim

    Just saw on TV where a 6-month old was shot in Chicago – probably gang related. Now, Chicago has among the most stringent anti-gun laws in the country. The kind of laws that the CT politicians are browbeating us over. It’s great to see just how effective those laws will be and how much wasted time they’re putting into this purely political agenda.

    The victims of gun violence like this child in Chicage, deserve better from our so-called leaders.

      1. The Conn-servative

        The general public acquires firearms thru the existing LEGAL means. Gang bangers do not.It’s quite apparent your only concern is the elimination of private gun ownership and you have no concern whatsoever over all of the other crimes associated with illegal gun ownership to include: illegal immigration,human trafficking,drugs,prostitution,etc.
        Our leaders are willing to let the inner city people slaughter themselves in their sanctuary cities because this is the fate that they have molded them to undertake via the Great Society.Because this represents a large portion of their voting base ,they wouldn’t dare alter it would they?

          1. The Conn-servative

            But you never go on any rants,do you?
            Regressives are to educated to speak in such a manner.

      2. Kim

        Yes Billyboy, they DO “deserve better from a society that allows these guns be made available to the public”.

        Unfortunately, Chicago is not that society. Once Chicago becomes the society that allows these guns be made available to the public, perhaps then we’ll see a decrease in the number of gun deaths by violent criminals

    1. Coleen

      I can see why you don’t respond to Bill. He doesn’t seem to have very much knowledge of what he is writing about.

  5. Johngaltwhereru

    Is there a story anywhere on this site which is both inaccurate and describes Fox News’s viewpoint?

    I posted in response to this newspaper advancing an agenda rather than reporting news.

    And I have criticized Fox News when relevant. I said Hannity was too Chris Matthews like for me to watch. I said Fox News was corrupt in ramming Mitt Romney down our throats and constantly attacking Ron Paul.

    Now, the reason I included NBC personalities is because their continuous lying and propaganda based editing is undeniable and extends well beyond the opinion shows into their “hard news”. The Travon Martin story’s lying and edits being the most obvious and undeniable example.

    Fox’s “hard news”, in my opinion, is the least biased of any major news source. I’m not sure Shepard Smith is even a Republican, but I can guarantee Scott Pelley, Wolf Blitzer, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer are hard Left liberals.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      That was supposed to be a reply to Billy’s compliant of my unilateral protest of biased news sources.

  6. Johngaltwhereru

    Dick Morris worked for Bill(yes)Clinton.

    What is your point? Are you trying to say that Diane Sawyer is a Conservative, or neutral?

    I’ll make you a deal: For each incident of Sawyer demonstrating Conservative bias on ABC you can provide a link for(if you can find any), I will provide 5 examples of Sawyer’s Liberal bias.

    If I fail, I will declare that I have been had by your superior intellect. If I succeed, I will simply bask in the glow of self-fulfilling correctness.

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