Gun Owners Blog Thanks Cafero for Withdrawing from Gun Control Rally

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House Republican Leader Lawrence Cafero was among the political leaders listed as participants in Thursday\’s big pro-gun control rally at the state Capitol.

\"caferoBut a gun owners blog is reporting that Cafero has withdrawn from the March for Change gathering. \”Seems the event was presented to him in a way that made him think that it was going to be something else,\’\’ states the Connecticut Pistol Permit Issues blog. \” Thank you Larry Cafero!\”

Gun rights groups have been critical of both Cafero and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney for agreeing to attend the rally. McKinney is also a Republican; his district includes Newtown, where 20 children and six educators were shot and killed in December.

\”What kind of message does it send when a large majority of their constituency supports firearms rights, but these two attend an anti-gun rally?,\’\’ asks the pistol permit issues blog (and cross-posted on the Connecticut Citizens Defense League blog.)

\”We need to let them know that we will not stand for this behavior. We don’t want them being used as pawns for an organization that has an agenda that is against the tool used, not the actual violence itself. Maybe they don’t understand that the organization putting on this event is billing it as “support” for firearms laws change.

\”I urge all firearms owners and those that support our federal constitution’s second amendment, and our state constitution, to contact both of these elected representatives and ask them why?  Tell them they will be held accountable next time around.  Tell them how their involvement makes you feel personally.\’\’

UPDATE: Spokesman Pat O\’Neil said Thursday morning that Cafero needs to remain above a highly partisan event like this since he is a co-chair of a legislative task force considering a legislative response to the Newtown attack. \”It would be taken as an explicit endorsement,\’\’ he said.

Senate Republican Leader John McKinney is still scheduled to attend the morning rally.

March for Change is a group of people pressing for new gun laws, including stricter background checks for the sale and transfer of guns, a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets, and expanding an existing ban on military-style semiautomatic rifles. A legislative panel is charged with crafting bills for the General Assembly to take up in the current session.

The rally has draw a number of high-profile speakers, including Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and Attorney General George Jepsen. Veronique Pozner and Jillian Soto, who each lost a family member at Sandy Hook, are expected to address the crowd as is Henrietta Beckman, whose son was killed in Hartford a decade ago, and Robert Thomson, whose son was shot and killed in Bridgeport last year. Actors Christine Baranski and Missi Pyle will be masters of ceremonies for the event.

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45 thoughts on “Gun Owners Blog Thanks Cafero for Withdrawing from Gun Control Rally

  1. rally for gun reform Feb 14 at capital at 11 bill

    No Problem. Cafero is dismissed. If he feels that his leadership role in state government is more important then moral considerations, fine. We will get our reform without him.

    Then one day in the future it just might dawn on us to emulate the British model; No guns. No guns. No guns.

    Then criminals won’t have guns. And the gun industry won’t have an excuse to use when firing up (excuse the pun) their support base in order to increase profits over the bloody bodies of dead children and adults.

    Cafero is granted another term in office.

    1. Ken

      You do realize that British criminals still have guns, Britan has started arming their police again because of this fact. Something not needed for decades before their gun ban. And to top it off their overall violent crime rate is ten times ours right? How anyone can advocate disarming victims to make them safer is incomprehensible. Shame on you.

      1. Matt from CT

        >And to top it off their overall violent crime rate is ten times ours right?

        Four times, Ken.

        Translated into real numbers if our violent crime and homicide rates were the same we’d have 10,000 fewer murders and 4 MILLION more acts of violence.

        And I don’t believe lack of guns causes the high violence rates in the UK — there are deeper societal issues to address.

        Even gun crime in the U.S. is an onion with many layers to peel back — not to make it a racial issue, but as race as a correlation with poverty, urbanity, and drug-fueled gang crime, according to FBI statistics a bit over 50% of murders are committed by blacks, 15% of the population. Hispanics have twice the murder rate of white Americans, but it is still much lower then blacks. White America’s murder rate is on par with places like Finland and Canada; not as good as some of the European nations like Germany and Switzerland, but far from a bloody society.

        It’s issues of crime intersecting with poverty and drug wars that drive’s America’s high homicide rates while our overall levels of violence fall just below the median of OECD (most of the industrialized, democratic) countries.

        It’s a people problem folks. Restricting civil rights and prohibitions on anything — alcohol, drugs, guns — are the wrong approach. Want fewer gun deaths? We have to fix the social issues that drive excessively high homicide rates in certain segments of our society that we’ve shamefully allowed to fester.

      1. rally for gun reform Feb 14 at capital at 11 bill

        I have in the past, thank you. but now we will ban semi automatic rifles in CT. I am so proud of Veronique Posner. She is such a strong voice and her son has paid the ultimate price.

        We should and we will ban all assault weapons in CT and this will be used for the model across the country.

        I wouldn’t bet against it.

        1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

          There will be no ban of semi-automatic rifles in CT. You need to adjust your medication if you think that will happen.

        2. Palin Smith

          You should be asking why 65,000,000 guns have been sold since Obama became president. The Petit family is the model across the country. People are buying guns because they don’t want to end up like the Petit family or the Sandy Hook victims.

    2. Matt Zurrel

      1. Rep Cafero was lied to in the process of being coerced into speaking. Good for him calling out the attempted trickery. Thank you kind sir!

      2. Your impression of Britain’s gun ban success is radically flawed. Here is a paste from WSJ if you want to become educated with…. FACTS: “Within a decade of the handgun ban and the confiscation of handguns from registered owners, crime with handguns had doubled according to British government crime reports. Gun crime, not a serious problem in the past, now is. Armed street gangs have some British police carrying guns for the first time.”

      3. Did you just disrespect the tragedy in Newtown by invoking dead children to promote YOUR agenda? Please use facts not children.

      1. johngaltwhereru


        The left abhors facts. To them, emotions and intentions are all that matters.

        Your use of facts will be met with accusations of stupidity, racism and dishonesty. Consider those false accusations as a validation that your statement was dead on balls accurate.

    3. Kim

      ‘emulate the British model’ you say. Yet in a post below you claim to be ‘enamored of the constitution’. Your hypocrisy and lies are becoming more and more obvious, as was expected. You simply can’t control yourself to even be consistent

  2. rally for gun reform Feb 14 at capital at 11 bill

    I am very glad to see that the media has found the rally to be news worthy. Perhaps we will have 10,000 rallyers.

    The state will be watching. The nation will be watching. and I’m sure global media will be watching as well.

    Off to a good rally.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Aren’t you the ONE who should be at the gun ban rally and not the gun reform rally? Just asking…

      1. Scruffylookin

        Of course you will. 5,500 looks a lot better in print than the 1,200 or so that were actaully there.

  3. Jonathan

    Cafero did the right thing. The rally is just using deceased children as a pawn in their agenda.

    NO laws proposed that are anti-gun would prevent what happened in Sandy Hook. I still pray for the kids and their families, it was a tragedy indeed.

    However, we need to punish criminals and stop putting restraints on law abiding citizens.

  4. Gordon Hunting

    “We just have to do SOMETHING for the children,” they shouted from the rafters. (No matter how ridiculous.) “We just have to do SOMETHING,” the throng doth stammered. (No matter how onerous.) “That will bring them back!”, the gun control fairies proclaimed. “No gun is a good gun!”, came the words from McKinney. And so went his gubernational campaign to the depths of hell.

  5. Jeff

    That’s right, let’s emulate the British, who have a gun crime rate two times higher since they banned guns. Guess what? We’re American, not European. And there are hundreds of thousands of us in Connecticut who are tired of being scapegoated and regarded as sub-human every time a crazy person commits a murder. Britain, unlike us, doesnt have a constitution, so they were easily able to bully and cow their gun owners. We,by way of contrast, actually do have a constitution and three separate Supreme Court rulings, all of which are going to invalidate most of these ridiculous and bigoted laws the legislature is considering. American gun owners–the latest minority to demonize in order to strip us of our basic civil rights. Welcome back Jim Crow.

    1. 5,500 post rally Bill

      Jeff; But this is my country too. And since we both are enamored of the constitution, then the majority will elect legislators to do the bidding for the majority. And I am afraid to inform you but the tide has changed. The majority has awakened. We will pass our laws and both of us will obey since both of us are loyal Americans.

      Is that right? So if a law is passed that you must hand in you semi automatic weapon, then I’m sure that you will comply. You will be paid for it and you can take the money and take a nice Carnival trip around the Gulf of Mexico.

      1. Scruffylookin

        So, Bill. Is what you’re saying is that you are advocating and working toward the banning of all semi-automatic weapons?

      2. Fake Thomas Jefferson


        If you are such a man of the Constitution you would know that there will never be a federal ban of any AR-15’s as this has already been decided by Harry Reid and John Boehner. The President is just bloviating hot air. He can do nothing about it. His own party won’t let him. There is no support at all for bans on rifles or magazines’s. Even the increased background checks are on tenuous ground now according to the Washingtom Post. Also media manipulation of figures on how many peole were at that so called rally don’t hold much water when pictures of 300 can’t be produced let alone 5500.

        1. 5,500 post rally Bill

          Mr Fake: it wasn’t the media that came up with those figures. It was the state police, mr brains.

      3. Jeff

        Bill, I think I’ll have the courtesy not to write a snarky reply to your snarky comment. Believe it or not, I don’t own any rifle that would be banned under any of the bills I’ve seen so far. And nowhere in any of the proposed legislation I’ve read are any details about paying gun owners for their property. It’s not like you and your crowd are huge friends of the fourth amendment either, at least not when it comes to gun owners. Because this isn’t really about the children, or the good of society, or school safety. This is about the same inane gun ban laws that you and those like you have been pushing for decades. Your anger comes from irrational fear. And you fear what you don’t understand. Social media forbids it, but I’d love to take you shooting at the range some day. Bet we’d both end up better for it.

        1. 5,500 post rally Bill

          Thanks but no thanks. I prefer to get my jollies with a woman in bed. Not with you and a couple of guns at a shooting range.

      4. Palin Smith

        A law that is unconstitutional will not be obeyed. The oath breakers will not be legitimate representatives.

        The federal government does not enforce current laws. Big city mayors flaunt the law, proclaiming sanctuary cites. Why do think lawful citizens will comply with a farce?

      5. Kim

        if it’s your country too, wildbill/jimmyboggs/susan, why do you continually harp on about following the British model of government?

        You Tories are patriots all right – patriotic to every country BUT the US.

        You actually have the nerve to claim to be enamored of the constitution when all you do is prattle on to abolish parts of it?

        Turn in your passport and move somewhere else – you (and the U.S.) will be better for it. We have enough liars in political office

        1. Patrick_Henry

          You are correct Kim. This country needs to be concerned with – and focus on – those like Rally who pretend to honor and respect this country and its’ constitution but are really doing everything they can to undermine our way of life. We are being destroyed from within, and those who agree with Rally are the destroyers.

          They will continue to vote into office those who advance their agenda of turning the US into Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Russia, China – anything but our great country.

          They are afraid of freedom and personal responsibility and work tirelessly towards a government that they believe will protect and defend them cradle-to-grave. They do this while calling the rest of us ‘paranoid’ and afraid of shadows when it is in fact they who have such fear and paranoia.

  6. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Looks like you libs that wanted a big turn out are going to be disappointed. Pictures I have seen posted and reports from rally are about 100-150 people showed up. Did not need dozens of buses as was protrayed yesterday. Many more were present for 2nd amenedment rally a few weeks ago. Smart politicians will now be walking away from this non issue. Using this tragedy and the people of Sandy Hook by the anti gun agenda groups smells to the core.

      1. 5,500 post rally Bill

        Patrick: Oh, us folks want him right out front. He is a blessing to our side. Please god, allow him to stay there forever. The more he moves his mouth, the more out support base grows.

  7. Brian C. Duffy

    Since people here apparently feel free to decide what laws they will obey or not, I’ve recently decided that I’m a constitutional purist. I will only obey the original U.S. Constitution as written, no exceptions; beginning with “We the People…etc.,etc.” From beginning to end. No more, no less. I will not recognize any amendments or revisions to the Constitution beyond the original document as written with its seven articles and passed by Congress in 1787 and ratified by the minimum 9 of 13 States in 1788. I’m sure my Tea Party friends would heartily support my newfound political conversion.
    Just one point of fact: The Bill of Rights, which contains the first 10 amendments, including the all “sacred” 2nd Amendment, was not written until 1789 and was not ratified until 1791, a full 4 years after the “original” Constitution was written(they are called “amendments” for reason). So I don’t have to recognize the Bill of Rights, right, because, hey, I’m a constitutional purist!

    1. johngaltwhereru


      Those of us who respect The Constitution understand that the Amendments are part of the document.

      Using strawmen arguments to portray Constitutional Conservatives as against the entire Constitution, including it’s Amendments, amplifies the hollowness of your argument.

      Now, if the proper Constitutional Amendment process was used to repeal the “sacred” Second Amendment, you might have a point. However, that will not happen, because the Constitution was designed to protect individual liberty from the loud, emotional, vocal minority of which you are a member.

      If it was such a clear cut wonderful idea to repeal the Second Amendment, and the majority of Americans agreed that this right should be stripped from them, then it would be no problem to follow the proper repeal process.

      1. 5,500 post rally Bill

        Oh Johnny, us liberals will continue to vote for presidents until our liberal presidents nominate enough Supremeies to stop reversal of 2nd amendment rulings.

        But since you are an ex pat, what are you worried about? Go take a walk down to the beach and roll your tootsies in the sand and dream on Ayn Rand.

        1. johngaltwhereru


          I thought liberals see no borders when it comes to compassion.

          I spend plenty of time with my toes in the sand. As for Rand, I don’t care for most of her work and many of her opinions.

          However, Atlas Shrugged could have been written today, and the strong arm government/corporate cronyism of today is reflected perfectly in her masterpiece.

          The funny thing is, the main theme of Atlas Shrugged should make the left stand up and masterbate. The main theme opposes the same corporate cronyism that Occupy Wall Street originally claimed to oppose. Further, it is the same theme of Corporate control of government that Obama publicly lambastes while simultaneously engaging in the activity.

          But the main answer to your question is that if America falls into full Socialism, individual liberty will be wiped from this planet for the rest of my lifetime. So that is what I am worried about.

          1. 5,500 post rally Bill

            Johngalt: This country is not falling into full socialism. Is that what you fear. So let me give you some counseling – for a fee, of course.

            Don’t worry. It isn’t going to happen. But…but…but… I have some disconcerting news for you. We already practice socialized capitalism. And it works great. We have taken sound social concepts and married them to private enterprise. It’s evolutionary, my good man.

            As Pink says, raise your glass. And check her out some time.

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