House Approves Modified GMO Food Labeling Bill

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The state House of Representatives early Friday approved a bill requiring foods with genetically modified ingredients to carry a label.

\"GMOBut because the measure is different than the version passed by the Senate earlier this week, it needs to return to that chamber before heading to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for consideration.

\”I am very pleased we were able to pass GMO labeling legislation that can become the first of its kind in the nation,\’\’ House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said in a statement. \”It was done on a bipartisan basis in concert with the governor and I\’m hopeful it serves as a model for other states to join us.\”

While Connecticut would be the first state to approve GMO labeling legislation, the law would only take effect if five other states with a combined population of 25 million people pass similar rules. That\’s a change from the version of the bill approved by the Senate, which would have required three nearby states to approve similar laws by July of 2015. If no other states did, Connecticut\’s law would still take effect in July of 2016, under the Senate version.

Sharkey and Malloy had both expressed reservations about the Senate bill. Sharkey said he was concerned about the costs that Connecticut businesses could incur if the state were the only one to require such labels.


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5 thoughts on “House Approves Modified GMO Food Labeling Bill

  1. James Cooper

    Since every major scientific organization in the world has concluded that science says there are no health risks in GMO crops, the House was being asked to pass a bill based on irrational superstition. That is not a strong basis for a bill.

    1. Jayne Paradis

      James Cooper,

      What ‘scientific’ community? There have been no studies unless you consider Monsanto’s 6 week study ‘scientific’. How about this – over 60 developed nations worldwide require GMO labeling. Why is the rest of the world lightyears ahead of us? Why is the USA so stupid? Why? Because our officials bow to the God Money – every single time.

  2. Nancy Bowden

    Readers should be aware that there is absolutely NO truth to the statement about “every major scientific organization in the world” made by James Cooper (above). Whatever that list might be (and it also probably doesn’t actually exist), most organizations that would be on it have probably issued NO statement on the matter BECAUSE AGRIBUSINESS stands in the way of actual research.

    1. Bulldogg

      Nancy ,
      No worries . Most people know Mr.Coopers’ story is complete fabrication. We know that GMO’s offer absolutely NO benefit , and only cause harm . Most people realize that many countries around the world COMPLETELY BAN GMO’s . Perhaps Mr.Cooper is on the Monsanto payroll ? A little proof necessary ? How about these eight hundred scientists from 84 countries that have signed The World Scientist open letter to all governments calling for a ban on the patenting of life-forms and emphasizing the very grave hazards of GMOs, genetically-modified seeds and GM foods.

      1. ramona miranda

        As residents of this country, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW and CHOOSE the products we want to consume.

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