How Are You Feeling: Gallup Well-Being Survey

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All those states that Nugmeg haters keep telling us are better places to live?

Sorry, people don\’t feel so hot there, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-being Survey.

\"gallupAmong the top states, Connecticut isn\’t at the top, but with a score of 67.6 more Connecticut folks are feeling better than in, say,  Mississippi or Texas. The survey asks  about daily enjoyment, worry, stress as well as access to health essentials, such as  money for food, shelter, and medicine and a safe place to exercise. It also measures the percentage of residents who smoke, exercise frequently, and eat healthy daily.

It\’s important to note that the top states for feeling good about life are a mix of red, purple and blue, proving, perhaps, that politics and taxes don\’t matter when it comes to happiness.



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3 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling: Gallup Well-Being Survey

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Since Rick thinks I’m in the nutmeg haters group, I’d like to clarify that I don’t hate Connecticut. In fact, there are many things about Connecticut I love and would miss after living here for many years.

    What I hate is the one party liberal rule in this state which results in endless spending, borrowing, and taxes, endless social engineering, endless entitlements, endless protection of and giveways to illegals, ever growing state Government, the union ownership of Democrat politicians, and media bias in the Courant. I hate that our children can’t find jobs in this state and leave after being raised here. I hate that Connecticut’s idea of growing business is to substitute corporate welfare giveaways for creation of a competitive business environment. And I hate that liberals think the answer to all our problems is to double down on the above.

    I am not naive in thinking that the politics of a state generates happiness. However, what is happening to this state politically and economically ticks me off to the point of wanting to move to another state. If that makes me a hater, so be it.

  2. enness

    I’d rather drive in West Virginia any day – just saying. My blood pressure wouldn’t spike the minute I left my parking lot.

  3. justme

    I have lived in California 15 years. Utah 10 years, Idaho 15 years, Colorado 6 years, Illinois 6 years, Pennsylvania 5 years and Connecticut 10 years. Of those states my rating is California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Pensylvania, Connecticut and Illinois. To me it is all about quality of life, family and life style. Presently I am retire snow bird in Floida. I do think the nation has a problem with liberalism and is destruction of quality of life in general.

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