Gun Manufacturers Question Their Own Future In Connecticut In Post-Newtown Era

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Gun and magazine manufacturers said Wednesday that they are still not sure of the full impact of Connecticut\’s gun-control bill, adding that they are uncertain whether they will keep their companies in the state.

Three pro-gun advocates came to the Capitol press room and said that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s repeated public assurances that they are still welcome in Connecticut were meaningless.

\”His assurances mean nothing to me,\’\’ said Mark Malkowski of Stag Arms, a rifle manufacturing company that has 200 employees in New Britain.

The gun advocates said they had not seen a manufacturer\’s exemption in the 139-page bill, saying they are unsure if the ban against possession of magazines would apply to a truck driver who was leaving a manufacturing plant with magazines inside the truck.

Jonathan Scalise, founder, owner and president of Ammunition Storage Components, said he could not say whether his firm, which has 150 employees in New Britain, will be operating in Connecticut one year from now. The firm manufactures magazines that can hold 30 bullets, as well as 20 rounds and 40 rounds. The workers make magazines for both rifles and pistols.

Adam Lanza, who fired 154 rounds in about four minutes, was using 30-round magazines when he killed 20 children and six female educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on December 14. He then shot and killed himself as police were approaching the school.

Scalise said the manufacturers were not involved in the final negotiations on the bill that Malloy has pledged to sign.

\”There\’s a tremendous lack of transparency,\’\’ Scalise said in the Capitol press room. \”We can\’t have a public hearing. We have to rush this through. There is no transparency. We have to have this done today? There\’s no opportunity for the public to see it.\’\’

Jake McGuigan of the National Shooting Sports Foundation said that gun control supporters were \”paid to come here\’\’ for protests.

\”Look who is funding this in the state,\’\’ McGuigan said. \”Look at the Bloomberg mayors against illegal guns. Look as far as that as who is pushing the agenda here in Connecticut and in other states. I\’ve seen the same thing in Maryland. We saw the same thing in Colorado.\’\’

\”But they paid people to show up at these rallies?\’\’ a newspaper reporter asked.

\”Just look into it,\’\’ McGuigan said.

The Connecticut bill, he said, is 45 pages longer than the New York legislation that also did not have a manufacturers\’ exception.

But the pro-gun advocates said that banning guns is not the answer.

\”It\’s a mental health issue,\’\’ McGuigan said. \”It\’s not a firearms issue.\’\’

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71 thoughts on “Gun Manufacturers Question Their Own Future In Connecticut In Post-Newtown Era

  1. Jim

    Why is it that Bloomberg anti-gun ads are invading my home? I don’t want to see that skewed political message from a mayor of another state. I don’t believe it because I know that Bloomberg hates guns, he’s said so publicly numerous times. I don’t want New York politics invading my home. If I wanted that, I’d live in NY. What really irritates me is that anyone who’s opinion differs from the anti-gun agenda is immediately demonized by Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal amd Dannel Malloy. Why are the anti gun ads OK versus the pro gun rights ads? Don’t gun owners have rights too? Oh I guess not because we live in the “Constitution as Dannel Malloy sees it” State.

    1. Joey


      If you think gun owners have rights, you are in not only in the wrong state you are in the wrong country. Athough the showboating politicians can say the word DEMOCRACY they DO NOT practice it. Bill 1160 went down so quickly, it just may go down in the history books as THE LEWINSKY BILL.

    1. Matt

      Thats all well and good, but the reality is that those who beat their swords into ploughshares will plough for those who didn’t.

    2. Marco

      “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” – Thomas Jefferson

  2. A Great Day

    We don’t need these companies and the carnage they create representing our great state. Move to the South and good riddance take as may tea baggers as you can with you. If this bill saves one child it was worth it. Why do you teabaggers need guns? What are you compensating for? I only hope they invite Jim Carrey to the bill signing and have him mock that fascist Charlton Heston. Thank you to Progressive Liberals like Dannell Malloy and Don Williams our state will now be far safer and these killing machines will be forever off the streets. Move South Tea baggers we don’t need your ilk in our state.

    1. walls

      If you truly believe the state will be far safer, I have a bridge to sell [cheap!] if you are interested.

      PS – I look forward to heading south to a ‘red’ state with SOUND fiscal policies and personal freedoms.

    2. emme

      Only uninformed people think that all those that support the 2nd are ‘tea baggers’… and good luck with all that rage and hatred you got going on, glad you can’t get your hands on a weapon… esp since all the recent mass shooters were leftists. You may want to actually read something informative, like about how many lives are saved by home defense, so congratulations on trading one child’s life for another… so long as the parents of the life saved are good little statists, eh…

    3. The Conn-servative

      I look forward to the day when all of us “Tea Baggers” are not here in this filth ridden regressive state and there will be no one here to pay the bills that the regressives keep piling onto them.The in fighting will have ensued amongst themselves and dare I say,some of those regressives who were now for gun control,will actually be wondering how THEY will deal with an even more overreaching government.Then they will try to move to the red states that they are currently berating.Here they will only be greeted with their own leftist policies by the same people whom they admonished decades previously:Here separate policies of government will rule.If you come from a blue state with known dumbecratic ties,you will be required to adhere to the same stupid mentality of a central government from which you came. In other words ,fleeing CT to go to Texas,you will not be welcome with your leftist views,so therefore you will pay for them.Really just the reverse of what is going on here in CT and CA,NJ,NY. You get the drift.So marxists wanting to leave Ct to go to conservative or red states. When you arrive prepare to do the following:surrender all your guns,your own leftist gas pumps where it costs $8/gal. The next aisle over is where the conservative fills up @$3/gallon.Regressives will fund the Unaffordable Healthcare Act for all of the conservatives and will actually have to work for a living.Not check in at some government job like they currently do,of course after dropping the kids off at the bus stop at 8:30 and being there for the pickup at 3:15.All while getting paid for 8 hours of hard working”public service.”
      After all,this is what you believed in while in a blue state ,right? So why wouldn’t you support “participating” in the same way having moved to a red state? Oh, it wouldn’t be fair. Ohhhhhh… Do as I say,but not as I do. Oh yeah, you also have to deal with using your tax dollars to fund the existence of a death penalty. But look on the bright side,your tax dollars wont be used for government supported infanticide like up here,so you’ll save some coin there.

    4. Bill

      Great Day….you are an ignorant a$$hole. When the war breaks out between the Progressives and the Americans, better stay out of my way, because I will insert a very large Tea bag up your a$$

      1. Billy the goat

        Bill, better be careful. He looks forward to having large objects in his rectum.

    5. Bill

      Great Day….you are an ignorant a$$hole. When the war breaks out between the Progressives and the Americans, better stay out of my way, because I will insert a very large Tea bag up your a$$

        1. Hoov

          How many will die and if you think DHS can out gun millions of people… good luck with their help. The senators and people that do not like guns started this war against law obeying people. the law obayer did nothing but now they will become felon because of people like you who will not read the whole story and understand the fall out. Just like droping a bomp or drone strike , yes you can the one bad guy but how many die in the fall out or get hurt. The Atomic bomb is perfect example and God only knows and we are still paying from the two bombs over 50 years later… The law hurts the law groups and does not stop the criminal from their conduct. Now for just not doing something in this perfect time you want to leave your old .22 rifle given to you 60 years ago by your grandfather you now become a felon because of some paper work failure in some time period. you become a felon for not doing. It you would use this assault weapon and now if you want to sell it to another person in a state that it is ok you now become a felon. The word is Transfer including deciding to give your gun to your step child or niece or other. The law school I went too, said you have to have intent but this law make you a felon because you do nothing in some actual time. that is the issue. Good people now are target by the people they represent Bill 1160. Shame on you for picking on people that have done nothing to you or your family..

    6. schtry

      Good place for all the bad guys to go now. No one to stop them from using their guns now.Same thing happened in Chicago no guns in good guys hands but all the bad guys had um.

    7. Welcome it!

      That’s right!! Move South!! We will welcome your companies with open arms!! Our economy will love the jobs, the revenue!! Let the north figure out what we are compensating for when our crime rates stay low and theirs sky rocket even higher!!! Cause everyone knows criminals will obey those gun laws!

  3. Tom

    For the manufacturers and the workers in Connecticut, you don’t have to look far for a new home. North Carolina offers lower operating costs and a less restrictive regulatory environment that is pro-business. Other firearms manufacturers have made the switch and are reaping the benefits. Take a look at – we’d love to have you.

    1. Alexander Hamilton

      Sure thing. Please do me a favor and tell all your North Carolina gay-owned businesses they are welcome in Connecticut where they can marry and we respect their rights. We would love to have them. Thanks.

      1. A Great Day

        Yes please tell the GLBT community businesses to come to Connecticut!! Leave the backward Bible Belt and come to our diverse accepting and gun free state!!

  4. peter

    There’s and estimate of over 1 million mags that can hold more than 10 rounds in Connecticut. And the plan, while not published, is you would need to make an appointment to come down to Public Safety or a Police Station to register your mags. You would need to bring the weapon down, as the serial number of the gun would be stamped or engraved into the mags. Also, I’m sure there would be a background check run and a fee, let’s say $10/mag and a $30 background check charge. If magazines are not registered by Jan 1, 2014, too late, you’re under arrest. Now how are they going to do so many mags in such a short time? There not, so this leads to the confiscation of your weapons. End goal of Malloy and his puppets.

    1. A Great Day

      Will the black helicopters come? Is the evil black man Barack Obama going to kick down your door? You should move South with all the other tea baggers.

      1. peter

        TO: Great Day. I always thought liberal were more tolerant than most. But, you’re more of a bigot than the skin heads.

    2. Joey


      No offense, but I don’t think you understand. The showboating politicians don’t know and don’t care if the legislation is effective, enforceable or constitutional. They only know it makes sombody feel good.

      Registration is sad because the federal Gun Owners Protection Act of 1986 prohibits it. Dan and his puppet parade are not burdened with enforcement. They do not even comprehend the fact that many magazines fit may DIFFERENT guns. With that many to many relationship stamping or engraved can not be done. In other cases, the magazine owner may not even own a gun that the magazine fits!!!

      They do not care that officers will not have time to chase parole violators. The State Police will just go on the books again and say they just don’t have enough time or manpower. They don’t have enough time or manpower! It has been over 100 days since Sandy Hook and STILL NO REPORT. It’s a good thing that lanza didn,t need a speedy trial!

      1. Susan

        Very well said! Some people are just too ignorant to understand the facts. If it makes them feel good, even if it will have no effect or quite possibly the opposite effect, they still want to be victims. Gives them something to gripe about. I ask, if gun control is so good, why is violent crime almost 5 times that of the US in the UK? Why has Australia’s crime gone up drastically since gun control? Besides, we in the south like jobs and money even if the libs don’t. There is always welfare you know.

  5. Larry

    CT, the gun free utopia. The gangbangers, drug dealers and homidcidal maniacs must be scared. These new laws will put them out of business…just like in Chicago, DC, LA, NYC

  6. Logiguy

    It should be obvious from the non-threatening “exceptions” (home or shooting range) to the restricted magazine limit, with the “mere” trade-off of registering all such grandfathered magazines, that the true intent of the law is to set up a permanent gun registry of any firearm (since acknowledging ownership of the magazine obviously acknowledges ownership of the gun) capable of accepting a detachable magazine.
    After the next mass shooting, they will have no alternative but confiscation.
    When gun violences increases as lawful are disarmed, it will be the Chicago excuse…lax gun laws in other states.
    And the genius Republicans went for the “compromise”.

    1. Joey


      I don’t think your statement is true.

      “since acknowledging ownership of the magazine obviously acknowledges ownership of the gun”

      There are cases, the magazine owner may not even own a gun that the magazine fits!!! But we probably agree, that the showboating politicians as well as Dan and his puppet parade do not have a clue.

      Anbody worried about their rights, should read the federal Gun Owners Protection Act of 1986. It prohibits registration.

      No such rule or regulation prescribed [by the Attorney General] after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or disposition be established. Nothing in this section expands or restricts the Secretary’s authority to inquire into the disposition of any firearm in the course of a criminal investigation.

      Keep a copy in your wallet.

  7. Charlie

    They should come down here to Virginia where civil liberties are respected. Gun control isn’t about guns; it’s about control.

  8. Joe Willy

    This state is dying, dying the progressive death that it deserves. Business moving out, people moving out. The cities are among the worst in the country. Some of the highest taxes in the country. If it wasn’t for rich Fairfield county, the party would be over already.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      My sentiments exactly. This is the natural order of things when liberals are in charge. Connecticut- the new California.

  9. Roger Mann

    I feel so sad to think that anyone could possibly believe that any “gun control” will have any influence on violent crime. Years of laws and factual history has already proven that gun laws don’t work. It has probably made things worse but that is my opinion. Most crime is a result of social influence and has hundreds of different makeups. If someone is determined to commit a horrific crime using a gun or any weapon, he or she will find, steal, make, manufacture, or do whatever it takes to accomplish their objective. That also includes getting assault weapons with high capacity magazines. “LEGAL OR NOT !” If you believe any thing else you are only fooling yourself. Our second amendment right was set in place for one reason and one reason only. That was for the people of this Nation to defend ourselves against our government. Seems our government can’t take care of eliminating all guns at once, so the divide and conquer concept (state by state) is in the works. Can We The People Save this Nation? As a pro gun person I acknowledge changes of time and society. There are so many avenues that I know would be more proactive in deterring gun violence. Many have been discussed in past and we all have a brain. Lets not return to the 18th century, and lets not loose our constitution.

    1. Susan

      Your opinion is fact. Look at the crime rate in England. That’s what happens when you only give guns to criminals.

  10. MSM007

    As a CT resident I hope all gun makers in this state leave if this monstrosity of a bill passes.

    1. Chris

      If they all leave you better hope that the void is filled because they directly have a payroll of close to $2 billion. When this goes though the economy it probably is 3-4 times that. If the payroll of these companies leaves your state will probably see your unemployment rise drastically. Connecticut already is 37th lowest unemployment of the 50 states. How does it feel to have only 13 states with higher unemployment than your state and soon you will have even more people out of work.

        1. A Great Day

          Dont confuse these ignorant Fox news loving Tea baggers with the facts. Black Helicopters are coming and Malloy will come kick your doors down and GASP get your guns!!!

  11. Norm Scott

    Eventually, Connecticut will lose more jobs, and the Governor and his ruling party demand more taxes to hire more out of work Connecticut democrats.

    The dems will stay in control until enough rich, including trust fund babies, balk at the escalating tax rate, and the State’s credit rating takes a major hit. Of course the dems will blame the rich for not wanting to pay more taxes to hire more out of work democrats.

    At some point the electorate will tire of the democrats and get rid of them. But possibly not until Connecticut becomes a national laughing stock. Perhaps after the Governor begs the President to bail the State out, and the President is unable to raise taxes to “help” CT out.

  12. Leroy

    Why are they trying to keep “keep the guns out of the hands of criminals” by passing a whole range of new laws. If they are worried about more killing why don’t they just pass one law and make it illegal to murder someone? Then the criminals will not need a gun or knife or anything deadly. Surely if a criminal cannot legally murder people they will abide by the laws passed on the matter and the whole issue of gun control goes away. So come on people, call you representatives in office and tell them to pass laws making murder illegal.

    1. Joey


      As I said before, no offense, but I don’t think you understand. The showboating politicians don’t know and don’t care if the legislation is effective, enforceable or constitutional. They only know it makes sombody feel good.

  13. Mike

    Hey Colt and Stag. We would love to have you in Tennessee! As a Colt and Stag owner, as well as several other brands, we are a great place to live and work. Show the gun control side what it means to loose you in their state. Once again, be leaders and follow Magpul’s example.

  14. Truefacts

    Why do we pass laws that have no affect on criminals.
    Senators and other government officials say these laws will not deal with the problem. Then why did they waste all this time and why do the uninformed think this is a great win.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Their real and final goal is to disarm fully,the armed citizen. If they were so concerned @ Newtown, they would have started all of this gun and clip ban GARBAGE after pick one: Columbine,Virginia Tech,AZ/Congressional meet + greet shooting,Aurora,CO movie theater showing,and all major cities like Chicago w/500+ homicides in 2012 alone! But no, 4 days before Newtown the slimy vermin running(should be ruining) our state were entertaining to bring @ 25 Bushmaster jobs to CT. So if this gun ban garbage is good for Newtown Danny and Lawless(Lawlor), why wasn;t it good for any of the other massacres throughoput the US? BLATANT hypocrisy folks. With all do respect to the Newtown families who lost loved ones,our political leaders care, but they don’t “care”.It’s a shame you were pawns.

  15. Bill

    Great day….you are an ignorant a$$hole! Connecticut deserves you. When the war breaks out between the progressives and the “Tea Baggers”, you better stay out of my way…cause I will insert a very large tea bag up your candy a$$.

  16. Chris

    As a frequent buyer of firearms I will not buy any products made in states that are passing laws that go against the 2nd Amendment freedoms that our forefathers granted to us. I was born and raised in Ct, but am ashamed to even admit it these days. I moved from there 34 years ago to a state that recently passed a stand your ground law and also even considered making it a felony to assist a Federal Agent that comes to your home and confiscate your legally owned (2nd Amendment) firearms. It would be nice to have your firearms makers move here, but we really do not have a workforce to support that type of industry. We have no income tax or state sales tax and our budget runs a surplus. I see many comments about people hoping the firearms makers leave there with many derogatory comments. What I see is happening in this country is the places that actually make things, grow the food and supply the nations energy offer more freedoms and less taxes. Think about that when you try and impose the same restrictions on us that you have placed on the citizens of your state.

    1. A Great Day

      We have evolved here Chris. Our economy is coming back under the great leadership of Governor Malloy. We have a revenue problem we will fix and then the boom here from things like the first five will really take off. Too bad you are not a part of it. Open for business mine is doing well. The standard of living in Connecticut is far superior than the South. Crazy to leave Connecticut.

      1. Joey

        A Great Day,

        I’m looking forward starting a new business here in Connecticut. I’m just a little tied up with paper work and obtaning state and federal funding for the start up capital. I have a great location selected, the old Colts building in Hartford. It will be primarily manufacturing red coats and powdered wigs targeted for those serving us in government. It should have tremendous growth potential and more jobs for Connecticut!

      2. Chris

        I do not live in the South and I am doing just great where I am at. Where I live there is a real shortage of skilled people in the workforce and many people travel here just to work. There are many people here that chose not to work, but the standard of living for those who work is great. I worked at Pratt in the late 70s, and then moved here. My income skyrocketed and we used to kid around about making 3-4 times our age (with 3 zeros added).
        I have been traveling there some recently and have seen first hand what it is like. In my frequent travels I talk to many other travelers and once I sat with a person that did studies for companies looking to move. They told me that to move to Ct a person making about $100,000 would have to be paid another $10,000 to live in Ct because of the cost of living there. That does not sound like a very good place to move a company to.
        As to owning firearms, we are a right to carry state and a person can carry openly or concealed without a permit.

        1. The Pratt Guy

          Chris, Pratt & Whitney at one time employed 8,000 workers in Florida. In 1999 P&W moved its entire military jet engine business from “right to work” Florida to Connecticut. Thousands of jobs moved to Connecticut despite so-called “anti-business” policies in CT. They even had to pay moving expenses for many people.

          Today Pratt & Whitney employs:

          10,500 in Connecticut

          1,000 in Florida

  17. Marco

    Hey, maybe Great Day is right – Blue Stated NEED gun control. After all – it’s the nut-job Dem’s who are always the mass killers. Gifford shooter? Registered Dem. Batman Movie killer, Registered Dem. Newtown – Dem. Let them disarm the blue states (and see their crime rates go through the roof). Funny, as much as Progs bash the South on “gun control” – you don’t see “tea-baggers” and “red-necks” going out on killing spree’s like the Dems seem to love to do.

    1. Alexander Hamilton

      No killing sprees from rednecks?

      Oklahoma City bomber Tomothy McVeigh was a gun nut who sounded like all the gun nuts here.

      On September 13, 1994 the gun shows McVeigh attended had become somber occasions. New laws had been passed to stop the manufacture of many types of weaponry, including a range of semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Gun traders and buyers alike were outraged to learn the government was controlling their “right to bear arms.”

      Paranoia rose on rumors that owners would be subject to surprise searches of their homes and businesses. McVeigh decided that action could no longer be postponed.

      He also denounced government officials as “fascist tyrants” and “storm troopers” and warned: “ATF, all you tyrannical people will swing in the wind one day for your treasonous actions against the Constitution of the United States. Remember the Nuremberg War Trials.”

  18. Brian C. Duffy

    All of you here, listen up!

    I don’t care if you’re pro or anti gun…
    Liberal or Conservative….
    Black or White….
    Male or Female…..
    Gay or Straight….
    Atheist or Believer…
    Capitalist or Socialist…

    When blogging CAB or real name…

    Please learn the spelling difference between…..

    LOSE vs LOOSE!!!!

    (Thanks, I can step back from the ledge now)

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