Indiana Jones At State Capitol Friday

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The canine version, actually.

State Rep. Diana Urban holds her rescued pet, a Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix named \”Indiana Jones\” at the capitol Friday. Rep. Urban brought Indiana Jones to a press conference to promote HB 6690, a bill that would establish a process for appointing an advocate for the welfare or custody of an animal that is the subject of a criminal proceeding.


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11 thoughts on “Indiana Jones At State Capitol Friday

  1. Richard

    Finally some good legislation. Don’t give the pet advocate the kind of powers given to Teresa Younger otherwise all kennels, vets, and pet stores wuld be required to have free spaying services or otherwise forced to close their doors.

  2. kuma138

    did this little guy take his turn at urinating and deficating on our constitution as well?

  3. kuma138

    so let me get this straight. a day after they pass a bill that would suppress the safety of humans, the house proposes a bill that provides better safety for animals. is this really happening?

  4. for now a free man

    She is typical of the lunatic left that controls this state and country. Every time this idiot opens her mouth, we are all diminished having her represent us. Watched her during the gun bill , and no surprise, she was a complete idiot there too. There She should be examined by a mental health professional to see if she is competent. Shame on you who vote for these people.

  5. for now a free man

    When i see pictures of Adam Lanza, Colorado Movie shooter, Shooter of Giffords, I see the same crazy look in this crazy women. Somebody do somthing before she inflicts mass casulties.


    Can we get any more ‘fluffy’ than this…let’s hope the sponsor of this trite bill is sent packing in her next attempt to fool the public…

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