Hartford Student: \”Ridiculous\” That At 16 Years Old You Can Buy A Gun

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Yahaira Escribano, a junior at Hartford Public High School Law and Government Academy, attended a Congressional field hearing held at her school Friday. At the hearing – hosted by U.S. Representative John Larson – Escribano asked lawmakers and state and city officials what they were going to do about the black market for guns – thriving in Hartford and cities across the United States.

\”It\’s just ridiculous that at 16 years old, 15 years old you can go up to the streets and buy a weapon,\” Escribano said after the event.

\”Just last week I heard four gun shots,\” she said. \”It\’s normal, completely normal. And it\’s kind of sick and kind of sad that it has become normal. But it\’s part of living in Hartford.\”

Last December she saw her friend, who lives next door, get shot in the head – catching a bullet intended for a drug trafficker that a local gang \”had beef with.\”

Escribano witnessed it, standing out back with her nephews. \”Bullets almost came through my backyard,\” she said.

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44 thoughts on “Hartford Student: \”Ridiculous\” That At 16 Years Old You Can Buy A Gun

  1. susan

    Oh my God, you mean these evil, wicked, Adam Lanza like kids are buying guns on the street. What is are Hartford Police doing about this? Why aren’t they making arrests? No wonder Hartford is a dead city, where drug and gun dealers hand out.

    1. Yahaira

      The city has potential but its going to take a while before it is better than it is now! The city is not dead and the youth here are not like Adam lands we still have plenty of great teens

      1. bill katz

        You are correct, Yahaira. And thank you for attempting to bring this back on topic.

        I went to Hartford High a long time ago. Then, we had gangs as now. The most that happened back then was when 2 guys would fight in the hall then a bunch of students would gather around and cheer the gang bangers. Violence is ignorant. Now they all too frequently fight it out with guns.

        CT has decided to restrict gun purchases and the kinds of semi automatics that are generally still available in society. WE have not gone far enough and hand guns are by far the biggest menace. We need to live in a gun free society. It is a struggle that those of us who believe will fight for throughout our lives.

        I hope you likewise take on this challenge.

        1. Yahaira

          Absolutely!!I lived in Hartford all my life and although it is difficult to live here at times. I know that we have the people to initiate the change we need.Its going to take more than a bill to pass to see the change society needs and wants. The bill will be just the start of an on going change in Hartford and cities throughout the U.S. We need to take actions on the bill, the bill itself won’t work if people to act upon it. I’m hoping to see a change in the years to come!

          1. Ben

            Yahaira look at the big picture. We can’t live in a crime free society or a gun free society as Bill Katz suggests. Instead we need to think about how we (us law abiding folk) will live in a society were crime exists. I think most people would love to live in a crime free/gun free society but it’s just not reality. I agree that Hartford police should be more vigilant and punishment should be given to those who break the law. But attempting to remove all guns is not the answer.

  2. Kim

    Let them kill each other. Youth is a disease from which most of us recover. The rest add fertilizer for the worms.

    The only important thing is my guns and if I could do in a few kids and get away with it…

    1. Kim

      there’s that pathetic katz/gollum pretending to be kim again. What a sad sack and a pathetic loser

  3. Lee

    Seems like Connecticut lawmakers like to pass laws rather than enforce them. They get more votes that way.

  4. Johngaltwhereru

    Ut oh! The Democrat protective dam that is all media outlets other than Fox, not only sprung a leak, but totally collapsed on Benghazi.

    The last organizations still defending the lies and cover up are NBC and the New York Times, neither of whom can be considered remotely objective.

    Thus far, The Courant seems to simply be ignoring today’s demolition of The Administration’s repugnant lies.

    Let’s have a vote: (A) The Courant will show a shred of actual journalism, and cover the undeniable fact that this administration repeatedly lied about this event. (B) The Courant will ignore the story all together. Or (C) the Courant will blame this on Republicans.

    For a bonus, options B or C can be used to answer whether The Courant will cover the now admitted fact that the IRS targeted for audit any organization with the words Tea Party or Conservative in their name.

    1. Midas Mulligan

      My man, you are off topic this evening. Why are you off-topic? Can’t you wait for an article to denote your desire to ooze out?

      Of course not. Why, I’ll bet that right about now, you are either peeing in your pants or shitting in the deck. I mean sitting on the deck.

      I can hear you, Doctor Smackle. Oh, I sure can.

      Hee hee hee

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        Why didn’t you vote?

        Did you hear that Hillary’s right hand woman sent an email saying the true CIA talking points were “unacceptable to her building’s leadership”? Now who do you think that might be? It should be fun to watch her lie under oath trying to pretend it wasn’t your girl.

        Can’t you just see the 2016 commercials with video of Hillary flat out lying to the parents of the dead Benghazi victims, then yelling “what difference does it make?” That should really endear her to those have forgotten what a sleazy scumbag she is.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          Oh, I forgot. I choose this story both because I know the Courant will be well behind the curve on getting to this story, but more importantly, despite the Courant’s completely one sided efforts, gun control is finished for the at least the remainder of the Obama Administration. I will post only Benghazi on any useless waste of space gun story.

          1. bill katz

            you want Benghazi you schmuck? you gots Benghazi.

            My only reaction is that there is a deep part of the human brain – perhaps if the Reptilian part, alleged to be the oldest part, demands survival, then the serendipitous regions, which guarantees a goof up in the face of success; then this must be an shining example of that part of the brain.

            Frankly, I’m with you on this one, shocking thou it may seem for you to hear me say. Even if as the reports were arriving and it was assumed that there were no assets close enough to send in time, that is most irrelevant. They should have been sent on GP – you know, for face-saving purposes.

            The administration, the State Department and CIA slipped into what we now say, curtsey of the Coen brothers film clip, is one major growing cluster fuck.

            So, I’ll take my hat off to you, Johngalt and Kim and all the other walking dead from the vampire world.

            You won. All that we were on the progressive right track to move on is about to come crashing down. All because of an interwoven cluster fuck.

            Drinks are on me. Go dance an Irish jig, Johngalt.

          2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            Actually Billy, you progressives “won” on this and the country lost. Your boy Obama knew that all he had to do was to perpetuate these lies for 6 weeks until election time and this story would not threaten his election.

            The loss of 4 brave Americans without prospect of help from fellow Americans is tragic enough. That an Administration then proceeded on a coverup mission to save face made an awful situation that much worse.

            Despite the liberal media’s attempts to marginalize this story, the truth will come out and your heroes will be seen for what they are. Let the chips fall where they may.

            I applaud you on putting country above politics on this one.

          3. bill katz

            Kim: I am not discussing the tragedy of four lives loss. Everyone understand this. i am making my observations based on how politics intervenes on a matter such as this.

            I have often thought that prostitution of the flesh was the oldest profession known to man. but I don’t think it is. the oldest profession of man is the politics of waiting and watching for the leader of the clan of state and/or party to slip on a banana peal and as the paramount chief is going down, to pull out all manner of clubs, sticks and stones and club the son-of-a-gun into the ground and establish a new dynasty.

            I am sure that Neanderthal Man had it down to a science. We certainly do. But there is one shining prospect although I admit,it is only a small twinkling in the heavens for hope. The fat man from New Jersey will sing and he is a progressive.

            I yield the floor.

          4. johngaltwhereru

            You all forgot to vote!

            The correct answer, based on the “Hot Topics” section of the Courant, was “C”.

            The title “White House Pushes Back Hard against Republicans…blah blah blah,” demonstrates that the Courant has decided to ignore the fact that the Legitimate news sources, including the Liberal stallwarts CNN, ABC and CBS have made it clear that the Administration is a lying pile of Garbage.

            Not sure how Republicans made the Administration lie, but the Courant, NBC and NY Times will find a way or make one up.

            Here, they interjected Republicans in a place where it was completely unnecesary to include the word Republican to cover the story.

          5. Kim

            Seeing me around every corner again, billyboy? Can’t get me out of your little mind? Must be painful when all you have in life is me haunting your every waking moment, popping out of shadows to taunt you, dogging your every step. Boooo!! LMAO

            How’s your shrine to Kim coming along? Let me guess – it’s in the rest room that you are so obsessed with. What a perfect subject for Criminal Minds you are becoming – a patehtic little toadie consumed with someone he’s never met.

            Time for a fitting for a long-sleeved jacket

          6. Kim

            Dear Jennny/Rick: As much as I hate censorship, why are you allowing your friend Bill Katz to use such vulgar language on these blogs? There are at least three different posts so far today taht I have seen with him using vulgarity.

            Isn’t it about time you ban him – under any of his names – from mingling with the rest of the human beings on these blogs? Or is it his repeated indications of ‘friends in high places’ at the Courant, along with his ridiculously blink adherance to liberal policy, the reason he gets a pass?

            I’m beginning to think he and Pam Bergran are on the Courant payroll – they both seem to get prime time coverage from your paper.

    2. justme

      It is shameful how most media is ignoring any news that delineates how bad the Obama Administration really is. The Hartford Courant should be ashamed of their neglect for reporting the truth to the people. They did have an article on Benghazi, but it ran a story from another left wing outlet that was designed to deflect opinion away from the Obama/Clinton lies and deceit. It is best to get your news from the Drudge Report rather than the Courant. At least Drudge provides both sides of the news in an honest way.

  5. Midas Mulligan

    My man;

    Why of course we were targeting the Tea Party. We have the IRS on our side. Ha.

    We have the chief goon of all government departments: the I. R. S.

    I feel a song coming on.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            I would assume when you use a full name and call others cowardly anonymous bloggers, he is denying he is anonymous.

          2. America is Dying Gollum

            OK, on to more important matters. After careful consideration and reflection, and in light of recent events concerning Bengazi and the IRS treatment of Tea Party status, I intend to become a Libertarian and Tea Party supporter.

            John “Ayn Rand” Galt, where do I sign up? I had had it with liberals. I can’t stand Barry and his commie unamerican politics. Hillary? Forget it.

            I know or expect that you will doubt my sincerity with this change within me. but over time, you will come to believe that a person can see the light and make that change.

            Onward Christian soldiers.

          3. Bill

            Oops. Sorry. I didn’t change my profile name from the last quote. It won’t happen again, fellow brother(s) in the fight for Libertarian justice.

          4. Kim

            we all recognize your worthless, poorly thought out posts billy gollum. Doesn’t matter which name you use.

            I’m waiting for you to use your given name: Jack Mehoff

          5. Bill

            Kim, You are not very nice. Especially since I have become a conservative in light or recent events.

            You are a good man. It will just take awhile to realize that I am sincere. Although I have a sense that you want to keep fighting and insulting each other. I’m just not going to do it any more. You will need to find someone else, my friend.

          6. Kim

            as usual, your compulsive lying is on full display billy gollum. I have said nothing to or about you for days until you attacked me for no reason in another post. Let’s not pretend you have turned away from your usual boorish, socially unacceptable self. As always your actions speak louder than your words.

            History, and time, are on my side on this issue. Your insincere words won’t change that. I’ll believe you when you start acting the part

          7. Bill

            Kim. FYI, I have changed my views whether you believe it or not. However, I do not kow tow to partisan views even though I may feel agreement with many issues as it was when I was a progressive.

            I don’t care if you believe or not I don’t hold my breath over it.

            If you want to continue being a jerk, go for it. You will be a jerk by yourself. And this is the last time I will respond to your foolishness. if you want to continue playing your games, do so by yourself.

          8. Kim

            obviously missing from you reply, billy gollum, is that you will no longer engage in verbal attacks on me. You haven’t yet – and will never – fool anyone with your lies and doublespeak. When you cease responding AND you cease with your unprovoked attacks, then you might be on the path of redeeming yourself from ‘jerk’ status. Until then, I will continue to defend myself when attacked, by counterattacking.

            The ball is and has been in your court gollum. time to grow up and be honest with yourself, if not with the rest of us

          9. Kim

            caught you in yet ANOTHER lie gollum billy. Here you say ‘this is the last time I will respond to your foolishness..’ blah, blah, blah, yet you responded to me on the blog about Blumenthal and Murphy denouncing the government scrutiny of AP phone records.

            You just can’t stop yourself from lying can you gollum? Compulsive lying is just that – you can’t be honest even with effort.

            Doesn’t matter which of your 16 names you post under, lies are your trademark and your ID.


  6. Disgusted former Democrat

    Benghazi may lead to Impeachment you may want to actually have had an article on it..,,

    1. justme

      I doubt it will lead to impeachment, but it most likely will harm Hillary’s chances.

  7. enness

    At what age can one operate a large, moving object weighing over a ton (such as the 2012 Civic)?

  8. johngaltwhereru

    I was dissapointed that nobody got to vote on how the Courant would choose to improperly cover Benghazi before the Courant improperly covered Benghazi.

    So here is a new question:

    When Barack Obama lies, does he

    A. Know he is lying, and willfully does so because the
    ends justify the means.

    B. Has been so controlled by his puppeteers and sheltered
    from reality by his advisors that he is unaware he is

    C. Has lied so frequently for so long that he no longer
    knows the truth.

    D. Has a pathological personality disorder that
    physically prevents him from telling the truth.

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