House Vote Tally Sheet On Landmark Gun-Control Bill — Read It Here

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Here is the tally sheet for the House of Representatives\’ vote at 2:26 a.m. Thursday, giving final approval to the big gun-control bill. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy plans to sign it in a ceremony at noon in the Old Judiciary Room on the third floor of the state Capitol.

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55 thoughts on “House Vote Tally Sheet On Landmark Gun-Control Bill — Read It Here

  1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

    Thank you, General Assembly. Thank you, Governor Malloy.

    The overwhelming majority of the people spoke and you listened. And you didn’t kowtow to the bullies.

    Pray that this is a game changer for the rest of the country.

    1. Keith

      It’s just to bad. We had an opportunity to do good things with this bill and we did, but then we threw in a bunch of feel good items that will do nothing to protect anybody. It was the perfect opportunity for anti-gun nuts to take advantage and pass their own agenda. I voted for my current House Rep. last election and will do my best to get him voted out in the next election. This was very disappointing.

      1. Bo Dega

        Keith, it’s called democracy. And the majority has ruled. What else do you expect? A lazy susan for your own pick and choosing?

        1. James


          That’s democracy.

          Too bad we don’t live in a democracy. Too bad we can’t just do a push poll so we get the numbers we want and then create legislation to achieve our goals. Too bad we have that piece of toilet paper that grants us our authority standing in the way of our goals. Too bad we can’t just dispense with it.

          Oh, wait. We do.

          Nice try on the democracy thing, though.

          I’ll put my poll results under their nose the next time and we’ll get rid of…hmmm…the Equal Rights Amendment.

          Yeah, that’s it!

  2. glenn hamilton

    This legislation would not have stopped Lanza. The Gov knows this. The above list should be used to vote these left wing liberals out of office. This is bi-partisn. Get rid of any Dem or Republican that voted for this. Ct will be better off. Tar and feather them!
    {Don’t do this literally. I do not want to go to jail}
    Good luck Ct on receiving registered magazines. You guys and gals are something else. So glad I left Ct. I am disgusted!

    1. Bill

      Glen, don’t worry. With what has been said on these blogs, taring and feathering is low risk on the totum pole. i found it funny.

  3. Richard

    Which will be more effective in reducing gun deaths?

    This legislation? Or Homeland Security’s focus on CT as the NorthEast drug corridor with ongoing round ups like the New London 100? What about the newly funded ‘Project Longevity’ that profiles the 1,000 most likely felons to use weapons in violent crimes in the the three notorious kill zones located in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport?

    We can be sure gun control advocates will say it was this legislation.

        1. Richard

          94 of 129 Connecticut homicides in 2012 took place in the kill zones in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford. 73% of CT homicides. These zones are targeted by Project Longevity.

          Factor in increased enforcement by Homeland Security using advanced surveillance on CT illegal arms and drug dealers and that has the makings of profiling the right suspects to bring down the murder rate.

          The rest is a legislative show to answer immediate demands for action.

    1. me too

      richard, why does it need to be one or the other? both will impact death by guns. certainly, the drug culture is rampant with killing. it is the single biggest detriment to social and community breakdown.

      but guns by their nature, do only a few things and one is to kill. accidents, suicides, vigilantism, house protection and the kid gains access and plays with his friend and the gun goes off.

      anyways, the issue has been talked to death. everyone’s opinion has hardened. i wan a gun free society and I am sure of my position. I am not happy that CT could not go farther and ban most guns. But I will take the best that could be had under the circumstanses.

      we have a gun culture in the country that is akin to a disease. it has no doubt been forstered by the many wars we have sent our soldiers to fight in and when they return, they continue the enjoyment with the guns that once kept them alive in the theater of war.

      but society is not a theater of war. we don’t need guns. most of us don’t want guns. the 2nd amendment was an abomination to include in the constitution. so was slavery. man is imperfect. and the founders created two sins one of which we had to fight a terrible fight to abolish. now, most of us will fight this one too.

      it’s funny in that when the British banned guns, the law passed overwhelmingly and it was not a partisan divide. Both labor and conservative voted in favor. In Australia, the conservative government of the then prime minister supported the banning of guns. but in this grand country of ours, no, we have to fight endlessly. America is the very imperfect bastard orphan of England. And it shows.

      1. James

        “America is the very imperfect bastard orphan of England. And it shows.”

        Your love-of-country overwhelms me.

        Tell me, do you care as much for your neighbor?

        And don’t hide behind the gun things as evidence of your concern.

        1. me too

          James: I mostly care about my neighbor. That is why I prefer no one to own guns. so everyone stays alive longer.

  4. Welcome to Serfdom

    They earmarked 200Million to implement this legislation, as if we needed another excuse to raise our taxes.
    The level of corruption and cronyism in this state is off the charts.

    What’s sad is the citizens that supported this will be the victims of it. Not one single part of this legislation will protect our children and families from harm.

    Useful idiots: the dim bulbs that can’t see the shadows of the big picture.
    Mental health wasn’t even touched in this.

    “Comprehensive legislation” a term used to describe policies that don’t work.
    How many shootings will we have in Ct this upcoming weekend? I’ll put the number at 5

  5. Diane Lambert

    Thank God something was done, what is more important than our children! We have a moral responsibility to address this for those 20 babies and adult educators we lost in such a horrific way. And for all the other children and adults senselessly killed everyday by guns. I don’t understand people who fight against this, don’t you have children and grandchildren you want to be safe from this kind of violence? Thank you Gov. Malloy and Sen. Don Williams and the other legislators who had the courage to do the right thing! Shame on those who didn’t! Now let’s get it done nationwide. They all deserve a vote!

    1. Richard

      I live in one of the 3 CT counties which averages under 1 murder by firearms a year. Many hunters and collectors are out here who will be unduly burdened.

      I’ve no use for guns but like many I prefer targeted legislation that addresses the areas where firearm deaths are most prevalent and targets the people most likely to cause violence. The rest is gun control for the sake of political posturing.

      You might think since the legislature is in one of the 3 CT kill zones they would pass legislation to clean up that kill zone first. Do it as a proof of concept. A national model. A matter of pride. The problem: accountability. Such a proposal would force the legislature to be effective. They’d rather swing at moonbats than be effective. It’s part of the secret handshake. The shysters credo. It’s the Democratic way.

    2. himmler

      Nothing is more important now we need to abolish the 1st ammemdment so the state will be free to declare marshal law and take the guns with force and no one will be able to voice their opinion. Then we will all be safe if only 10% of gun owners are killed that wont be bad. Its only for our safety and the government is always right.

    3. bill

      Diane, please don’t forget that the far greater percentage of gun killings happen in urban settings and we should be even more outraged over these less spectacular incidents. Each of these deaths belonged to a family the grieves every day. Don’t forget them.

    4. Jeb joboloski

      Diane thanks for highlighting the depth of ignorance in this state. You with the koolaid stains freshly applied to your lips.

      1. KL

        Jeb, thanks for highlighting how old white men (I am presuming you are) can’t get with the times. Can’t wait until the younger generation (me) takes over and doesn’t have to deal with all your nonsense anymore. Grab your guns!! The day is coming… :)

      2. Jeb

        The imposter and coward Kim, aka Patick Henry, who hangs out in men’s bathrooms, posted it. He is a sociopath.

      3. Kim

        Every libertard mother of child bearing age should be sterilized. That is the way I feel about liberals.

    5. sam

      You are as big a fool as the people who voted for this if you think this will make you safer and protect you from the criminal element in our society. it is such a shame you and people like yourself are so naive.

      1. me too

        sam: It’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. so I’ll put it to you. Do you still carry the montra that you are law-abiding? if you do, you will need to register your guns You will need to follow the letter of the law. If you don’t then you are an outlaw and your word was a bold-face lie.

        Which is it brother.
        BTW: No one is talking your guns away from you. but we now want them registered.

  6. himmler

    I think we need to start tattoo a number on gun owners.
    Then when we are in public we will be able to see if we are safe or not. Guns are to dangerous in the hands of anyone other than the state. Then when we get ride of gun violence we can start to ban knives like in the UK.

    1. Richard

      Litchfield County reports 1 homicide by firearm in the last 5 years the USS reports are available (2007-11) and that was a Domestic Incident with a registered weapon in 2008.

      You just can’t get the old hunters out here excited about this kind of legislation. They look at that kill zone surrounding the State Capitol Building and think they are governed by either mad men or the blind, deaf and dumb. Or both. It’s the great Tea Party divide.

  7. Dave

    Too bad our politicians in Washington don’t have the backbone that our Ct reps have. No one needs a machine gun. Those that want them just want to “play army “.

    1. Truefacts

      Who is talking about machine guns, the ban is about semi-auto rifles. A machine gun is select fire full-auto, get the facts right or dont say anything.

    2. sam

      Thats the problem here you people didnt even know what guns you were voting to ban. Most of the people who voted for this law admitted they didnt know anything about guns yet they voted to ban them. This state is run by fools

  8. Marcus Porcius Cato

    My family has been in Connncticut for nearly four hundred years. I have always loved Connecticut. I was born here. But in my lifetime, I have watched my state decay. The Economy, as tax policy has chased manufacturers away and the highways and roads are in a deplorable condition. Morality, as restrictions on evil behaviour have been removed and penalties for genuine criminal acts have been relaxed. And now Liberty, as the rights of the righteous are stripped away and replaced with the chains of slavery with gun laws more appropriate for the People’s Republic of China or the Third Reich. The irony is that these laws will do nothing to prevent murderers from their sinful acts, but merely take from the law-abiding the ability to defend themselves. I must think long and hard about my continued residence here. I feel guilty sending in my income tax cheque this week, for I know now that it supports those who are against everything in which I believe. May God forgive me for paying taxes to Connecticut.

    1. KL

      Ah yes Marcus, Connecticut… the Axis of Evil. Your delusion scares me. Maybe it’s time for you and your family to see what it’s like not to live in one of the safest and most well off places in the WORLD. Spend some time in Africa, and then tell me how hard life is here.

      1. sam

        Kl marcus’s so called delusion may scare you, but your blind support of the fools that run this state I bet scare a lot more people.

  9. Gregg 3Gs

    Too bad banning things doesn’t have any effect on criminals who are intent on causing major damage and then committing suicide. Does anyone remember the HDI shootings in 2010, when Omar Thornton shot up a bunch of his coworkers using a handgun? Or the Connecticut Lottery Corp. shootings in 1998? In both of those cases the shooters used handguns. If Dr. Petit had had a gun in the house to defend himself he may have been able to put a stop to the rampage of Hayes and Komisarjevsky.

    A criminal intent (however that intent arose, whether through mental illness, retribution to a perceived societal wrong, or just natural depravity) does not care about what kind of gun or how big of a magazine the law says you’re allowed to carry or where you’re not allowed to carry them. He’s going to get the equipment he needs to carry out the job.

    The only difference with strict gun control is no one will be able to pull a pistol and shoot the criminal dead in his tracks.

    This gun control legislation is only supported by the emotional outcry from the families of the Newtown victims and the absolutely false implication that if you vote against gun control you don’t care about little kids being killed. Enacting this gun control law is a useless action that solely serves to mollify the hurt of the Newtown victims’ families but fails to serve the purpose it is supposedly really for: to prevent deranged people from inflicting gun deaths.

    I’m sorry for the loss of the Newtown families, but this legislation is not a panacea to completely prevent further such incidents; in fact, it’s snake oil — it will do no such thing.

  10. Dave

    No one talks about something we lost nearly 50 years ago. After JFKs death, presidents don’t ride in open-top car. Don’t we have a God-given right to see the president in an open car?

  11. Carla

    Well Adam Lancza must be ecstatic today. His goal was to harm as many innocent people as possible. Well, congrats to the CT legislature for helping him go further with his goal, by imposing legislation that will lead to many hundreds of innocent people losing their jobs as their companies move out of state. Think about it…many hundreds of FAMILIES impacted by this legislation (= thousands of people), which if it had been in place for years now would not have prevented Newtown. Congrats to the CT legislature…you now stand alongside Adam as terrorists inflicting suffering on the citizens of CT. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. The Conn-servative

      The Third Reich of CT doesn’t care about imposing on anyone beliefs that don’t fit their agenda.Remember the shooting at FT Hood over 3 years. Obama and the lamestream media were quick to point out immediately that we mustn’t jump to conclusions about the perpetrator and his Muslim,anti American background.They were calling for everyone to be careful about stereotyping and labeling until a full investigation was done.Fast forward to Sandy Hook,admittedly children were involved,which strikes the heart of everyone,but the government and medias response was and has been completely biased.Conclusion,we must tread lightly not to offend any groups,even though many were slaughtered.These is liberalism is a mental disorder.

  12. sam

    Hopefully all these people that voted for this will be voted out of office in the next election. What part of “shall not be infringed on” dont they understand?

  13. Carla

    PS You can bet the arrogant CT legislature didnt even consider it a possibility that gun manufacturers would all leave CT…they are arrogant as can be, esp Dannel. These companies will all leave…you can BANK on that. Lots of states will roll out the red carpet for them. CT is led by arrogant, ignorant politicians whose only priority is politics and their own personal position in the political world. I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. Lets see if they put 1/100th of the energy into helping thousands of people – the families of the folks employed by the CT gun makers – when these peoples lives are turned upside down and inside out. Of course they won’t because they are poor excuses for people.

  14. Paul

    Gun manufacturers are merchants of death. Let them shutdown. Lives will be saved. This legislation didn’t go far enough, but is better than nothing.

    1. Chris

      So, more deaths each year are attributed to driving drunk… With that logic, we should shut down all car manufacturers and alcohol distilleries? SMH

  15. Tom

    Interesting the Malloy and his fellow pols want to ban these weapons while at the same time offering financial inducements to persuade the company that makes the Bushmaster to move to CT. We also have Mossberg in North Haven producing a similar weapon. Interesting that Malloy and his fellow moralists promote the manufacture while prohibiting the sale of these weapons? Bottom line: The CT voting public is highly impulsive and easily manipulated by the likes of Malloy, hence this public gets the overpriced, underperforming government services that it deserves.

  16. Carla

    @Paul. So you have no concern whatsoever for the families of those working at CT gun companies. You are a liberal at their very best…completely delusional and self-centered around your (completely screwed up) beliefs. You and Adam will make great partners in hell.

      1. Kim

        Every libtard mother of child bearing age should have her tubes ripped out. That is the way I feel about liberals.

  17. Sean

    “Tubes ripped out”?!?! Sigh. This is why thinking people know you and people like you are utterly insane, and you have no business near a keyboard, much less a gun.

  18. vincent228

    I would like to say this in the kindness to all those that were FOR this legislation. If you are a person that feels very strong about your convictions, I “challenge” you to show it. do not spit comments and insults to other on facebook and twitter. But show the world your pride of conviction and put a sign in front of your house that states “this is an UNARMED home”. If you dont, and you were for this gun legislation, “you are a coward”. If you were for this legislation and you do put that sign in front of your home, I apllaud you for publicly showing your convictions. Please send me an email. I will keep an eye on the newspaper. When I see your and your families obituaries in print from a deadly home invasion by a armed assailant with an illeagal handgun, I promise to attend your funerals.

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