GOP\’s Labriola Blasts Gas Tax Hike; Malloy Says He Was Not Governor In 2005

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The state Republican chairman, Jerry Labriola, is blasting the increase in the state\’s complicated gasoline tax that added about four cents per gallon Monday to prices at the pump across Connecticut.

But Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he was not the governor when the controversial increase was approved back in 2005 under Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

\”Today’s $60 million gas tax hike, one of the largest in state history, comes at a time when it will hurt Connecticut families the most,\’\’ Labriola said in a statement. \”Thanks to the ‘different path’ Governor Malloy has chosen for our state, Connecticut continues to boast some of the highest taxes, the worst roads, and the most stagnant economy in the nation.\’\’

Labriola added, “To add insult to injury, the extra $60 million motorists are expected to pay over the next year will not go into the Special Transportation Fund that was created to fix our worst-in-the-nation bridges and roads. Instead, Governor Malloy is raiding the fund for the entire $60 million gas tax increase — as well as an additional $30 million — and using that critical funding for transportation infrastructure to support his insatiable thirst for big government spending.”

The tax went up Monday by about 4 cents per gallon, based on the wholesale price of gasoline. The state also has a separate gasoline tax of 25 cents per gallon, which is a fixed rate that does not change when the wholesale price fluctuates.

Malloy said recently that he would not make any moves to stop the tax increase that took effect on Monday because the legislature had already decided – back in 2005 under Rell – to hike the tax as part of a long-term plan.

“I wasn\’t governor in 2005,\’\’ Malloy told reporters. “I wasn\’t the minority leader of the House or the minority leader of the Senate in 2005.\’\’

He added, “I do know that, in the state of Connecticut, we need to get transportation right. We need a coordinated policy. We are developing that. I left out Route 11, which I still believe should be completed, as well as the interchange at 395 and 95, which has never worked properly. We need to move forward on transportation specifically, and that\’s what I\’m trying to do.\’\’

More than 16,000 people, as of last week, had signed a petition against the increase.


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43 thoughts on “GOP\’s Labriola Blasts Gas Tax Hike; Malloy Says He Was Not Governor In 2005

  1. Fatdady

    No, Dan was not responsible for the tax, but he did not have to sign off on it. Ican buy gas in NYC for less than in Connecticut!!
    Dan does not have to sweep every account in the state into the general fund.
    Dan does not have to accept responsibility for high unemployment, poor roads, horrible air and water quality, high taxes (including his historic retroactive income tax increase), unfunded pensions, high crime, failed education reform, rampant corruption in Connecticut government, exceeding the spending cap limits with more accounting gimmicks…the list is way longer.
    No, Dan can blame everyone else for all the woes and just take credit for the few successes like elimination of the death penalty or his war on gun owners or Sunday liquor sales or Keno or medical marijuana or licenses for illegals…Dan has a lot to brag about. No doubt about it.

      1. Fatdady

        I just filled up last night.
        Twenty-five cents lower than the cheapest in my area. Why would I not tell the truth? Why so hostile?
        You know nothing, but being a charitable person, perhaps you live in a part of the state where gas is sold cheaply… Connecticut “zoning” keeps the monkeys happy.

  2. Japsen

    I’m kind of sick of hearing how everything is your predecessor’s fault Obama, oh, I mean Danny boy!
    It’s getting very old.

    1. Common_Tator

      But it IS ALL BUSH’s fault ! ! He was so STOOPID that if a Brilliant Man like ObamAA can’t fix it! And if voters buy that, then Malloy will try it too…

  3. Buttpincher

    Hey Dan, you wanted this baby of a budget, it is yours from day one. To blame the previous admins is lame. You know it and so does everyone else. Your gamble on this is a loser just like the man in charge. You’re not fit to be governor. Quit now.

  4. Lawrence

    Snore. Stick with fluoridated water debates and attacks on poor people, Jerry. That’s what you do best.

  5. Sharon Pealer

    The Governor continues to play on the way he really views the people of this state, as stupid. Funny how when Democrats need votes they claim this state to be highly educated and intelligent, then turn and make claims that the village idiot could see through. No Mr. Malloy, you were not governor when this tax increase was voted into law. Governor Rell was saddled with a Democratic house and Senate, they voted in the nasty thing and she failed to veto it. You however could have at least made a pretense of stopping it and you chose not to. Far better to blame someone else isn’t it? Then sit back and hope that the failing system of education in the state’s largest cities has done it’s work and failed to teach how government really works. Sir, I am not a fool and I do know who is responsible for all the high taxes in this State. I only hope that at least one person reads this and passes on who really is at fault so that the blame game is exposed for what it is. We are a state run by “Not Me” and I would wish to see an adult in office for a change.

  6. The Conn-servative

    Arrogant Danny usurped executive order last week in creating another useless state agency. I ask why doesn’t he simply do the same for this instead of pulling out a lame excuse that he wasn’t governor at the time.

  7. Fatdady

    It is a typical Malloy cry…”It’s not my fault!”
    All three Malloy spawn used the line frequently in Stamford in the rare instances when they actually got caught for their misdeeds.
    I’m a Malloy and not responsible for my actions! It is a genetic thing…

  8. Mark

    Malloy’s administration is a “GAS TAX GUZZLER” and your dollars get no milage. Democrats are in charge of spending and in charge of raiding the Transportation fund. “GAS TAX GUZZLERS”

  9. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Its comforting to know that the 4 cent per gallon tax hike will go into the black hole called the state general fund where it will be consumed to pay for 5% increases for state workers. Meanwhile, our bridges and roads have been called among the worst in the country.

    Continue to vote for liberals and watch in wonder as we hurdle toward state bankruptcy.

  10. jschmidt

    Dan is probably one of the most annoying and untruthful politicians we have had in this state.He has no interest in honesty.

    1. ccbeachcomber

      And likely one of the most miserable men elected. How do you Democrats do it? Yet he and the fatso Democrats never cease to find new ways to exploit stupidity, their’s and naive voters. If they can make their face turn red and get the veins on their neck to stick out as they tell their bold faced lies, we should think they are working hard and telling the truth. okayyy

      And by the way folks, this is a tax increase the governor, red faced and veins sticking out of his neck, said he wouldn’t do. Come on people, dumb down.

    2. Fatdady

      Do you recall John-the-Felon Rowland?
      Malloy is just another corrupt elected official in a very long line.
      The land of steady habits? No doubt…voters habitually vote for, and elect, the worst possible
      candidiate. I would say it is not sustainable but it appears to be.

  11. Don Pesci

    This excuse is getting to sound suspiciously like an excuse. When a governor comes into office, he OWNS the problems of his predecessors. If he cannot engineer a solution to a pre-existing problem, it simply is an evasion of responsibility to ascribe to his predecessor his own lack of direction and energy because the problem had its origin outside his administration.
    It is a flight from responsibility for Governor Malloy to argue that because a problem pre-existed his administration, he is not responsible for crafting a solution to the problem. Connecticut’s recession will be with us for a long while; it takes Connecticut longer than other states to recover from recessions. The way to fight a recession is to make the state more business friendly than its neighbors and competitors. Businesses looking at the state as possible place to flourish know that Connecticut is a high regulation, high tax state; they read newspapers. The state’s competitive advantage relative to other states is not enhanced by higher taxes – yet that is the direction in which Connecticut has been moving at warp speed during the Malloy administration. He will – and should – be held responsible for his tax increases.

    1. Common_Tator

      “When a governor comes into office, he OWNS the problems of his predecessors.” I believe had Malloy realized this he would have ran for President instead where the standards are lower…

      1. rulez

        “President instead where the standards are lower…”

        Oh, you mean C-student Bush.

        1. Connecticut is circling the drain

          Right-o. We will never find out what foreign student Barry Soetoro’s grades were as he has restricted access to them.


    2. Fatdady

      Well said. Dan worked hard to inherit the problems of the state. Now we find out that he was chasing his
      career and could care less about solving the issues at hand.
      Look for Dan to push for tolls. And listen to his lies as he does so.

  12. Don Pesci

    This is what Mr. Malloy is doing, according to a piece in CTMirror: “Connecticut motorists are expected to pay an extra $60 million at the pumps over the next year. Meanwhile, state government will continue to siphon fuel revenues from the transportation system, as it’s done for nearly a decade.” He and the Democratic dominated General assembly has made these choices – not Jodi Rell.—-latest-gas-tax-hike-wont-help-roads-rail-bridges

  13. Palin Smith

    Hat’s off to those lucky folks who live on the borders. Connecticut’s iron curtain is descending with a thump. The Nutmeg Gulag is a reality. Homeowners in Waterbury are trapped behind the “Berlin Wall”. Won’t be long before they revolt!!

  14. The Conn-servative

    It’s interesting that none of the usual regressives have come to bat for Danny on this blog.

    1. Jeb Potchagalloop

      I’ll agree with you on this one. But I think Ted Kennedy Jr would make a fine governor.

      1. deep44

        Kennedy Jr has lived off his families rolodexas he knickles and dimes companies and Govs as a healthcare consultant. To State he would be a good Gov would more than likely keep the forward Progressive taxation movement in place. He has zero practice experience. The issue is CT is a one party state, While you may have a Republican Gov., the Dems control a vast majority of the Legislature.

        1. Fatdady

          Connecticut is a welfare state.
          Corporate welfare.
          Social welfare.
          Everyone is “entitled” yet nobody can pay anymore.
          Bloodsuckers like Malloy are just feeding on the body politic and will move on.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      So you’re the sane one who defends another gas tax that makes our state the highest taxed gasoline state in the nation? How is that helpful to the middle class or business competitiveness?

      Grow a brain there Jethro.

  15. Michael

    Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels used to say that if a lie is repeated often enough, then it becomes the truth. You can say the same thing about the supporters of the Connecticut Republican party, repeating that the Connecticut Republican party is the party of small government and low taxes. The Republicans gave us the state sales tax. To get the complete state income tax passed in 1991, a deal had to be made to give a tax cut to the wealthy, aimed towards lower Fairfield County, so in the final analysis, the Republicans caved in and also casted the tie breaking vote. Governor Rowland talked big about a tax cut, but he actually punted on the issue, though his tax cuts were progressive. Governor Rell had a string of near billion dollar surpluses. Can anyone name any tax cut that Rell signed in law for the benefit of Mr Average citizen? Rowland and Rell did bust through the spending cap. If Tom Foley becomes governor, he will put more money in the hands of the wealthy, using the fairy tale that they are the makers, an reinforcement of the trickle-down economics rubbish.

    1. Kaptain Kangaroo

      You won’t convince any of these bottom fishing troll maggot-infested puss head passive aggressive right wing nut cases on these blogs. They all harken to a lessor god.

      Why they listen to AM talk radio in the afternoon and you know which pied piper leads it.

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  18. Connecticut is circling the drain

    You gotta love how libtards like Barry Soetoro and Danny Malloy would rather blame their predecessors than own and confront problems on their watch.

    Hey Dannel- do you want some cheese with that whine?

  19. deep44

    funny, Dan and the Dem’s will use emergency orders to bypass the legistaive process to push through a bill but will not submit an amendment to vote down a new tax hike. It’s really simple CT, you voted for a party of higher taxes becuase they promise services which can not be paid for without taxation.

    There is more to come as the revenue assumptions of the budget call for a 4% increase in Personal Income growth this yr and 7% in 2014. By the way Personal income growth in CT for 2012 was 1.9%

  20. Zach

    And the D’s still controlled the house & senate at the time like they continue to now, they could have killed the proposal before it even reached the governor but they didn’t…..Malloy is Governor Smoke & Mirrors, he thinks he can do no wrong & has no accountability…… thank god for 2014 it will be so long Dan nice knowing you.

  21. MrLogical

    Time to get rid of socialist, discriminatory zone pricing. The suburbs are subsidizing the cost of gasoline for the city dwellers and nearby towns. Stop the socialist wealth transfer and let the free market prevail.

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