Hangin\’ With Murph

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, solidifying his mastery of the digital political world, will hold another Google Hangout out on Monday night. This is an online chat with video.

I like the part in his invitation where Sen. Murphy says he is \’\’just walking out the door coming back to Connecticut for the weekend.\” (Lest we might think he\’s headed over to the Tune Inn).

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13 thoughts on “Hangin\’ With Murph

  1. bill

    To be frank, we could have done a lot better with another person in this office. I had wished (and I’ll bet he did too) that Ted Kennedy JR would have made the decision. The time and opening was right. Now, if Murphy’s numbers begin showing low, Kennedy could still go for a primary but a in family fight is always messy.

    Let’s have a mess and get a better person representing us in the senate. We made a mistake several years ago with Lieberman and I hate to see another long-time mistake. Murphy is really a phoney.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          I’d say a dead Kennedy is worse.

          A dead Ted Kennedy would be more influential than a living Murphy, and they would be pushing the same extreme left wing agenda.

          1. Bill

            johngalt: Why is a dead Kennedy worse then a living Murphy? come on, John, I’m trying to follow the Libertarian conservative line but you are plum confusing me.

          2. johngaltwhereru


            Here is my point. Outside of CT, nobody gives 1/4 of a rat’s arse what Murphy says, does or thinks. He has a little influence as a US Senator in the Majority Party could possibly have.

            Since I don’t want a liberal agenda advanced, and I think a dead Kennedy would be more influential than Murphy, I feel it would be worse for America to have a dead Kennedy than the current Murphy.

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Doesn’t Rick seem a little too giddy about this article?

    Try to hold back your rampant liberal bias just a little Rick. Just pretend, ‘k?

  3. CTtax13

    Why is it he only takes screened questions? Why is it that when he holds meetings live in person he doesn’t take questions? Another career politician who is only out for himself. It’s sad that this is the best this state can put forward. He is in over his head. Maybe the party should put someone with real world experience in office. Maybe we should have term limits.

    1. OneFootOutTheDoor

      It would be nice if we could start by severely reducing the terms themselves. One year sounds good to me.

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