Highway Report Spanks Connecticut

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The Reason Foundation has given Connecticut low marks for its state highway system, ranking us 44th in overall highway efficiency and performance. Connecticut got low marks for poor scores in a variety of areas, including ranking 46th in deficient bridges, 47th in urban congestion and 50th in highway administrative costs. Despite those bumpy roads, dangerous bridges and clogged interstates, Connecticut has the 2nd lowest fatality rate among all states.

Connecticut is among four states, including California, Minnesota and Maryland, that report that more than two-thirds of the urban interstate highways are congested.


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3 thoughts on “Highway Report Spanks Connecticut

  1. lee

    How come the Editor of the Courant approved of the 4 cent gas tax increase claiming that it would go towards the roads and bridges fund when in fact it went into the general fund? When is the Courant going to stop carrying water for the Democrats and stop the advocacy news reporting and report the real news?

  2. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Take another bow liberals. Now that you’ve siphoned every spare dollar for the general fund (e.g. gas tax increase) and chronically underfunded the transportation fund, where’s the dough to fund infrastucture improvements? Oh wait- there’s the awesome busway and Jackson labs. I forgot.

    what a ship of fools running (ruining) this state.

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