House GOP\’s Larry Cafero Maintains Position, Following Videotape Shown At Federal Trial

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House Republican leader Lawrence Cafero maintained his position Thursday that no one ever left $5,000 in cash in his office refrigerator, despite testimony to the contrary by a cooperating witness at a trial in New Haven.

Cafero made his statement following the release of a new video of Cafero and the witness that was shown Thursday at the criminal trial in the campaign finance scandal that led to last year\’s Congressional defeat of House Speaker Christopher Donovan.

\”I stick by my story 1,000 percent,\’\’ Cafero told Capitol Watch.

The secretly recorded video shows Cafero talking to Harry Raymond Soucy in Cafero\’s office in the Legislative Office building in Hartford. Soucy, a longtime union member and Democratic supporter who became a cooperating witness in an FBI sting operation, turns to Cafero on the videotape and says, \”You got anything cold to drink in there?\’\’

The two men then discussed that there was water in the refrigerator, and they both walked to the refrigerator.

Soucy mentioned that \”if you happen to find something later.\’\’

It was not immediately clear from the tape what exactly happened when the two men walked over to the refrigerator on the other side of the room, but Cafero can be heard saying, \”No, no, no. You know what I mean.\’\’

Cafero maintains that Soucy\’s statement that he left $5,000 in the refrigerator is false.

\”When I heard that was his testimony, I said, that\’s patently untrue,\’\’ Cafero said Thursday. \”That\’s a patent lie. No one left $5,000 in my refrigerator that I found and gave to [Republican aide] John Healey to go to return. And I stick by that story. And if there\’s a tape, I\’m dying to see it, too. But I can\’t react to something I haven\’t seen.\’\’

\”All I know is what he testified to yesterday never happened,\’\’ Cafero said Thursday. \”He never left $5,000 in my refrigerator that I subsequently discovered in cash and gave to John Healy to return. Never, ever.\’\’

When asked to rate the credibility of Soucy on a scale of 1 to 10, Cafero initially did not answer. Several minutes later, Cafero said that Soucy\’s credibility is \”negative five.\’\’

When asked if he wanted to travel to New Haven to the trial in order to testify and clarify his story, Cafero said no.

\”The good news is I\’m not on trial,\’\’ Cafero said. \”I haven\’t been accused of anything. I\’m not being investigated. But when your name is brought up at a trial that you\’re not a part of, I have no idea what he\’s saying. I\’m hearing it third-hand.\’\’

Regarding Soucy, Cafero added, \”Yesterday, he contradicted the testimony of the guy who testified the day before, who said it the way I said it. Yesterday, he says, \’I left it in the refrigerator. Cafero finally gave it to John Healey.\’ He contradicted himself.\’\’

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11 thoughts on “House GOP\’s Larry Cafero Maintains Position, Following Videotape Shown At Federal Trial

  1. Fred

    So wait, what did Cafero think was in the envelope? It looks from the longer video like he saw it was cash and called in his aide to walk outside to take/redirect it. If it was for his campaign, he knew he couldn’t take it during Session. If it was for the Republican PACs from the Corrections Union (as he stated yesterday) that would be very odd since they would give at an event if at all. The longer video shows he knew it was from the Smoke Shop owners, particularly since one of the owners is a close friend and the shop (Tracey’s) is in his district.

  2. Richard

    Larry was pissed. Everyone knows SEBAC and the CFT and CT Teacher Unions leave their cash in the freezer. Never the fridge.

    The Refer? Rank amateurs.

    1. Midas Mulligan

      Kim aka betrayed Democrat: Guess you called on us today. Our old friend the Professor. Quote:

      “Carl Solomon says:
      May 17, 2013 at 9:00 am

      Kim; Your sociopathic predispositions are exceeded only by your ability to lie. You know and you remember what you said to me before. You continued to hound me with your perverse desire to have me please you.

      While, I never judge a man’s interest with which gender he wishes to cohabit with, I never gave you any such inclination and you continued to harass me for days until Jimmyboggs stepped in with a psychological profile on you. Only then did you go silent.

      I cut and pasted these insidious demands and saved them in case you want your memory jiggled a little further. And you are a racist unless you have since reformed.

      I have returned to teaching part time and I don’t have the time to post these days. It seems I haven’t missed anything of note.”

      And don’t tell me, Kimmie baby, that the cat has your tongue. And no, I didn’t assume his profile name. Gotcha. Busted.

      Proof pudding that you made those nasty remarks. Ha ha…

      Care to respond, you social deviate?

      1. Connecticut is Circlng the Drain

        You nitwits should be committed. This is a political blog. Get some help.

        1. Midas Mulligan

          CT is Circling:

          I already am committed. The problem is the other guy. Hie isn’t. So you really are not him? Hum… Could have fooled me.

          Politics: Here is another corrupt office holder. It really doesn’t matter which party they are in. Many of them are rotten to the core.

        2. Kim

          perfect. the MORONS IN STEREO are back.

          Gollum billy once again compulsorily lying while admonishing others to ‘cut the crap and I will’.

          what a poor, pathetic creature you are billy gollum

      2. Kim

        Seeing me around every corner again, billyboy? Can’t get me out of your little mind? Must be painful when all you have in life is me haunting your every waking moment, popping out of shadows to taunt you, dogging your every step. Boooo!! LMAO

        How’s your shrine to Kim coming along? Let me guess – it’s in the rest room that you are so obsessed with. What a perfect subject for Criminal Minds you are becoming – a patehtic little toadie consumed with someone he’s never met.

        Time for a fitting for a long-sleeved jacket.

  3. Finster Baby

    I love it how Democrats believe the felon Soucy and his attempts at Cafero BUT felon Soucy has no credibility when he bribed Donovan or Murphy. Just another example of the hypocritical Democrats.

    I’m waiting for Malloy to weigh in Cafero….he, of all people, should know what it’s like having the Feds accuse you of something that you did not do (I.E: Feds investigation into Malloy’s $$ for his Stamford House & Stamford City Contractors).

  4. Larry

    Larry has the worst memory of anyone in the LOB. How does he remember how to get to work each day?

    “I can say until I’m blue in the face that I’m a real estate attorney. I do land-use stuff. I only get paid on what I work on, and I can only work on — by contract and ethics — matters that have absolutely nothing to do with the state,” Cafero said.

    The emails show that Ritter had discussed the board appointments with Cafero and other top-level legislators at various times and reported back to Thomas D. Kirk, the president of CRRA. In an email slugged “Cafero appointment” on Dec. 10, 2010, Ritter wrote to Kirk that Cafero “will be appointing Mayor John Harkins of Stratford to replace [Shelton Mayor Mark] Lauretti. He is a real good guy — was Larry’s deputy in the House and a good friend. Regards, Tom.”

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