Gun Lobby Plans \”Full Media Blast\” On Drudge Report, FOX News, and Social Media

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Organizers of Gun Appreciation Day, which is scheduled for Jan. 19, are launching a \”full media blast\” to reach their conservative audience and counter gun control advocates, chairman Larry Ward said Monday. Ward is president of Political Media, a Republican new media consulting firm spearheading the event.

In an email soliciting funds, Ward outlined the advertising strategy (emphasis from original email):

\”Our plan involves advertising at all the major outlets that conservatives and those on the fence frequent – like Drudge Report and Fox News – along with the social media sites where the messaging battle about guns is raging.\”

Ward explains the purpose of this ad campaign, targeted primarily at conservative viewers, is to reach \”potential allies – allies we\’re going to desperately need going against Big Media and the liberals\’ dirty tricks.\”

In a debate where the dynamics of the discussion have changed and public opinion seems to be shifting,  such efforts on the part of the gun lobby reflect an attempt to rally their base.

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5 thoughts on “Gun Lobby Plans \”Full Media Blast\” On Drudge Report, FOX News, and Social Media

  1. Sherry

    Sorry for the spelling, let me correct: Organizers of Gun Appreciation Day, should stress gun safety issues and not answering questions derived from mental illness or changing the law. The main fact or evidence is the mother of the Shady Hook Elementary School shooter did not have gun locks, trigger locks or her guns locked in a cabinet, hello! If more people were to handle and learn about gun safety there would not be this phobia and hysteria about guns. What is the best way to stop an evil person with a gun set out to harm others? A good citizen with a gun, period.

    1. Kim

      by ‘rats’ we’ll assume you’re referring to groups like the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and others who wouldn’t dare use the truth in gun ownership debates. You may not like the NRA, but you cannot dispute the empirical data they use in their arguments both for the Constitutional right to bear arms and the citizens inherent, natural right to self-defense.

      If the truth were on their side, groups like the Brady group would use it. But ‘rats’ don’t think like that.

      Thanks for pointing out how rats are opportunistic

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