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40 thoughts on “Here It Is: The New Husky Logo

  1. walls

    I prefer the old logo. Just wondering how much this cost the taxpayers. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Frank

    It’s an asinine change, doesn’t even look like a husky any more. Don’t tell me this isn’t costing taxpayers anything because we WILL be paying to change signs and letterhead and much more. Just what this world DOESN’T need is a meaner image. Shoulda stuck with the traditional image. As as citizen and alumni, we are very displeased in our household.

  3. Frank

    I just showed the image to several people who know nothing about what it is supposed to represent and all them identified it as a wolf.

  4. Jack

    Don’t like it, looks like a wolf to me. Should look more like a Husky, Nike I guess, doesn’t know the difference between a dog and a wolf. Maybe though it’s me! Want the Husky to look more vicious, put a Leprechaun in the Huskies mouth as the Husky bites down! ONLY JOKING FOLKS!

  5. Mike

    Hurry… grab the original logo merchandise before its all gone. Definitely a step in the wrong direction… someone spent too much time studying wolves at Yellowstone or maybe wolves have been wondering around the Nike campus in Beaverton, Oregon in Husky clothing.

  6. Evan - Hartford

    This “new logo” looks waaaaaay too much like the Minnesota Timberwolves logo. See any resemblance?

    As a UConn Alum, I think the new logo is terrible. I also think the timing of creating a new logo is terrible, given our desire to join a more prestigious conference. We need to project stability, confidence and success. Right now we only have the “success” covered.

  7. Husky blue

    That’s not Jonathan. This guy has none of the UConn character or spirit. If you’d ever seen the Jonathan who walks around the stands at UConn games, let’s kids pet him…you’d know this new version is all wrong.

  8. Mary

    absolutely AWFUL – why change a mascot logo that’s great now? UConn – don’t do it – resist Nike, walk, no RUN-AWAY!!!!!

  9. Greg

    Absolutely awful. An amateur logo, that looks like it was designed by a high schooler, to go with the new lame conference. Combined with the new university logo, both terrible decisions.

  10. Husky blue

    Who made this decision? Nobody asked us. Tell Nike: thanks but no thanks. We were doing just fine with OUR Jonathan.

  11. GranSasso Girls

    This looks like a WOLF, not a dog.
    Just look at a real husky dog and get the right picture.
    Nikeee may likeee, but not us!

  12. EEE

    Nope. The old Husky looks proud; the new one looks vicious. I don’t it at all. Is this really the image we want to project–viciousness? (UConn alum, parent, spouse and retiree, all in one fan).

  13. HarryH

    I’m sure they expect that everyone will go out and buy new gear and the university will make a lot of money. The answer is that no one should buy any of the new stuff.

    I think it just isn’t Jonathan Husky.

    Sorry, no need to do this and no excuse for anyone wasting money on this.

    Not UCONN!

  14. ADS

    I suggest all of you that say that the old husky looked like a husky Google husky up. The old husky looked absolutely nothing like a real husky. It actually resembled a Samoyed. The new one looks like a husky.

    1. Cliff & Mary Edwards

      The Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and Alaskan Malamute are all breeds directly descended from the original “sled dog.” Recent DNA analysis confirms that this is one of the oldest breeds of dog. The term “husky” is a corruption of the nickname “Esky” once applied to the Eskimos and subsequently to their dogs… THUS THE OLD and NEW LOGOS are both valid “HUSKIES”.

  15. Graduate

    As a graduating senior this May and an avid UConn fan since I was born I’m disappointed to be leaving the school feeling so disconnected with all the changes the past year has brought. Of course as an alumni I’m sure I’ll be back, but I can’t help feeling bitter.

  16. Louise Gunn

    Donot like it–
    Now everyone will have to spend money on new gear–
    Whose idea was it to change it?
    Who cares if he looks Samoyed or wolf—we liked him the way he was.

  17. Dllct

    I’m not sure how I feel. As a Siberian husky owner, it does look like a husky. But huskies are not viscous at ALL. They are the friendliest of dogs…definitely not guard dogs. This logo looks mean even if huskies do resemble wolves. I’m a bit disappointed.

  18. Christina

    I am a UConn alumni, class of 2012. I love UConn with all my heart, but I think I can honestly say I do NOT plan to ever purchase any merchandise that feature this new logo. It is ugly. It lacks any concrete similarities to our Johnathan costume or actual dog (which are both completely white). Our mascot is known for his playful and energetic spirit. This one suggests aggression and looks way too similar to the mascots of both our neighboring school, Northeastern, and the University of Washington. I would love to find out how many or rather how few people and who exactly was involved in this decision. Terrible decision based solely on money and maintaining partnerships. I hope every student on campus gives administration a hard time about this.

  19. Joe Rib

    I dont care for it. IMHO it need to be redone.eveyone i have spoken to agrees the old one was better and please remove the athletic part

  20. Tim Monos

    I like the new logo. As much as every UConn fan does not like the change, it is an opportunity given to us by NIKE to revamp a very disjointed brand we have for our athletic teams. As a UConn senior and one that has attend most if not all of the big UConn football and basketball games in the past four years, I think it is time to unify ourselves as we begin next year in the American Athletic Conference.

    If you look at the big schools in major sports, they do not have a logo that varies by sport. For once UConn is doing something that actually unites the teams and the school. I would rather people recognize us as the UConn Huskies and not just the men’s basketball team, women’s basketball team or football team, for example. If anything it strengthens our athletic programs as high school athletes and coaches from around the country know us under one symbol.

    Also, since when the “old” logo become so legendary in UConn history? According to UConn Today, it has only been around for about 10 years. If you want to talk about UConn tradition, lets talk about the words to the UConn fight song or alma mater. How many students outside of those in the Band, Cheer or Athletic programs actually know and or sing the words to either of these tunes?

    You can’t lose support in the school you say you love because they change the imagery of the mascot you sport; you support the school because you love the blue, white and red (yes, red is a school color). No school has kept the same mascot image since their inception, and we will certainly not be the last to change ours. If anything it gives an opportunity to all the tree-hugging, farm-raised hipsters to sport a vintage look while our team continues to win with an updated, clean and inspiring new logo. The old logo was whimpy, and for a school that produces teams that continually win conference titles and national championships, its about time we get a mascot image that reflects this domination.

    It’s easy to oppose the new logo, and the decisions of the relatively new leadership in Warde Manual and Susan Herbst. But realize that a new logo does not diminish the husky spirit, it only unifies it. Herbst and Manual are hard at work finding ways to increase our national reputation. Take it or leave it, having a strong athletics program is part of being a top state college or university. Albeit I was nervous about the logo change, I think it is a necessary step for UConn’s future if we want to continue to be New England’s top University. We will wear this logo, like we wore the past 6 logos, with pride and continue to “cheer our teams to victory”.

  21. FRED


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