Labriola Says Hewett Should Step Down

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Connecticut Republican party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. on Friday called on state Rep. Ernest Hewett to step down following the New London lawmaker\’s controversial comment to a 17-year-old intern during a hearing last week.

Hewett was at an Appropriations Committee hearing room in the Legislative Office Building on Feb. 20, when the teenager testified in favor of funds for the Connecticut Science Center. She said that her work there as an intern had helped overcome shyness and a fear of snakes.

As she finished testifying, the committee\’s co-chairwoman, Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, told the girl that she didn\’t seem shy. That\’s when Hewett chimed in. As he recalled it, in a telephone interview with the Courant\’s Jon Lender Thursday, he said into the microphone: \”If you\’re shy, then I have a snake under this desk.\”

Labriola is calling for Hewett to resign, saying his comment sends an \”absolutely atrocious message.\”

“Representative Hewett’s offensive remark was a disgrace and an embarrassment. The fact that it was made to a 17 year-old intern visiting the State Capitol to attend a public hearing sends an absolutely atrocious message.

\”In terms of the Speaker’s official action on this matter — while Rep. Hewett may now be the only Democratic lawmaker at the Capitol without a leadership title, stripping him of that perk is less than a slap on the wrist. 
\”The legislature has at its disposal a number of ways to sanction Representative Hewett, ranging from an official censure to calling on him to resign. I urge Rep. Hewett to save the legislature some valuable time and make the decision to step down himself.
\”This incident further damages the reputation and credibility of the Democratic legislative leadership — not only the remark, but also the \’punishment.\’ The people of Connecticut are still angry about the Chris Donovan \’pay to play\’ corruption case and this latest disturbing incident only compounds the pattern of corruption and misconduct of the Democrats in Hartford.”


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10 thoughts on “Labriola Says Hewett Should Step Down

  1. Sad Day for Connecticut

    Do the right thing Hewett, resign and spare out state further embarassment. God forbid had a Republican made such a remark to a 17 year old girl.

  2. Paul Edward Zukowski

    If she was an adult it would be different. She was underage, and because of that he needs to go. He should resign.

  3. enness

    Oh, for crying out loud. He sounded plenty embarrassed over the faux pas and they’ve already made up. Trying to prove how much they love women by freaking out and initiating a witch hunt is the last thing we need.

  4. Patrick_Henry

    these legislators – and others like them – are responsible for all the politically correct laws and feel good rules currently in existence. Laws that cripple citizens and business alike. Perhaps if we force them to live by their own rules – and fully suffer the consequences – they’ll come to their senses and focus on things that really matter instead of all the nonsense.

    I vote for letting him go – without percs and pension. Let’s send a message to the holier-than-thou politicians that lord over us

  5. Lawrence

    There’s only one reason why Jerry Labriola Jr. shows up in the State Capitol anymore. Lord knows it’s not to tout the latest, progressive GOP piece of legislation to help working people.

  6. Kim

    Please note that billyboy/jimmyboggs/rallyforguncontrol is now posting under my name. If you have any doubts, I think my positions have been quite clear. Any sudden turnarounds or changes of heart should be attributed to this newest cowardly act by the blog joker.

    Rick Green, if you want to control something here’s a good place to start. I’m sure you would take an interest if users started calling themselves Rick Green. Hmmmmm, something worth considering……

    You would think that with all the censorship going on on these blogs, the Courant would at least make it impossible for someone else to use your name. The simple and obvious message would be: ‘this user name or login ID is already in use – please choose another’.

  7. chris

    This guy should have to undergo the same psychological evaluations anyone else would have to undergo had they said such a thing to a 17-year-old anywhere in this country. This guy is obviously out of touch with reality.

    1. Kim

      chris: being out of touch with reality seems to be a prerequisite for politicians and liberals.

      1. Bill

        Did anyone mention that you were out of touch? Or just touched?

        Kim, will you go crying to the Hartford Courant today again? “Oh, Rick Green, please help me I need hellllpp.”

        If you can’t hang with the big boys, you are welcome to back to mommy and hide behind her skirt. Shoo fly.

        1. Kim

          pull yourself together billboy – you’re showing signs of stalking and total emotional collapse. But you’re pseudo-ability to psychoanalyze should have told you that, shouldn’t it?

          Step one: take down all those pictures of me that you have in that little shrine-room of yours.

          Step two: find something else to be obsessed about. for example, you could focus on improving your character, your personality, your mental health, your hygiene or your severe depression.

          Step three: Maybe you could start thinking of girls instead of other men, or is that too big a step?

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