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From my colleague Vanessa de la Torre, who covered a very interesting meeting in Hartford last night:

… Warren Hardy Jr., a former gang member who now tries to steer young Hartford men away from violence, said the community needed to step up. If laws are created because of Sandy Hook, \”so be it,\” Hardy said, \”but stop looking for help when we can help ourselves.\”
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3 thoughts on “Gun Violence Quote Of Day

    1. Mike Robinson

      Richard, per your link above, there were 9,865 “firearm offenses” in England and Wales in 2012. The population of England and Wales in 2012 was 66.1 million.

      This yields this gun crime rate:

      (9,865 gun crimes / 66,100,000 people) x 100,000 = 14.9

      14.9 per 100,000 – gun crime rate in England and Wales 2012

      This link says:

      Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed in the United States during 2008. These include simple/aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders.[13] [14] [15] Of these, about 436,000 or 8% were committed by offenders visibly armed with a gun.[16]

      304,375,000 = average population of the USA in 2008.

      (436,000 gun crimes / 304,375,000 people) x 100,000 = 143.2

      143.2 per 100,000 – gun crime rate in the USA 2008

      The USA has roughly *TEN TIMES* the gun crime rate of the UK.

      Check the numbers. Tell me I’m wrong.

      1. Bill

        Mike: You are asking to much of one of these guys. You are asking one of them to use his brains and this is simply not possible when their heads are full of intestinal matter.

        I’m not sure how this all happened but they seem to have infected each other through incest.

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