Labriola: \”Perhaps the Age of Massive Self-Funders in Connecticut is Over\”

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Following Tuesday\’s devastating losses, state Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. said the party needs to \”get back to basics.\”

\"\"For two consecutive election cycles, the party put its faith in wealthy self-funder Linda McMahon, casting aside establishment candidates such as former congressmen Rob Simmons and Christopher Shays.

And for two consecutive election cycles, McMahon left Republicans disappointed.

\”Linda was a hard-working, disciplined candidate who fought the good fight,\’\’ Labriola said.

But, he added, \”It is no secret that I always had my reservations about the formula of running a self-funder without any prior political experience. Perhaps the age of massive self-funders in Connecticut is over.\”

McMahon\’s controversial get-out-the-vote strategy targeting Democrats who supported President Obama grated on many Republicans. \”I respect the will of our convention and primary voters, and you have to close ranks behind your nominee,\’\’ Labriola said. \”However I was very disappointed with the overtures made to Obama voters.\”

In the wake of McMahon\’s twin losses in 2010 and 2012, Republicans need to focus on their bench and not be dazzled by self-funders, Labriola said.

The dearth of New England Republicans in Congress is \”a very unhealthy situation.\”

Labriola said the Connecticut Republican party will closely reflect on Tuesday\’s results as it gears up for the 2014 governor\’s race.

\”We will use this period…for self examination and some adjustments will need to be made,\’\’ he said

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5 thoughts on “Labriola: \”Perhaps the Age of Massive Self-Funders in Connecticut is Over\”

  1. JustAnotherTaxPayer

    OK, so how about the billions of dollars directed to campaigns of candidates for the House of Representatives, or the legislative candidates of each states positions of representatives and Senator’s by large PACs funded by Corporations, Billionaires, and Foreign interests? The only difference is McMahon was easily detected as a billionaire trying to buy an elected office to use it for her own profitering. Unlike the secretive donors to the Republican PACs that supported candidates like Andrew Roraback. If people only understood that most of these statements by the Labriolas of the political world are never honest or sincere. You got what you deserve, and I hope she brings her billions to bear on you personally, to destroy your personal and professional life, the same way you supported her campaign doing it to Chris Shays, then Chris Murphy. If people only knew you well, you might finally be driven from any form of public life that calls for someone who is honest, of good character, and dignified. You are the problem for the Connecticut Republican Party.

  2. AndersonScooper

    So that means Labriola doesn’t want Tom Foley to be the GOP’s nominee?

    If not Tom then who? Cafero? McKinney? Scott Frantz or Roraback? LOL.

    The only one that frightens me is Mark Boughton, but I doubt he could ever raise the cash to mount a serious campaign…

  3. Charlie Lynch

    Jerry just shut your mouth for once, will you? The “adjustment to be made” will be tossing your backside out of the chairman’s seat after your pathetic leadership over the past two years.

  4. LongJohn47

    Wow, some really angry people here. The good news is that the people of CT made the right choice in the face of massive money. Personally, I would welcome a Republican Party that stepped back from the Tea Party craziness and began to act rationally again. We need a healthy political system with serious leaders, not cartoon characters.

    Much as the right might hate him, Malloy is deeply knowledgeable about how to run a government (as opposed to how to run a business, which is fundamentally different). The GOP owes it to the people of this state to come up with someone equally credible in 2014 and then we’ll have a conversation about what path to take.

  5. Joe Visconti

    Ding Dong the Witch is dead! If we are going to blame anyone for Linda it is Tom Foley et-al for blocking donor money from Richville County. Until the CTGOP stops nursing off the Fairfield County Grey Poupon snackers it’s curtains for them. More to come on all of this soon from the Far Right.

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