John Rowland Takes Down Martha Dean on Sandy Hook Hoax Video

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In an extraordinary radio interview that aired Wednesday afternoon, former Republican Gov. John Rowland, now host of a drive-time talk show on WTIC, relentlessly grilled Martha Dean, the former Republican nominee for attorney general who had posted a Sandy Hook truther video on her Facebook page.

\"rowlandThe exchange, which took up most of the 5 o\’clock hour, touched on an array of topics, from the Lusitania to Benghazi to Susan Smith.

But Rowland, a surprisingly nimble and aggressive interviewer, spent most of the time trying to pin down exactly why Dean thought it was a good idea to post a video that casts doubt about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed the lives of 20 children and six educators.

\"martha\”People want to know why you posted the video on your Facebook for Facebook followers,\’\’ Rowland asked. \”What was the purpose, what was the point? What were you trying to prove, what are the questions that you\’d think that people need to bring up in Connecticut..that\’s what people want to know.\”

Rowland called the video \”vile\”and \”toxic,\” and pointed out the pain it could bring to people who lost a family member in the rampage.

Dean said she uses her Facebook page as a forum for ideas, some of which she agrees with and some of which she doesn\’t.

But Dean also say repeatedly that the video \”raises questions\” about the narrative that unfolded on Dec. 14. Among the questions she cited: How did shooter Adam Lanza get into the school? (He shot his way in.)

Was a man in camouflage supposedly seen on school property a second shooter? Police say no, but Dean appears unconvinced. \”I believe Adam Lanza is the shooter,\” she said. \”I do not know whether he\’s the only shooter. I do not have enough information to know that.\”

And was the government involved in the shooting in any way? Dean says it\’s \”theoretically possible\” but \”highly unlikely.\”

Dean had other questions. \”How was it that every single child was shot dead? It\’s very hard to do that,\’\’ she said. \”When you look at the other mass shootings…even if you\’re trying to kill everyone, it\’s very hard to do it when you\’re not using an automatic firearm.\”

Dean is a lawyer and Rowland is not, but he continually pressed her when her answers were vague and rambling.

Here\’s one example:

Dean: \”Let me just say the assumption that the parents are harmed by people who want to get to the truth–they have the same interests, they want to get to the truth, they want to now what really happened in Sandy Hook…so we as a people and a government—\”

Rowland: \”You don\’t think the parents know what happened at Sandy Hook?\”

Dean: \”Why? No.\”

Rowland: \”You don\’t think the parents of these children know what happened at Sandy Hook?\”

Dean: \”Why. Why it happened.\”

Rowland: \”Of course the why. The investigation will be going on for months.\”

Dean:  \”But that\’s what I\’m saying. Just like we had everyone in the state participate and to vote on what kind of capitol we want — that\’s how we have our capitol building, we should have everyone put their questions down and there should be a repository of questions. If people are offended by them then nobody\’s tagged with these questions, put them all down, get them to the investigators…because many of us have experience–\”

Rowland: \”So what questions do you think are not…the conspiracy thing and all of the hoax video–\”

Dean: \”Forget conspiracy. I want to know….who he was talking to online? Because that is…\”

Rowland: \”All that stuff is going to come out, but how does posting this hoax conspiracy video get to that?\”

Dean: \”I\’ll show you. So, for example, the man in the woods. I want to know how he got into the school. I want to know–\”

Rowland: \”He didn\’t get into the school.\”

Dean: \”He didn\’t get into the school?\”

Rowland: \”He was a guy in the woods, they grabbed him, they questioned him, and let him go, everyone knows that.\”

Dean: \”No no no how Adam Lanza got into the school with his firearms.\”

Rowland: \”We know—that\’s already been reported. He blasted his way through the front door.\”

Dean also took issue with Rowland\’s repeated referral to the \”hoax video.\”

Dean: \”You call it a hoax video, I call it a video raising questions, some of them are offensive.\”

Rowland: \”So name one question that\’s legitimate.\”

Dean: \”Did the guy in the woods who\’s running away in camouflage…could [he] have been a shooter from outside and so Adam Lanza could have been inside while somebody else is working from outside through a window or whatever and we don\’t know the answers to these questions.

\”But I want to know who was Lanza in touch with, what medication was he on. We know that their are medications that change behavior. It\’s been proven with these cases of people who are cannibalistic……they\’re on drugs, how could a human do that? … who kills their own mother, especially a good mother, drugs can do that.\”

Rowland: \”The video goes so far beyond any of that. They questioned whether the parents were even lying about their children being dead….the suggestions are all over the place that this was a movie set, the suggestions all over the place that the government wanted this to happen.\”

Dean: \”I don\’t endorse any of that.\”

Rowland: \”So what do you endorse from the movie?\”

Dean: \”I endorse asking questions and I endorse asking questions that go beyond what the media are asking, and go beyond the questions that perhaps the investigators are asking and trying to get those questions together in some central place…\”

Rowland: \”Do you think the video is cruel to the families of those victims, yes or no?\”

Dean: \”I think there are aspects of it that are hurtful and thats why I apologize for posting it even for general discussion purposes.\”

But, Dean added, \”you know there are many things that are cruel that are out on the nightly news. You wouldn\’t want to see a murder of your son or husband in Benghazi
and yet there\’s full video footage of the horror that occurred in Benghazi online.\”

Rowland: \”So you\’re comparing the mainstream media with a conspiracy hoax video?\”

Dean: \”I\’m saying in an investigation where we\’re trying to get to the facts, it is a very uncomfortable process and it makes the victim feel more victimized.\”

At one point, Dean talked about a snippet of video showing one of the parents of the murdered children smiling. Conspiracy theorists have seized upon that as \”evidence\’ that the killings did not happen, but as Dean herself noted, victims don\’t spend all their time crumpled in a heap of tears. She said she was 16 and learned that a close friend had died, she laughed because she was in shock.

But Dean also said that reaction could be a potential \”red flag\” to investigators.

Rowland: \”We\’re going to investigate the father of one of these poor children killed?\”

Dean: \”No, no, investigator looks at all of the different pieces of information and starts running alternate theories, possibilities, at the same time and ruling them out as information comes in that allows you to rule them out…\”

Rowland didn\’t take any calls during the interview but he promised to let the public weigh in when he returned to the topic on Thursday. Stay tuned.


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60 thoughts on “John Rowland Takes Down Martha Dean on Sandy Hook Hoax Video

  1. Kathy

    I am not a fan of John Rowland’s. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the Martha Dean interview I heard today. He did a great job asking probing questions that she seemed unable to answer competently. The conspiracy theory is disgraceful and I hope that this interview will help show how unrealistic it is and how people are using it for questionable reasons.

  2. Jeff P

    Bravo, Gov! (I may not agree with some of your viewpoints, but you are right on the mark with this.)

    She is a lunatic. As in “from the moon”. No compassion. No empathy. No credibility. No one in this country and most of the civilized world who heard the horrific details of the assault and saw the devastated families, classmates, friends, neighbors, first responders and reporters could imagine UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE that this event was fabricated. None whatsoever!!

    How embarassing that this woman was running for a state office and could have been our state’s chief legal officer. Now THAT’S a NIGHTMARE! Her ability to clearly understand basic issues is now in question. Reality versus a bad taste hoax. She can’t tell the difference?? Her excuse that she wanted to bring this issue up for discussion is as relevant as the loonies who still want to hold a certified copy of Barak Obama’s birth certificate or “know” that there is a colony of aliens at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps Area 51 has a place in her heart, because there’s not much going on in her head if she bought the conspiracy theory hook, line and sinker. If she were living off the grid in the wilderness in Idaho with her assault weapon clutched firmly in her fist, I might give her a little leeway, but she is a local resident who saw this terrible massacre occur in real time on local TV, yet she doubts that it really happened?

    That she doubts its veracity takes my breath away. I am hearbroken for the families and ashamed that she is from my state and that ANYONE would believe her drivel.

    1. Dennis

      I agree with Blorf. Detestable people like yourself are the reason America is dying. I bet you have an arsenal of guns too.

  3. Don Pesci

    So then, after all the chatter, did Mrs. Dean defend that part of the video that suggested the events at Sandy Hook were staged? That was the gist of the putative hoax, right — that the slaughter at Sandy Hook never occurred, that actors were simply playing parts for some inscrutable reason. I heard her say repeatedly that this suggestion was nonsense and that she regretted posting the video without a disclaimer that she disagreed with that fanciful presumption. People make mistakes, some more serious than others. Mr. Rowland certainly knows that. Every time Mr. Rowland walked M Dean to that plank, she declined to jump into the roiling sea. What’s left is a stupid video that raises questions no one can answer authoritatively in the absence of a definitive investigation report – which is not due until in March, well after legislators write their bills without the benefit of having all the facts at their disposal. Stay tuned indeed.

  4. Connecticut Man1

    Why is a crazy person saying crazy things treated as “news”? Why did Rowland waste people’s time interviewing a loon? Why did an allegedly credible news source like the Courant waste the pixels to rewrite the interview of a nutjobber? Why not just write that there are insane people in the world and point Dean out as one of them?

    1. moove

      …because she was once nominated for one of the highest judicial offices in our government. The crazies are driving the bus in the GOP, and no one in the party seems to realize this.

      1. Connecticut Man1

        For the most part Nutmeggers do realize it. Did you see the slaughters at the polls? The only GOP candidate that even fared well was Andrew Rorabach, not coincidentally the only sane GOP candidate, the only one with even a hint of moderation, of the entire bunch.

        He probably did have some extra oomph on that one because his Dem adversary was not “lefty” enough to make a clear distinction between them with the voters. But the numbers were pretty clear.

  5. Shortcircut

    Has Martha no trusted (and sane) advisor willing to tell her to be quiet. She is now certifiably pathetic and seems intent on destroying whatever is left of her credibility.

  6. Michael Ash

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this ranks right up there with Representative Debra Lee Hovey’s insensitive remarks…and beyond.

    Thank you former Governor Rowland for not taking her remarks at face value.

  7. M Wayne

    While there seems to be little doubt Adam Lanza was the only perpetrator of the Sandy Hook tragedy there is an open question as to his motive and whether or not some out side influence may have been involved.

    By killing his mother and destroying his computer hard drive Lanza thwarted the investigative question as to possible contacts with others prior to the tragedy. The fact that there appears to be no explained motive for his actions is suspiciously too neat and tidy. The destruction of the hard drive was a deliberate attempt to conceal something he felt could be important after the fact…What was it?

  8. Margaret

    So, a liar felon questioning a crazy woman is news? Thank goodness I have better things to listen to. That’s why they have Playlists.

  9. Kim

    I thought John did a great job of showing what a wing-nut she is. He never let up, was persistent in giving her opportunities to explain her fantasies… and she had nothing. I was shocked she didn’t just walk away. She had to know how bad she sounded.

  10. saramerica

    Don, you reduce your credibility as a political commentator by defending this woman. As you well know, I’ve not been a John Rowland fan in the past, but I think he did what too many in the GOP didn’t have the guts to do because they were afraid of the political fallout. What most people heard listening to that interview is an breathtakingly insensitive person “apologizing” in one breath yet then going on to state the facial expression of Robbie Parker, father of victim Emilie Parker, was a “red flag” that warranted further investigation – despite the fact that she admitted that when she heard a friend died as a teenager she laughed. Dean then went on to question how the shooter could actually have shot all the children dead. Really? First responders are in trauma from what they saw in those classrooms and this woman has the audacity to question that they were shot dead? It isn’t just crazy, it’s cruel and evil and by defending her, you enable that.

  11. B2H

    Like the others before me, I don’t have much time for John, but this sounds brilliant. If more journalists would take these ‘hoax video’ idiots to task for their views, we might have fewer of them. This goes not just for the Sandy Hook nonsense, but for the birthers and all the others.

    As far as this perpetrator is concerned, I hope never to see Martha’s name on a ballot again. If I must see it, I hope her opponent takes the tape of this and other similar broadcasts and simply runs them non-stop for the duration of the campaign. Of course, there will be some folks who simply cry, ‘ditto’, but fortunately they are not of the majority.

  12. Joseph

    I have to give it to Dean, though, she held her own without flying off the handle due to Rowland’s somewhat harrassing of her. Maybe someone should ask HIM tough questions about his involvement in those bribes of his. He’s actually come out with this little tidbit of information. and NO, I don’t care for her views on so-called Hoax. Everything can be proved and pretty much it was so far. AND I have a friend’s who daughter was killed in that senseless incident so her argument falls flat.

  13. Joseph

    And either, those who are wearing those tin foil hats will still believe it because a so-called official said it was. OMG, it’s like Bachman when she said she believed in UFOs if I’m not mistaken, lol…how funny was that.

  14. Joseph

    Oh, and the man in camoflauge was a parent of one of the kids at Sandy Hook. since they couldn’t prove it, they placed him at the front seat of the police car. Although the conspiracy theorists think that was some inside information, lol…it’s obvious he didn’t pose a threat. It’s just hilarious how conspiracy theorist go on about life. It’s usually one conspiracy after another.

  15. always ask questions

    i found it ironic that people are congratulating Rowland for his “probing” questions. However, when others ask “probing” questions, they’re called conspiracy folks. Talk about being hypocritical. While I don’t believe everything in this “hoax” video, it does raise some questions that have yet to be answered logically. Again, if the media was asking this questions, no one would raise an eyebrow, however when others do, they’re called freaks. I’ve always said, question EVERYTHING. I’ve done this all my life and a number of times it has even saved me grief.

    1. Palin Smith

      There are dozens of Hollywood movies raking in money that are much more demeaning to women and children. Why not ban those?

  16. sue

    WHO CARES Dean is a quack and JOHNNY BOY IS A CROOK. Remember HE went to JAIL for tax fraud and got a special deal because Georgie Boy was President and Kevin O’Connor cut JOHNNY BOY a special deal and got to e #3 in the justice dept and yes Kevin’s wife once worked for Johnny Boy and his wife’s Daddy is good friends with George Pataki. You see all the scum swims together. JOHNNY BOY plays like he is some outsider when he FACT he is a dirt bag. Remember the $120K GHOST jobs his pals created for him in Waterbury. Once a crook always a crook

  17. LoonPatrol

    I certainly hope that Martha Dean has her pistol permit revoked after clearly being identified as a loon.

    @ConnecticutMan: This crazy woman ran for AG during the last election cycle. This is certainly newsworthy and if for anything, the keep her off of any future ballots.

  18. frosty

    Republicans and some democrats are easily duped by crazy people. This nut job actually received 44% of the vote in 2010. Imagine if she actually won and was our attorney general today!!!!!!

    1. Palin Smith

      She would be protecting law-abiding citizens, not vilifying them. You’re thinking is typical of Connecticut’s voting public. You love the corrupt politicians, and the list is very long.

  19. James J. Connolly

    Just for the record, more than fifty Tea Party Republicans wrote on various Hartford Courant sites to not only defend Martha Dean but to pronounce their belief in a second shooter and a government conspiracy related to Sandy Hook. The Connecticut Republican Party faces a big job in purging the rightwing kooks and preventing them from having any influence in the state party. The Tea Party kooks are killing the Connecticut Republican Party

    1. Connecticut is dying too

      when is your party going to purge its left wing kooks? Oh wait- they’re mainstream now.

    2. Palin Smith

      The CT Republican Party committed suicide long before the Tea Party emerged. The Tea Party was the salvation of the Republican Party in every state in the 2010 mid-term elections, but not in Connecticut. Why?

      Ct Republicans are little different than Democrats on the biggest issues. Connecticut’s voters rarely get a chance to choose between a real Republican and a Democrat. So, why vote for a fake?

      1. James J. Connolly

        More blather from the kooks who are destroying the GOP. The “Palin Smith” Tea Party loonies have turned the GOP into the fruitcake parade.

  20. JBlock

    Rowland was so much more of a leader than what we have had since. It’s too bad. He would have been much more comforting to the state and the families. Martha Dean is a looney toon, most people know that.

  21. Don Pesci

    We are all under an obligation to try to say the truth. Here is my commentary, so far, on the events in Sandy Hook:

    I invite you to go through all of it with your fine tooth comb and tell me precisely which statements there lessen my credibility as a political commentator.

    You might especially be interested in this graph, written long before Marthagate burst on the scene:
    “The absence of authoritative reports and data is the breeding ground of conspiracy theorists. No conspiracy theorists so far – though it may be best to keep quiet about this; you never know – has alleged that those who believe the earth is round are engaged in a vast conspiracy to subtly undermine the truth, which is that the earth is flat, as everyone can well see. For the professional conspiracy theorist, there is no point in doubting received truths of long standing.”

    Just to take you up on one point. You write: “What most people heard listening to that interview is an breathtakingly insensitive person “apologizing” in one breath yet then going on to state the facial expression of Robbie Parker, father of victim Emilie Parker, was a “red flag” that warranted further investigation – despite the fact that she admitted that when she heard a friend died as a teenager she laughed.”

    If most people heard Mrs. Dean say that the facial expression of Mr. Parker – he happened to smile before he faced the media – “was a red flag that warranted further investigation,” then most people did not hear correctly. Mrs. Dean indicated that such responses were not unusual in such stressful situations, and she recounted her own similar response to the death of a friend.

    Mrs. Dean should have steered clear of the conspiratorialists. She didn’t, and she apologized for it. If you want to know why there are so many of them, you have only to read Don Pesci on Sandy Hook here:

    I can only hope that this communication is credible enough to induce you to actually read what I write before you conclude that any of it is incredible.

    1. Ignore Sara

      Mr. Pesci- Please do not feel the need to defend yourself to ‘saramerica’ who is a far left bomb thrower. One only needs to spend a few moments reading what she says on other social media to see she is off the rails as well. Her goal here is to try to disparage you as well by baiting you into a defense of something you did not say or do. This is democrat playbook, page 7.

  22. Palin Smith

    John Rowland is THE only person who kept this mini-controversy going. Most of the country thinks Connecticut is ruled by fruitcakes. There’s no doubt about it now.

    The nutty nutmegger legislators who always defer to illegal aliens and violent felons are now planning to steal basic constitutional rights from law-abiding citizens. That’s the real story in Connecticut.

    Whatever the truth about the horrendous Sandy Hook Massacre, the gun grabbers have been tripping over themselves to be first in the nation with politically correct feel-good measures intended to disarm or tax gun owners.

    Government’s trail of unintended consequences is a deadly path. It’s mental health access that must be the focus. All the recent mass murderers are mentally ill young men. Their parents were terribly remiss either in missing the tell tale symptoms of a crazed killer or being unable to afford or find quick psychiatric help for their sons.

    1. Pete

      They were mentally ill men in “Gun Free Zones”. These nutcases know were to go to inflict maximum carnage. NO RESISTANCE! That is also what the government wants, NO RESISTANCE!!. I don’t believe the consequences are unintended when it comes to the government. I believe they no exactly what they are doing. They want CONTROL and don’t want us to stand in the way. Any gun legislation proposed would not have prevented the tragedy in Newtown if it was law prior to the event. This is just an excuse to push through legislation to disarm the citizens. Spoons don’t make people fat just as guns don’t make people kill.

      1. Dr. Steve

        Wrong on several counts. Recent mass shootings have not all occurred in gun-free zones. The Arizona shooting. Fort Hood – that one occurred on a military base, pretty much the opposite of a gun-free zone and still 13 people were killed. So, according to your logic we only need to make schools more heavily armed than military bases and the problem will be solved. Also, I doubt very much that if an assault weapons ban were in place, that Mrs. Lanza would have resorted to illegal means to obtain one. And thus, armed with hand guns only, Adam Lanza would have had a much harder time inflicting so much death. Call me crazy, but having a bunch of paranoids with assault weapons isn’t a recipe for public safety.

        1. dying waste of a state

          sry dr steve, but your statement that fort hood is not gun free is wrong. the military personel around fort hood arn’t allowed weapons which is why 13 ppl lay dead. You are correct about the Arizona shooting. Also remember, the shooting at Virgina tech was handguns only. no “Assault Weapons” were used. the fact the media fails to report that only 380 some odd ppl were killed by rifles of any type (assault or not) out of 12000 or so murders 6800 give or take were pistols. But the “assault” weapons are bad?? Doesnt add up to me. Not to mention that we label them assault weapons due to the way they look. Assault weapons have a selector switch from fully automatic and sometimes burst back to semi. No weapon like that is allowed to ANY american without an FFL which is very hard to obtain. just goes to show you that people wanting to ban weapons have no clue about them.

  23. gimmieabreak

    With the likes of Martha Dean around it’s no wonder the Republican party is going downhill!

    1. Palin Smith

      It’s the Rowlands, McMahons, Lisa Wilson-Foleys, Caferos, Formicas, etc who you can’t distinguish from Democrats that is the problem. Let’s run a true conservative against an incumbent liberal and see. It’s working at the state and local level.

  24. Pete

    The only thing rowland did was show his true colors as an anti-2nd amendment liberal. Rowland pushed words in her mouth through out the entire interview. He behaved like a spoiled brat that wasn’t getting his way. Kudo’s to Martha for having the courage and competence to defend herself. I used to like rowland and listened to his show on the way home from work but for the last month, his true blue colors have shown through and I cannot support another wacky liberal.

  25. CT Critical Thinker

    No one is saying the murders didn’t happen. People have questions about the mis information and NO information being reported by the media. No videos of Lanza with the weapons released, no videos from school cameras, no interviews with any first responders. All shut down by the state police. We have a right to know before any legislation is passed. We demand to know the Truth!

  26. Puppeteer

    Cause Bravo Mrs. Dean!! All of you who don’t seek the truth must have never looked at the stars in awe and just pondered. Where would humanity be today if no questions were ever asked? Why is asking questions and putting forth evidence e to refute the largely provided and blindly accepted potential misnomers subject to such ridicule? Just because its horrific we should cover ou r eyes and ears and head for the hills running scared like a flock being chased by a wolf? The idealistic world does not exist and real history can prove it. Stop plodding along in your fantasies and question the world around you.. ya might even stop to smell a rose along the way..

  27. Wyatt Hill

    With confirmed actors posing as bystanders, parents and web pages asking for donations for Sandy Hook victims being
    published 3 days before the incident , no wonder people
    are asking questions – ?????

  28. Ed

    Anyone disparaging Martha Dean in this forum doesn’t know her. If you bothered to do some checking, you’d find she posted the video, not because she agreed with its content, but because she has questions about the investigation – and there is a great lack of information released by the state police spokesperson to date. I myself and many others have unanswered questions, and when answers are not forthcoming it’s natural to theorize what the truth might be. While the video is over the top, it also poses several legitimate questions which remain unanswered. I suspect many left-wing loons here didn’t even see the video and simply jumped on the bash Republican bandwagon. I’ve read a lot of name calling by the loons with very little substance. Regarding Rowland; he was pathetic. His goal wasn’t to set the record straight or find the truth. He was simply trying to create controversy to gin up ratings. He remains a narcissistic asshole of epic proportions, and now I have even less respect for him. On the other hand, get used to Martha Dean. Her star is rising, and I predict you’ll be seeing much more of her in the future.

  29. Arthur Mazeau

    The first thing I want to say is that the former governor is one of the last people I would trust in this interview process due to the fact that he is a convicted felon and proven liar. That being said, the video in question here has been witnessed by many people, and questions have come up from it. Why was there not a word about the fundraising websites and Facebook memorial pages that were created on the date of December 10th? Multiple pages to request money to be sent to the victims families, before the event had transpired? Who doesn’t question the validity of that information? Why have we not been given the correct details about the weaponry used? I have heard statements from the CT State Police that say one thing, and the news reports are almost all conflicting. Why is there so much confusion between the different news networks and the police? They all got their information from the same source, or did they have multiple sources? I have never seen an investigation that has so many questions after the event, that even over a month later, people still question the facts they are being told. The more I watch and hear, the more it feels like a staged event. What about FEMA, running a training operation close by in Bridgeport, just coincidentally to train for just the exact same type of situation, and including the Newtown Fire and Police departments? Coincidence? From the things I have seen, FEMA seems to be running these training operations near all of these mass shootings or serious events. Coincidence? Why should people not question these events? Are they afraid we might be on to something?

  30. I married an AR-15

    1. Since when is it not correct for government officials to question the, ‘official stance’. THEY WORK FOR ME, AND YOU. I have questions…the whole thing STINKS. If there is smoke, there is usually fire. How about 911? Oh, I get it. You watch American Idol, eat your GMOs, drink bottled water, and feel the constitution is a ‘pesky piece of paper’. Here’s one for ya….if you didn’t serve in the military, you should have no right to run for office or voice your opinion…you mean NOTHIN. I fought for the constitution…what have you done? Probably NOTHING.
    2. BOTTOM LINE: VIOLENT CRIME ESCALATES WITH GUN BANS. IT IS TRUE IN CHICAGO, AUSTRILIA, ENGLAND, ANYWHERE THEY ARE BANNED. LOOK IT UP. It sickens me to have to state that since the constitution REQUIRES us to carry arms to fend off nefarious governments like you idiots here that support Rowland are looking to create.
    3. Sandy hook PROBABLY happened, although not the way they are making it out to be. If this whole issue was hyped up to reignite the debate to ban the 2nd amendment, I want heads to roll. What a grand waste of time, money, and piece of mind.
    4. Are you looking to ignite another civil war? You just may get one. I’m not giving up my weapons. You can go to hell and it will stay in my family…FOREVER.
    5. Why the RUSH to get this through legislature? Public sentiment? Since when are good decisions EVER made in haste? “Let cooler heads prevail”…”Time Out”….”Step back and reassess the situation”…no businessman will tell you that ANY monumentsl decisions should be made in HASTE. Why not wait until ALL the evidecnce is examined and the Tox Screen comes back from Lanza before rushing to judgement. You people talk out of both sides of your mouths.
    If you want to just by-pass the constitution, let’s call it as it is. The Patriot ACT, the NDAA, and now this. What’s NeXT? An attack on the 10th?

  31. jon

    oh,i believe just what my t.v. told me no way zionists could have stagged this to disarm americans so they can install their nwo! the 2 mossad agents wearing ski masks with guns and drugs were chased from sandy hook, they have nothing to do with it even though they were at the seen at the same time and were pulled over by police . (left for israel 2 hours later)the shooter in the woods wearing camo pants, was only there just picking flowers. you can buy roland off with 1/2 of a sandwich or a pencil.PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP,THEY WANT IT ALL AND THEIR COMING FOR IT!

  32. Pingback: Martha Dean Stirs Controversy on Face the State « Channel 3's Dennis House Blogs

  33. Martha Dean

    Dear Hartford Courant readers, here is the Dennis House interview that appeared on Channel 3’s “Face the State” yesterday. It will answer most of your questions. I post this only to ensure that you understand the reasons behind my decisions and actions: (click on the middle of the three thumprints on this page) — here’s the link >>

    Once again, let me be clear: I have never expressed support for the controversial Sandy Hook video or any of the possible theories that it suggests. (My original Facebook post is still up on my wall, if you would like to check it.) Even so, I have issued a written public apology to the Newtown families for any pain the discussion of this video, and questions in general about the investigation of what happened that day, may cause them. I have no interest in keeping this going — only in being heard (since Mr. Rowland did not allow that). Thank you for your time and fairness. – Martha Dean

  34. foley

    you’re all a bunch of sheep. if you think that questioning your government on what is clearly a tragedy that has so many elements of a friendly fire mission cover up than you deserve to feel infuriated by the fact that real americans look at you like a fattened cow standing in line at the slaughter house. and for any of you to dare get offended by somebody having balls enough to ask questions, shame on you. the government expects people not to ask questions because its a tragedy, and they figure the masses will want to leave well enough alone. and apparently they’re right for the most part. so go on and keep kissing the ass of people who would do away with your rights as easily as tossing trash into a watebasket, you will reap what you sow in the end..

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