Hartford Democrats: Don\’t Listen To McMahon Ad

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Worried that city residents might be paying attention to a high-profile TV ad that urges voters to choose Republican Linda McMahon and President Obama on election day, minority leaders spoke up for Democrat Chris Murphy Friday afternoon.

The unusual ad by the McMahon campaign has attracted national attention. It features minority voters declaring that they plan to vote for both  McMahon and Obama, who have little in common.

As the senate race approaches its final week, McMahon continues to spend freely on TV ads. She is also expected to finance a substantial get-out-the-vote effort on election day.

Below, Hartford City Council President Shawn Wooden speaks at Friday\’s press conference outside city hall.

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6 thoughts on “Hartford Democrats: Don\’t Listen To McMahon Ad

  1. johngaltwhereru

    I wouldn’t say Obama and McMahon “have little in common”.

    Both are unqualified for the job they want.

    Both are depending on their celebrity rather than competence for office.

    Both are spending massive amounts of money trying to disqualify their opponent, rather than promote their own records and accomplishments.

    Both are social liberals.

    The main difference seems to be that McMahon realizes that Obama’s strategy of class warfare and a childish demand for tax increases in a weak economy will not result in job creation or economic growth. McMahon wants an improving economy and increasing jobs, and Obama wants social justice and economic equality at the expense of jobs and economic growth.

    I’d say they are more similar than the author states.

  2. Putting Your Best Face Forward

    We live in a world of precision instruments today.
    Very Competitive … You must specialize.
    We live in a world of specialists.
    You don`t see a foot doctor for a mental problem.
    Chris Murphy is a United States Congressman;
    Linda McMahon is an Old Carnival Barker.
    This is just the way it is.

    Linda McMahon clearly illustrates having nothing intellectually to offer Connecticut in terms of a United States Senator. This is nothing but an empty facade; Behind Linda McMahon’s eyes exists a vast void. Personally, I don’t think she has the capacity for the level of intelligence, or thought to perform as a United States Senator ; And I think her level of abstract thought and reasoning belongs on children`s television, Saturday Mornings. One day Linda McMahon is designing the next gimmick and theme of the next TV Wrestler; And the next day she`s discussing defense contracts and budget issues with The Department of Defense ? ! ? !

    You can put lipstick on an old Carnival Barker, and what have you got? An old carnival barker wearing lipstick !

    Is this the best the Republican Party can put forth in Connecticut ?
    Linda McMahon ? ! ? !

    What do the old Republican Stalwarts think of this ?

    Don’t show up to a gun-fight with a clown !

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      I wouldn’t compare going to the appropriate medical specialist to being a Congressman preparing you to be a Senator.

      Being a Congressman, especially one that votes with your party 98% of the time, doesn’t do anything but teach you how to prolong and advance your own career.

      Being a medical specialist teaches you how to fix problems.

      1. Mike Robinson

        Chris Murphy is a lawyer. He made it through law school and passed the bar exam. Being a lawyer is important when your job is understanding and writing LAWS.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          That is not the argument being made here.

          Ian Bain, aka putting your best face forward, is comparing seeing the appropriate medical specialist to Congressmen being uniquely qualified to be a Senator. I have heard this ignorant argument all over the Liberal media.

          I see Murphy as a Congressman that saw the National Debt double during his short time in Congress and unemployment rates that have gone from 4.5% when he was elected and installed to whatever significantly higher number the rate is now.

          When a doctor repeatedly fails at an important aspect of his job, and continuosly makes his patients worse, he does not get promoted.

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