Harry Reid: AWB Dead

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Politico reports that the assault weapons ban, a centerpiece of President Obama\’s gun control package, is going nowhere in the Democratic controlled Senate:

“Dianne has worked so hard on this,” Reid said, referring to the ban\’s sponsor, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “She understands going back to the day she found the mayor dead in his office. I know that, but right now her amendment, using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes. That’s not 60. I have to get something on the floor so we can have votes on that issue and the other issues.”

Supporters say they will still offer an amendment, which in effect still forces an up-or-down vote.

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9 thoughts on “Harry Reid: AWB Dead

    1. colt sally

      Even the liberals in Washington didnt have the votes to pass an assault weapons ban. You know why? Because its a useless do nothing bill that targets law abiding gun owners and hardworking Colt and other firearms laborers.The last AWB did NOTHING. Murders declined every year after it expired. And for our Govenor to want to ban a gun used in less than 35 or 40 killings a year nationally yet is the most popular gun in this country owned by 6 million people is just stupid.

  1. johngaltwhereru

    That’s odd. Less than 40 votes?

    But Billy tells us that there is 80% support for an “assault weapons ban”.

    Something doesn’t add up. More than 60 Senators, most of whom will one day face re-election, are spitting in the face of the supposed 80% of people who favor this ban.

    How could this be?

  2. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Reid said less the 40 votes at it’s most optimistic so in reality there was most likely less tha 30. This must be why CT Legislative leaders are locking themselves in room trying to count the votes here and the math must not be working out for them either. Very interesting. Senator from Califonia can now retire.

  3. Skullee

    Newtown was a horrible tragedy, everyone agrees. Why, can’t the politicians take the (OMG) facts and make rational decisions instead of knee-jerk decisions. WE, put you in office to represent us, not vilify us. When respected men like Blumenthal and not-so respected men like Murphy jump up and “chicken little” legal gun owners, it makes me wonder where their integrity and dignity went. A criminal created that horrible day, not the legal gun owner. Know the difference boys.

    1. not really

      Ive never heard “respect” and “Blumenthal” used in the same sentence before. We have 2 entitlement Senators here. Two loathesome excuses for men who were elected only because theyy have a “D” next to their name and because millions of Ct residents want free stuff.

  4. Scott

    If nothing else the political posturing of the past months have made it all too clear which pols need to be voted out.

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