Kelly Ayotte: I\’m Against Obama, The Liberal Media AND Gun Violence

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New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte — famous for her no vote on gun background checks — tells her supporters she needs their money to fight on. Here\’s a portion of a recent email:

\"kellyWith the help of the liberal media, Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama are doing everything they can to damage me politically for not supporting their agenda. And on top of this…I\’m under attack for standing up to Barack Obama\’s efforts to \”fundamentally transform\” our country by defending the timeless principles of limited government and personal responsibility! This is why I urgently need you to help me fight back against the left\’s well-funded and well-heeled liberal special interests.

As both a mom and a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, I\’m eager to combat the escalating gun violence we\’re seeing throughout the country. In fact, I supported a bill that would have helped fix our broken background check system, increased prosecutions of criminals, and strengthened our mental health system.

…I\’m 100% dedicated to fighting gun violence; after all, I have two young kids at home! But I won\’t disarm law-abiding gun owners so Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg can score a political victory at the expense of our Constitutional rights. That\’s why I\’m asking you to make an emergency contribution to help me fight back. 

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23 thoughts on “Kelly Ayotte: I\’m Against Obama, The Liberal Media AND Gun Violence

  1. johngaltwhereru

    What’s this? Now there are 3 elected Conservatives with some guts?

    How about some combination of Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte and Ted Cruz for the 2016 Ticket.

    If Republicans ever want the White House again, they better stop running Moderates, Liberals and people who are afraid to both speak and act real Conservatism.

    If you want to run as a moderate, the Liberals are going to vote for the more Socialist Liberal running as a Democrat and Conservatives are going to stay home. Time to wake up. Obama times 2 should be a clear indication that Americans have no interest in electing a moderate.

    Here are some hints to guide you on whether you are Conservative enough to win:

    If you are like Mitt Romney, and you were elected Governor of a State that last voted for a Republican Presidential Candidate in 1984, and only twice since FDR, you are not Conservative enough to win.

    If you are like John McCain, and you were regularly praised by Democrats(prior to running for President against a Liberal)for your bipartisanship and Statesmanship, you are not Conservative enough to win.

    If you are afraid to be unabashedly Conservative and openly hostile to anti-Constitutional Liberal policies, you do not believe what you claim to believe, and are not Conservative enough to win.

    1. bill

      Yes Johngalt, I’m with you on this one. In fact, I am assisting right now in digging up the bones of Barry Goldwater. it is amazing what taxidermy can do after 40 years of embalming.

      Yes indeed. He would look a little stiff. His mouth could be mechanically manipulated when it moves – not unlike other Libertarian – mined do according to their bible written no doubt by Ayn Rand.


      His running mate: Rand Paul (so as to keep the holy and revered name of Ayn Rand out front.)

      The 2016 slogan:

      “Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

      It will bring tears to the eyes of many followers of the old coute. And tears will be turned into money. Johngalt himself will return to take an advisory role or at least insure that the old Libertarian stays propped up on a 2 x 4 at speeches.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Not sure if you are Billy, but it you are, I will bet you 3 framed pieces of art.

      3 free pieces for me if Ayotte wins.

      3 pieces purchased by me at double asking price if Ayotte loses.

      1. bill

        johngalt: I … First,A Great Day is not me. You should be able to discern by his syntax. However, now that you mentioned art, you should check out the better art galleries and negotiate down and enjoy what Central America has to offer. some work is very cheap and beautiful. Then send me a work just because you are a nice guy.

    2. The Conn-servative

      Re-visit your history: the Nazi’s were socialists – which based on your comments on these blogs, you represent. Ms Ayotte is far from your Nazi labeling.

      1. bill

        con-ser: you already know he is off the deep end. unless you like chit chatting with him which could signify that you are…ah, forget it.

      2. tjt

        The Nazi’s were not left wing socialist. They were facist from the right. Please study you history. Yes, the name of the party include the word “socialist” but that was a cosmetic.

        Kelly is doomed as politician in New England but we should not be calling her a Nazi. It is disrespectful to all those who lost their lives to use the term so lightly.

        Call her something else.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          Actually, it depends on if you read legitimate history, or left wing revisionist history.

          The majority of the 25 Point Nazi Party Platform was straight up Socialism. Stuff like radical wealth redistribution, no private land ownership, nationalization of industry, abolition of unearned income, equal division of all profits of heavy industry. There is more, and they are not right wing concepts. They are socialist, nationalist, and racist concepts.

          Further, Facists and the “far right” in the US couldn’t be any more different. Facists, by definition want an all powerful authoritarian government. The “far right” in US wants small limited government with more power to the individuals.

          Don’t blame yourself though. History in the US has been taught from a revisionist and activist stance in lieu of reality for several decades now.

          That being said, Kelly Ayotte is neither a Facist nor a Nazi. She is a Conservative that is being misrepresented the way all Conservatives are eventually misrepresented. Include her as a victim of the Liberals War on Women.

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    what a breath of fresh air. Its a shame we don’t have politicians like her in this state.

  3. Watcher13

    Good for you Kelly, I’m from CT and wish that we had at least 1 Senator/Representative that felt like you. We have all bleeding-heart liberal Democrats. Keep up the good work.

  4. Scott

    Reinforces my desire to move to NH. This liberal hellhole we call CT is but a shadow of its former self.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        Won’t it be great Billy when all the taxpayers leave and you, the state employees, the takers, and limousine liberals all have each other?

        That would be awesome I’m sure.

  5. Johngaltwhereru

    Yes, Liberals always go back to Goldwater. The one sound beating of a Conservative.

    Mondale? He wasn’t a Liberal that got smoked 525-13 in the Electoral College by an unabashed Conservative?

    Carter? 489-49.

    We can keep going. You have 1 election to hang your hat upon. You might want to look back at electoral history before you bark up that tree.

    1. Midas Mulligan

      Ma Man:

      I didn’t drag out Barry Goldwater because he was trounced by LBJ. Hell, I spent more time in the streets protesting LBJ then you want to know. But you wouldn’t know about crossing the partisan divide to protest someone or something. You are too full with your ideology.

      I happen to like the sound of his last name. And now his first name. Goldwater.

      Johngalt, sometimes you just don’t understand me.Now, how about sending me a little native gem of art. hey, I hope when you visit, you do bring a few paintings back for friends. last I was in Belize but that country doesn’t have much of an art center. Check out Grover’s Atoll in Belize. Nine acres way out in the ocean. Loved it.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        Yesterday I bought some paintings and a hand made glass candle globe for lack of a more knowledgeable description. This place was in the middle of nowhere outside of Tamarindo.

        It was an outdoor 3000 sq. ft. metal shed with dead lizards all over the place that had succumb to the 4 cats that were playing with their carcasses. To my great surprise the art was produced and the store was owned by a white hippie chick. I was meeting someone at a very remote Marriott that was down a 5 mile dirt road and stumbled upon this place. Her business must survive completely on Marriott guests that venture off the resort. Something to think about

  6. cjbraid

    Well I don’t think Kelly is doomed at all. The fact that she voted no changed a lot of minds about Kelly. I will support her no problem. I think u moon bats underestimate the anti sociallist movement. Already Republicans are taking back seats in special elections across the country. When its final in 2014 we the people will Impeach the Fabian in office and start over. Remove Eric the red from power. The socialist Bubble is going to pop.

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