House Approves Undocumented Immigrant Driver\’s License Bill After All-Night Debate

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Following a debate that stretched on for more than seven and a half hours, the state House of Representatives approved a bill just after dawn on Thursday that offers undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain a Connecticut driver\’s license.

The 74 to 55 vote broke along party lines, with all the Republican members of the House voting no and all but nine Democrats voting yes. Twenty one members did not vote. The measure now moves to the state Senate, where it has a powerful advocate in Majority Leader Martin Looney. If approved, Connecticut would be the first state in the Northeast to enact such a policy, though several other states, including New Mexico, Washington and Illinois, have enacted similar laws.

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98 thoughts on “House Approves Undocumented Immigrant Driver\’s License Bill After All-Night Debate

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  2. John

    Who do there Legislators work for ??? Do they ever ask the voters what they might be thinking on a given subject ??? This is an idiotic law crafted by some liberal moron who thinks the criminal illegal alien is somehow not going to end up a burden to the taxpayer. It’s idiots like the people who vote for this type of legislation who are driving normal folk out of Connecticut. Hope you like who is left.

    1. bill

      John, the lack of logic in your statement is astounding. By passing this law, it give undocs the need and right to drive legally and to obtain insurance and in case one of those aliens slams into you now,you will be able to either collect from them of sue. so what is your problem?

      1. Kim

        right. and let’s let murderers free so they can get jobs and pay reparations to the victims

      2. Business Owner

        Mr. Bill, if you think an illegal alien is worried about getting insurance and thinks he is concerned if I can sue him if he slams into me you must be smoking some pretty good stuff. After the illegal hits you he will say I have no assets and I don’t work legally so you can sue me but there would be no way to get anything for the damages that were incurred.

      3. walls

        Your lack of logic is astounding. Why are the ‘undocs’ driving? Are they driving to work? Legally, they *CAN’T* work.

        So you think ‘undocs’ aka criminal illegal aliens, who have committed a FELONY to enter the country, are going to now buy insurance as legally required? Really? Pay taxes, too? I have a bridge for sale, cheap …. are you interested?

  3. Jean

    My opinion was and still is, If they want to be treated like an American, then they should become an American…learn to speak English, pay taxes, get a job, and become a citizen. Only then should they be granted all the priviledges that come with being an American!

    1. Kim

      Good points jean, even though you left out ‘if they want to be treated like Americans they should become citizens legally’. Personally, I’m wondering what is more appealing to an illegal immigrant:

      To be treated better than US citizens and be forgiven for breaking our laws, and rewarded with percs the rest of us couldn’t dream of getting


      To be treated like US citizens and have their ‘privileges’ constantly reduced in the form of new anti-second amendment laws, higher taxes (to support illegals), erosion of constitutional freedoms, government spying, targeting by the IRS, etc.

      Giving an illegal immigrant a license does not translate into working legally and paying taxes like the rest of us (the 40% who work for a living and don’t exist by feeding at the taxpayer trough).

      But wait, once they get a license some laws will need to be passed to make those licenses pay off in the form of legal jobs (for illegal immigrants), thereby keeping actual citizens from getting those jobs. And guess who will have to pay for those licenses and that insurance because, after all, these illegal immigrants aren’t supposed to have legal jobs but they MUST be able to drive.

      Like everything else the government does to screw it’s citizens, this is called ‘incrementalism’. The liberals will get what they want (immigration reform and new Democratice, non-citizen voters) whether it’s right or not; whether its’ legal or not; whether it’s moral or not, and whether the taxpayers want it or not.

      Where can I sign up to become an illegal immigrant? I could use the tax break, and could benefit from all the percs that now exist as well as those that will be forthcoming by virtue of my breaking the law.

      Any anti-Second Amendment folks out there beginning to see the light? Are you starting to get a glimpse of what our founding fathers created this amendment for (to control overreaching government)? If not, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention to the news of corruptin in the past week alone. What will it take to open your eyes?

  4. Ant

    Make legal gun owners felons and give driver licenses to felons . Now they will be able to vote. Just you wait and see

    1. Kim

      that IS the ultimate goal – any guesses who the voting will benefit? You can be sure it’s not the taxpaying citizens of this country

        1. Kim

          D: Can you say ILLEGAL?You may have clarified whether or not an ILLEGAL immigrant is a felon or not, but they’re still lawbreakers.

          Also, many ILLEGAL immigrants also live off the taxpayers and get free or subsidized food, housing, medical, welfare, schooling, phones, child care, etc.

          Please provide us with a link to instructions on how to prevent such abuses. Perhaps a second link on how to depose our so-called ‘lawmakers’ when they pass laws that pardon criminals at taxpayer expense

  5. Paul Bartomioli

    Apparently, no supporters of this legislation are aware of the FAKE ID industry in CT.

  6. Common_Tator

    Why not just give ‘em gun licenses at the same time!? Another social engineering success by the people who brought us: “EARLY RELEASE!”

    1. Kim

      Common: if they give them gun licenses you can be sure that they’ll be exempt from the new CT gun laws. How will they be able to defend themselves against potential threats from outraged citizens with only a 10-round magazine?

  7. mr.bob in the woods at rockwell park

    illegal aliens getting drivers liscences , wait till they are sitting on a jury deciding the fate of us citizens ! way to go ct ! ooops I meant undocumented workers please don’t arrest me for not being poltically correct .

  8. The Conn-servative

    Given that it is a federal crime to aide and abett an illegal immigrant,everyone at the state House should be arrested on this charge. Additionally, the federal government should withhold ALL federal dollars to the state until it is rescinded. They do this kind of bait and switch with with other things to include not lowering your dui blood alcohol limit,then no federal D.O.T. monies.

    1. bill

      Con-Serv: It would be one matter if these folks were lazy and trying to munch off the system. but most if not all of them are hard working, they add skills to the work force, and they should be paying taxes and have responsibilities like the rest of us working jacks.

      We are an immigrant country. I know all about the travails of coming to a new country 108 yeas ago in my family. They did anything for a living to start. Hard work paid off. yes, I agree that the government has been an absentee one with respect to illegal entries. but 10 million is too late to change. We can’t deport 10 million. the wise choice is to make them legally responsible and make them subject to the same registrations. do you realize how much the economy will grow by accepting 10 million into the system? At the same time, the borders must be strengthened to prevent continued cross border incidents. you family and my family added to the economy of this country by simply buying necessities and thereby expanded the economy.

      You are only worried that the bulk of the Mexican migration will become democratic. That is your main beef. Is that correct? if it is, it is faulty and visionless reasoning.

      1. The Conn-servative

        There’s so much wrong and inaccurate with your response I’m having difficulty as to where to begin.
        Anyway,first of all we’re talking 25 million illegals,not 10. Secondly, how doe’s the economy grow by just having this number of illegals imbeded into it ,legally? We already have on average nationally, 8 % unemployment. This we know doesn’t include those who have fallen off of the unemployment doles, so at a minimum unemployment is probably 15-16%. There are some states who’s advertised unemployment is 14 -16%.
        Additionslly,there are already rules and laws for pathway to citizenship. How is that fare to all who have played or are currently playing by the rules?My grandfather fought in the trenches of France during ww1 to get his citizenship. Why should the laws be bent for the illegals?And that segways to your next part:they want to bend the rules for them because it is a voting demographic that they want to seize upon,just like the inner city vote from Johnson’s Great Society,who have yet to be weened off of the government nipple. Generational dependancy.All of this in the aggregate, is severly contributing to the demise of the middle class. But the secular regressives actually want this so that 90% or more of the population are dependent upon the government and the other 10% or less are consider the ruling class made of the political,legal,and corporate types.
        They can all be sent back through regional deportation centers. Think of the jobs that will created with this venture and finish the wall. Chaos and confusion are part of the secular regressives plan. One of their instruments toward implementing it,is not enforcing illegal immigration.Most civilized and even uncivilized strictly enforce illegal immigrants. I KNOW why we don’t.

        1. bill

          Conn-Serv: I can’t take time to respond because you are emotive rather then intellectual. You don’t seem to have much socio-economic studies in your background. I’m afraid you are a hopeless cause, like a few others I have met here.

          One point I will leave you with; our government ignored the cross border problem for decades. it is the government’s fault. Now, after decades of allowing those who came in illegally to demand a reverse migration of 11 million NOT 25 MILLION, is simply not within the capacity of a civilized nation to do so. Stalin could do the job. Mao could also do the job. As well, Hitler.

          Now, you want to use these people as a scape goat for all of your perceived wrongs in society. Your argument has no bases of reality. The reality is to deport those who have criminally violated American law. The great bulk that have been living here existing under the table should be ingratiated into the economic and social structure of society. Friends of mine have married Mexicans and their children are as American as apple pie with whipped cream on top.

          Your philosophy reminds me of the Nativest political parties of the 19th century. The prejudice of such people achive nothing. Just a fear that our lilly white society is some how, after being ordained by God himself, going to disappear.

          Then the Amish came over, the Anglicans feared they would become marginalized. When the Italians came…when the Irish came, when the Chinese came… When the Jews came… When the Africans were dragged from the villages…

          Do you understand that the great promise and greatness of the country lay in greatest human experiment of modern man; the caldron or mixing pot of peoples form all over the world carving the new man. Other countries feared the loss of their native cultures. We have embraced each others culture and have learned and grown from it. Our country has produced/invented at least three major musical genres that the world now emulates. And that is only music to say nothing of digital age in which Americans from diverse backgrounds and some with lingering accents, virtually invented. We have been first in just about everything and while other nations are catching up – and they will catch up when they realize that embracing other cultures and peoples is the only way to evolve on into the future.

          You and I have nothing to worry about except worry itself. (hey, I think I will use that line again.) So chill out and enjoy this little sliver of god’s light we have been so privileged to pass through.

          you have nothing to worry about.

          So I lied. I did respond to you. And I hope I did so adequately.

          1. The Conn-servative

            I feel so priveledged that someone as a higher order such as yourself has taken the time to respond to someone placed in stearage such as myself.The likes of me who can’t compete intellectually with your profound words and hints of academia. I don’t know what to say……I’m speechless. I don’t know how you stoop to bend down to the likes of an inferior such as myself. Wow….

          2. Ant

            You didnt respond well at all. Comparing hitler and stalin to deporting criminals is ridiculous. Conn- Stated multiple facts while you stated your feelings. In a debate that’s not enough. Sorry bill….

          3. john

            Ummm. Pretty sure in the 80s regan gave amnesty and no boarder was every secured. But hey karma sucks and go live in arizona an see how many leave the scene. You think they will pay for insurance. I bet we will have a socialist program for that as well. You know we pay a little more to give those who don’t want to work. I like that one I think ill use it.

          4. bill


            I one owned a business next to a Korean laundry. I had befriend the family over a period of years. I eventually moved one and one day years later I returned to have some cloths cleaned. The wife was excited to tell me how one of her daughters was getting married. So I asked, “American?” She responded, ‘Oh, no, no no. Korean boy. No internationalism.” It was her way to communicate that she was satisfied that her blood line would remain “pure.” Well, she lucked out this time. But no doubt, the next generation of her blood line will include other cultures. And she my first resist. But she will learn to accept and love and be proud of her future mixed culture American grand children.

            This is the American experience whether you like it or not. Be proud of it.

          5. bill

            Conn-Serv: I occasionally stoop down to toss a coin into a po man’s hat – if he is old enough. Maybe you are that person.

          6. Kim

            Ant: that’s what libs do(“like a few others I have met here”). They accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of, such as accusing someone of being ‘emotive’ via a post full of emotions but disguised as reason.

            For example, why should illegal immigrants be pardoned and allowed to stay? Because they have assimilated and are ‘as American as apple pie’. No reason, nothing about laws or right or wrong or what’s right for the citizens of this country, just feelings.

            The great promise of this country? Not to live as free men and women under fair and equal laws unaffected by royal whims or the desires of an ever-changing majority, in a society guided by personal responsibility and accountability. No, the promise of this great country is that of a cooking experiment with all cultures tossed into the pot. That cooking pot is responsible for the creativity mentioned, not the freedom of human beings to think and build according to their intellect, courage, and individual character traits. Such are the teachings of todays’ liberal professors who glare down at us from their ivory towers in scorn and pity for our ignorance.

            The country is being overrun and ruled by individuals and groups who think like this and whose primary loyalty is to their previous country or La Raza or some misguided UN-AMERICAN philosophy instead of to the country and its rules that they struggle so hard to join, illegally. Their rules hold productive, hardworking citizens in thrall to criminals and takers and call it ‘social justice’. Their disrespect for our laws manifests itself in their very first action pertaining to our country – their illegal entry. And those who should be called traitors to America and its ideals applaud and reward them for these acts and are then held up as heroes. This, while those who love and respect this country enough to stand in line and wait for their opportunity to join us LEGALLY, are forced even further to the back of the line in order to accommodate criminals.

            But we have nothing to worry about. Not if we want to be like those countries everyone else seems to be trying to escape from.

  9. CPEve

    Rep. Juan Candelaria … said the bill would “benefit everyone in this room and every resident of the state because…the next time you see a car passing you by, you will know that that individual has a drivers license, that that vehicle is registered and insured.”

    What does a driver’s licence have to do with a vehicle being registered and (especially) insured? Is this guy in la-la land? All the licence is going to do is allow the state to collect more money (always a motive) and provide ILLEGAL aliens another level of legitimacy. Is the licence going to be anotated ‘illegal alien’ in any way, or is it going to be identical to mine? Licences are routinely used for identification everywhere and are a defacto symbol of legitimacy and residency.

  10. CTAShipOfFools

    Soo… when they are issued a driver’s license are they no longer “undocumented” immigrants?

  11. The Racist

    I had nothing against immigrants, i’m from immigrants parents but after living in one of those states that had so many issues with illegal immigration like dangerous criminals,cheap labor,prostitution..ect.ect, giving them licenses is like calling them over to this state i heard a bunch of mexican’s saying that they are giving us chance over here in a couple of year’s the state of conneticut will become a state of hate.

  12. Gregg 3 Gs

    We want to discourage illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. and from coming to Connecticut. Making life more comfortable for them by allowing them to have driver’s licenses (and access to in-state tuition) does just the opposite. This doesn’t provide any incentive to use legal means to come to the U.S.

    The way you discourage a behavior is to make life difficult for those who engage in the behavior. It’s just basic behaviorial conditioning. Send these people back to their home countries, regardless of their age and regardless of how long they’ve been here. If they have family here, well, tough.

    Our legislators are creating a cozy haven for illegals. We want just the opposite: we want them to stop coming here and those who are already here to leave. They don’t bring skills — if they did, they would have been able to secure work visas and they wouldn’t be working under the table, shirking federal and state income taxes.

    Illegals are falsely romanticized as poor but good people who endured difficulty and risk to come to the U.S. for a better life. This is wrong. They are sneaky and criminal and leeches. They need to go.

    This includes Mariano Cardoso, the “almost engineer/almost teacher” who isn’t because he goes to a community college, which only offers an associate’s degree and you need a bachelor’s degree for those jobs.

  13. walls

    What a pantload. Criminal illegal aliens have committed a FELONY; they are generally from 3rd-world craphole countries. They generally don’t even speak English. How do we reward felonious behavior?

    The libtards know no logic. Why should honest citizens pay for any of this crap? Time for a tax revolt. Time for real Americans to take matters in their own hands. Time for real Americans to make our own damn laws! Time to save the Republic.

  14. Kim

    If it’s ok to pass a law holding illegal immigrants harmless for breaking our immigration laws by rewarding them with legal drivers’ licenses, maybe they should hold legal owners of ‘assault weapons’ and large capacity magazines exempt from the new gun laws. Better yet, repeal the ridiculous law. Why should illegal immigrants be treated more respectfully than honest, taxpaying, law abiding citizens?

  15. The Conn-servative

    Many of them won’t be able to afford the insurance,so guess what will be next for them? Another $100/month towards insurance coverage courtesy of Malloy,Sharkey,and Looney.

  16. elaine

    And yet the people of Connecticut continue to vote democrats into office again and again. What is wrong with the people of Connecticut, why won’t they open their eyes for once and vote the Democrats out. All the Republicans voted no on this bill.

    1. Kim

      Elaine: it’s called ‘handouts’. And the takers outnumber the providers. Include government employees among the takers. They all know (but few admit it) that they have it far better than the private sector worker in terms of job security, benefits, retirement age, etc, but continue to support collective bargaining and control over the government that should fall under RICO laws.

  17. Dogma

    Despite being a devout Liberal, I am painfully forced to side with the Conservatives on this issue. Our laws suggest no one may materially gain from the commission of an illegal act. Trespassing and violating sovereignty should not qualify anyone for benefits of any kind. Illegal, under any other term remains illegal and should be addressed as such. If you find an un-invited person in your home, your first response would not be to offer them a driver’s license. Many of these unfortunate people are here out of sheer desperation; while many employers willingly exploit their vulnerability. Invariably, it serves to further tax the system that currently overburdens us today. It is indeed a difficult situation for all and requires the correct redress. This proposal, unfortunately, does not advance that goal and may further contribute to the problem.

    1. Kim

      Dogma: but what about the heartbreak of watching families being broken up when parents who came here illegally 15 years ago are forced to return to their country while the children born in the states can remain?

      Did that tug at your liberal heart strings? THAT emotional response is the hammer wielded by liberals to pass laws that drag our country – and it’s hard working citizens – down.

      Politicians are supposed to be elected to see beyond emotions and to guide our country according to reason and law.

    2. deep44

      Good for you Dogma. Your are the first liberal who believes in abiding by the rule of law. Thank you although an article several months ago in the CT Mirror reported State employers are counseling Latam arrivals on how are welfare system works thus I’m sure word has spread through out South America, CT is a freebee state. We also know the White House has sent Staffers into the mexican counsulate to offer food stamps. So, while I understand your sympathy for the desperate people, I dont think there is much evidence the desperate are coming across the border

  18. Bob Fortier

    All I can say is “WTF” are we doing in Connecticut? let me remind out elected officials that “undocumented” means they are here “illegally”…Period!
    I have to register my magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, but illegal trespassers get a shiny new drivers license, healthcare, housing, and free junk food. I find it appalling that the idiots we elect to represent us cannot understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. If these criminals are going to pay for insurance, they need to be working illegally as well to earn the money for the premiums. Are not we spending billions a year to stop illegals from working in this country? Is this country losing it’s moral and intellectual minds????? Our legislators are making “following the rules” a joke, and waste of time for the rest of us. I have to register my magazines, but they come here against the law already as a felon, and get a drivers license, when they should be locked up, then deported.
    And don’t bring up my parents and grandparents immigration history. They came here legally. Get it? NO?

  19. IOU

    sharkey- malarkey, we just invited 57,000 aliens over for free dinner indefinitely
    bring us your huddled masses… Just learn English and become legally documented
    Stay STRONG Republicans

  20. pete

    Is this MEXICO or the US of A. This bill is strictly geared to the hundreds of thousands of ILLEGALS living in CT. DANNY BOY continues to suck up to barry obama who wants amnesty for the 60 MILLION ILLEGALS living in the US because they vote for the ‘RATS. Think about this DANNY BOY AND THE ‘RATS AND A few RINOS like McKinney and Cafro vote to take away guns from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and give licenses to ILLEGALS. This after DANNY BOY and the ‘RATS gave in state tuition to ILLEGALS. You want to help fight ILLEGALS STOP DONATING TO ALL THE CHARITIES THAT SUPPORT THEM – THE CATHOLIC CHURCH UNITED WAY SALVATION ARMY, FOOD BANKS SOUP KITCHENS AND ON AND ON AND ON. And oh by the way DANNY BOY AND THE ‘RATS ARE LOOKING TO TAX US MORE SO HE CAN GIVE MORE MULA TO THE ILLEGALS

  21. Joe Visconti

    And this is why I am running for the Republican nomination for Governor of CT. What’s next, what the heck is next with these elected traitors to the Constitution and the rule of law? Visconti for Governor, that’s what’s next!

  22. FedUp2012

    Just remember that the entire House of Representatives did NOT vote in favor of this bill. NONE, ZERO, of the Republicans voted for this bill and nine Democrats crossed party lines and said no as well.

    The one surefire way to change this liberal agenda in Hartford is to vote these fools out of office. When only 20-30% of voters turn out for an election, there’s little arguement that can be made that “everyone” wanted things to change. Voter apathy is destroying our country. Don’t blame the Democrats for thier liberal agenda; blame your neighbors who were too lazy to go and cast a vote against the Democrat. And be sure that the Democrats will continue to bus voters to the polls and continue to get as many people registered to vote as possible. Until the GOP rises to the occassion, you can expect more and more of the same.

    1. Brian Jud

      I’m progressive and thus I’m sure I disagree with your positions on a lot of issues. But you just made a point I’ve been trying to make when people complain about how Democratic this state is: vote them out if you don’t like it! You’re absolutely right.

      Conservatives should have figured out by now that showing up en masse to comment on the Internet does not equal showing up to the voting booth.

  23. Wendy

    As a naturalized American citizen I find this repulsive. My family went through all the legal channels to immigrate to the United States and when eligible we all became citizens. So now these CRIMINALS can sneak across the border and be given the rights held by American citizens. The argument that it will make the roads safer because they will now be able to buy insurance is ridiculous, do they really think they will be worried about buying insurance. What the legislature is doing is just rewarding and condoning illegal activity. If illegals are so worried about being caught why don’t they got back to their countries of origin and apply for legal entry into the U.S. What’s next, will they be given the right to vote and run for political office.

    1. KitKat

      Thanks, Wendy, for providing that point of view. I work in an industry that hires a lot of tech workers – and a good chunk of them are foreign nationals who are meticulous about ensuring that they maintain their visa status in order to live and work LEGALLY in this country. I give them a lot of credit – it’s not the easy way, but they’re doing the right thing.

      1. The Conn-servative

        But you need not worry about being the one man band here on the blog,because at the end of the day,what really matters is the wrong-doings going on at the capitol,and that is where you have the upper hand. I really don’t understand why you post here because your utopian society is being unravelled everyday in Hartford under the gold dome. Effectively,your kind have absolutely nothing to complain about. Your biggest complaint is that your getting opposition from us on the blogs,talk radio,and FOX.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Bill – It’s 3:56 pm, do you know where your fellow socialists are? Don’t you feel like a skunk at a lawn party here?

      1. bill

        con-serv: Actually, I was working all day today. What were you doing? Waiting for your social security check?

        1. The Conn-servative

          Nope. I still have many more to put in. And probably more than I realize because of people like yourself that feel those that don’t contribute should get something. I hoping someday to actually see a lib lead by example and write a fat check,> than 10k to Danny just to put their money where their mouth is. And I’m not talking some rich person who’s doing it to write it off as charity. Somebody with modest means who from the heart feels it’s the right thing to do. Unlike many with your mindset who have no problem basically telling me to hand over more quid to help the lazy,able bodied,and possibly illegal adult.Yup. That’s my bitch for da day.

  24. Will

    Wait til they find out insurance is $1500-$2000 a year – they ain’t gonna buy insurance.

  25. Bela Bartis Jr.

    To all the lawmakers and the citizens. Please think before you say or write something. This is an excellent step that needed to be solved long time ago, but pleas let us do this Jan. 2014 and or even before. Let us see what this new law does. It helps all “illegals to drive legally” . By driving legally we will have more of them insured, they can take driving tests, and we can have them go through a background check and we will know they residency. All of them are positive contributors to the economy, safety, and security. They need to prove that they are a constant resident for at least two or more years, thus we will not get a sudden flow of illegals coming to this state. Further let us give them a tax ID – not a social security but a tax id, so if they work let them pay taxes, and let them buy insurance. Also agree that they should not get any social services, since they are here illegally. Let us support the positive growth and all actions that help our economy. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your attention.

    1. Kim

      Bela: I’m wondering where the ‘thinking’ that you demand of others, is evident in your post.

      –What about this bill makes insurance a done deal?
      –What about this bill relates to background checks?
      –What about this bill provides any evidence that “All of them are positive contributors….blah, blah”?
      –What about this bill gives them the right to work, making a Tax ID a viable option?
      –What about this bill prevents them from getting social services?
      –What about this bill reflects ‘positive growth’ or help to our economy?

      1. bill

        Kim: When you mocked me for saying Mexicans were as American as apple pie. I didn’t say that. I said that I have know American friends who have married Mexican and their children were as American as apple pie..

        but I guess that you just read what you want to think and that becomes your reality.

        1. Kim

          bill: speaking of ‘reading what you want to think and that becomes your reality’, please point out where I used the word ‘Mexican’

          1. Billy Yo

            Kim; No, I used the word “Mexican.” You said, “For example, why should illegal immigrants be pardoned and allowed to stay? Because they have assimilated and are ‘as American as apple pie’.”

            If you are to quote me, don’t take it out of context – which is what right wing nuts usually do to make a slanted point.


          2. Kim

            you really need a reading comprehension course, gollum. You also need a writing course so your words match your thoughts – the rest of us aren’t mind readers. I read your words and responded. If you didn’t mean what you said or said it incorrectly, don’t blame others.

  26. ctman

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!!!! Illegals having rights!!!! They are Illegals!! They have no rights! Illegals coming into other countries get shot! Here in CT we give them Drivers license!!

    So when I went to the DMV to get my “new federal” driver license that cost more and I had no choice to get I had to show three forms of identification (W-2 or tax form, Birth Certificate, and social security card) There had to be at least a birth certificate and the Social security card…..what are these illegals going to have to show????? They can’t/don’t work legally, they have no birth certificate, and have no social security card??? So we are now going to make exceptions for them???? They are privileged to the same license I am even though they are not citizens!!

    Our government has failed us!! We need to take back Hartford NOW!!!

  27. disgusted

    ILLEGAL not undocumented. So tired of the political correctness B.S. Call it what it is!

  28. Mother of Two

    Last time I checked, you cannot buy insurance without a social security number and a job. The only way an illegal immigrant or undocumented person can get money to buy insurance and pay for the license is to work illegally. So the legislature is encouraging people to commit more illegal acts….

    1. The Conn-servative

      The legislature itself has committed an illegal act by aiding and abetting illegal immigrants,which is a crime per federal code.

  29. Daily Caller

    There are 49 other states for illegals to choose to live in. Way are we making our state a magnet to live here. Anyone with an IQ above freezing knows this policy is bogus.

      1. bill

        we don’t need any more liberal votes here. the state is sown up already. We need to send them to Texas so we can turn the state blue as the ocean.

        1. The Conn-servative

          As we speak,a list of blue state socialists is being sent to all red states respective governments so that whenever anyone moves into said red state,you and only you based on your socialist background, will be subject to the same taxation and liberalism that you invoked in your home state.After all this is what you believed in up North,so why would you “flee” the area you believed you made better. Yup,to spread and force your liberal views even more onto everyone else.Because you screwed up one state,doesn’t mean you’re going to screw up another(red) state. By the way,we’re going to have separate gas pumps for you: pull right up and pay $7/gallon.The hi tax will go to pay for my healthcare and retirement and to finish up the expenditures on the wall.Us connservatives will be paying a whopping $2.50/gallon and will still enjoy our firearms rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.Oh yeah,did I forget to mention that your shotgun needs to be surrendered because guns were bad back in Ct,right? If you want to enjoy these things without paying,you’ll just have to stay in CT or NJ,NY, CA,etc. We’re just invoking the opposite onto what you have invoked on us here,that’s all.

          1. The Conn-servative

            My foundation KTRR, Keep the Red Red ,will insure that noble states such as Texas will maintain their heritage based upon the existing Constitution. Won’t you consider a meager donation?Please,it’s for the children?
            The IRS list crap that’s going on now in principal will be put to use against you socialists in future years. Mark my words. I know, I need to get a life.

  30. john

    Can you all stop complaining. Our government knows what is best. Just pay your taxes and keep your mount closed, even if you open your mouth it will fall on deaf ears.
    They are too busy voting in the middle of the night and not hearing public input. Election shall be fun, Bring it on I am ready. Also just read 80% of crime articles. The names say it all.

  31. john

    Rather then file bankruptcy just change your name to jose and you are golden. Free stuff that is FREE. It’s all free. I don’t know where they get the money but it is free stuff.

  32. Przemek

    It is approved for sake of basic fairness? How is this fair to my family and other legal immigrants. We waited in line for years to be given opportunity to come to this great country. We paid our dues and I can assure they were no trivial. It costs money to come here legally. But we didn’t complain. I was naturalized 6 years after coming here, I learn English (with thick accent for sure but I did). Now I am being assaulted with Spanish everywhere. Is this what this country has become? Another Spanish province?
    Our state clowns will legalize illegals as our Congress clowns are preparing ground to legalize all 13 million of them. I see their lust of additional taxpayers is quenched still. Don’t they realize they are opening road for even more of them to come here in a way that violate laws of this land? Does it really take my immigrant view to see this? They wont see this as amnesty but as invitation to break more laws.
    I want my children to speak English maybe German or French so they can travel but not Spanish.

  33. walls

    I truly hope several legislators and DANNY BOY are reading these comments. There is widespread public opinion against this – just as there is widespread public opinion against “immigration reform” aka full-fledged amnesty. But just as Congress will ram amnesty down our throat, the State Legislature will ram illegal drivers licenses down our throat.

    I think I now know why Homeland Security and *BIG SIS* ordered 1,600,000,000 rounds of ammunition. Molon labe.

    1. Przemek

      I doubt these crooks even know how to read. They certainly do not betray any ability to think beyond their personals interests.

  34. Sharpshooter

    Once again the Democrats have ruled against the will of the majority of Connecticut citizens, voters and taxpayers…it’s the first step to allowing them to vote…next time let’s vote for adults with a vision for the state

  35. The Conn-servative

    Wasn’t sure where to put this,so here goes: When Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder are going to run on the same ticket in 2016,the political signs are going to say ” Weiner Holder”.

  36. walls

    1. I am trying to find this House Bill number, and the voting record of each rep. Does anybody have that info?

    1. The Conn-servative

      Funny you should mention that.I don’t see any bills’ voting record on the state government website. Am I to cynical in thinking that our beloved socialists under the gold dome don’t want this info easily obtained? Yeah,it must be me.

  37. jschmidt

    The Q poll of Malloys performance has Malloy doing a great job across the board and approves giving the undocumented drivers licenses must have questions 1446 illegals. The poll results are not reflective of any one I know most of who can’t stand Malloy. CT is crazy to approve this. Let Congress deal with it first. Malloy and the Dems are destroying this state.

  38. walls

    From KHOU.COM in Houston, TX today:

    HOUSTON — The man accused of hitting and killing a Harris County sheriff’s deputy while driving drunk was in the country illegally, a judge said in court overnight.

    Andres Munos-Munos, 23, was charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of Sgt. Dwayne Polk.

    Gee – won’t it be great after illegals get to drive legally? This guy was previously deported, but he returned illegally AGAIN! If Munos-Munos had a CT license and lived in CT, I’m *SURE* he would modify his behavior, get insurance, and be a responsible little illegal ….. right legislators?

  39. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    How’s everyone enjoying one party liberal rule the last two years which has resulted in:

    1. Biggest income tax increase in Connecticut history
    2. Early release for violent felons
    3. Gay marriage
    4. Decriminalization of marijuana
    5. Higher minimum wage
    6. In-state tuition for ILLEGALS
    7. Drivers licenses for ILLEGALS
    8. New gun control legislation for law-abiding citizens
    9. Wasteful capital spending (Busway; Jackson labs)
    10. Corporate welfare for billionaire companies
    11. Borrowing money to fund state operations
    12. No layoff clause in union contracts during a crisis
    13. $1B state deficits as far as the eye can see
    14. Highest gas taxes in the country

    I’m sure I’ve missed some other awesome results from our libtardian overlords.

    Keep voting these fools into office and watch as they continue to destroy our state.

    1. The Conn-servative

      15. bathroom gender bill
      16. #14 addendum : gas tax to go up .04 cents on 7/1 :)
      17.Proposed budget defunding of the hospitals

    2. Billy Yo

      Opps. Kimarian Cimarian, Circling, Patrick Henry, Fake Jefferson, Truther, the list of split personalities.

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