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4 thoughts on “Income Tax: Who Pays?

  1. johngaltwhereru

    Why wasn’t this obvious data on the front page of the Hartford Courant, or any other “news”paper prior to the election?

    Why didn’t a single “journalist” confront Obama or Congressional Democrats with this information when they lied to the morons about “fair share” crap.

    Corrupt lying idiots.

    1. Da Troof


      Lets not let facts get in the way of a good class warfare rant. In 2009, the top 10% of earners earned 43% of all income and paid 71% of all federal personal income tax. Meanwhile, the bottom 50% earned 13% and paid 2% of taxes. How’s that for “fairness?”

      The dirty little secrets not being told by the media or by the Obamanation are 1) the wealthy already pay more than their fair share, 2) Obama’s $1.6T tax the rich plan over 10 years puts only a 15% dent in continuing Trillion dollar federal deficits, 3) SPENDING, and specifically ENTITLEMENT spending, if not controlled, WILL bankrupt this country, and 4) should interest rates run up due to inflation, increased debt service payments will hasten our demise.

      Wake up America. You have been sold down the river by Sir HopeNchange and the complicit media. The “fiscal cliff” will look like a speed bump compared to whats to come when these idiots get through with us.

  2. Richard

    The hidden figure is this: The governments total Income tax Collection is $838 Billion and the deficit is double that or $1.6 Trillion.

    In other words if we doubled income taxes across the board including corporate income taxes ($200 Billion) and cut military spending in half ($350 billion) we’d be still be running a small but manageable deficit of $250 billion that could be offset by raising the cap on payroll taxes.

    At that point the effective tax rate in the US would be over 60% for those with an AGI over $200,000 a year.

    Then we get into the necessary raises to make CT solvent and covering the unfunded Pension and Health care bubble.

    That would raise state income taxes to 10%.

    And Hartford students would still be in failing schools, Joblessness in the city would still be a problem, mortgages hard to qaulify for, and state payrolls bloated beyong belief, etc.

    Why raise taxes for a system that doesn’t work and defends the right not to be held accountable?

    It might be worthwhile to understand why poverty and homelessness weren’t solved with that massive deficit and stimulus. When you figure out Obama’s real class hatred then you can chuckle with the rest of us.

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