How Would Marketplace Fairness Act Affect Connecticut?

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The Senate voted Monday to move forward legislation that would allow states to require online retailers to collect sales tax. Connecticut\’s two U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy both voted to invoke cloture and move the bill to the floor.

Rep. John Larson is an original co-sponsor of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which is expected to pass the Senate. The bill has also been introduced in the House.

\”Connecticut\’s small businesses deserve a fair shake against larger, online retailers,\” he said in a statement earlier this year, adding that the measure would \”bring greater equality to the marketplace and help Connecticut collect revenue that it should already receive.\”

\"amazon\"Current federal law requires Internet retailers to collect sales tax in states where they are based, but does not extend this requirement to out-of-state retailers. A 2012 study from the National Conference of State Legislatures estimated Connecticut loses $64 million in uncollected tax revenue that year.

In February, Gov. Malloy announced that Amazon, the world\’s largest online retailer, would start collecting sales tax in Connecticut this November, part of an agreement to open a distribution center in the state.

Malloy and Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan both support changing federal law on online sales tax.

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8 thoughts on “How Would Marketplace Fairness Act Affect Connecticut?

  1. justme

    Wasn’t this struck down by the Supreme Court when Connecticut tried to collect taxes this way???

  2. justme

    Shouldn’t we look for responsible spending rather than increasing taxes? We are taxed enough and it is our irresponsible spending that is the problem. Those states that have responsible spending are not raising taxes. One should look to those states for guidance.

  3. bill

    Online retailers have had unfair advantage over bricks & mortar stores. And for this and other reasons, stores have had to close thus adding to unemployment. Fairness dictates that online stores collect taxes.

  4. Jeb

    $64 mill? Is that all? Wow, our fearless leaders of all that is just and right will piss that away in mere seconds with a quick swip of the pen.

    1. Kim

      Jeb, did you say “piss?” You know how any words pertaining to that business gets me going and flowing.

      1. billy-the-liar

        So billyboy, in the blog called MOMENT OF SILENCE you said “Kim, that was funny, too. let’s try and be more funny and cease personal attacks with our remarks remarks. I will hereby cease any nasty personal attacks on these blogs for the remainder of this week and if it holds and is reciprocated, indefinitely”

        What a surprise to see that once again – just like always – you break your own word and act the fool. Your lying is too well documented for anyone to expect otherwise.

        No wonder Kim tears you up so often – it’s becoming clear that he is right.

        1. jimmy boggs

          so r u kim or betrayed? or patrick henry. or circling the drain or Ct is dying.

          so maybe I slipped. here is the deal; we stop maligning and besmirching each other.
          if you continue to need to hide behind an alias, you choose only only and so will I. Because you know as well as I that we all can play this name change game.

          yes or no.

  5. enness

    “bring greater equality to the marketplace”

    I wish. In reality, probably all it will do is bring greater animosity toward the state of Connecticut.

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