Labriola Says Malloy\’s Budget \”Has More Tricks Than a Magic Show\”

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State Republican party Chairman Jerry Labriola accused Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy of crafting a budget plan that relies on gimmicks.

“Once again, Governor Malloy’s rhetoric does not match reality. The Governor promised a gimmick-free budget, an “honest” budget — but today’s spending plan has more tricks than a magic show.

\”Hiding the tax increases does not mean they are not there. Cuts in municipal aid are dollar for dollar property tax increases. The power plant tax is passed off to rate payers. The corporate tax means high unemployment in our state will continue. If the Governor wants an “honest” budget, he could start by being honest himself – instead, he is playing a shell game with this budget and the taxpayers who will foot the bill for it.
\”This budget spends too much, borrows too much, taxes too much and cuts too little. It is a formula for continued economic stagnation and joblessness. Governor Malloy said Connecticut would take a “different path,” but he has led Connecticut down the primrose path – the path to nowhere.
\”There is a reason that the Governor’s path is the “path less traveled” by 49 other states. It’s because it doesn\’t work. Only in Malloy-land would a state mired in a billion dollar deficit increase government spending by 10 percent. The Governor says Connecticut has “come a long way in the last two years.” Unfortunately, it has been and continues to be in the wrong direction.
\”Governor Malloy has turned over-promising and under-delivering into an art form.”
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4 thoughts on “Labriola Says Malloy\’s Budget \”Has More Tricks Than a Magic Show\”

  1. Charlene

    Right on, Jerry! I cannot believe he would have the gall to propose a ten percent spending INCREASE!
    What on earth is he smoking? Oh that’s right, he legalized it!

  2. Connecticut is Dying Too

    The Governor’s best trick is to watch taxpayers and businesses disappear as they escape the idiocy of liberal rule in Connecticut. Keep up the great work Governor- your liberal utopia is almost upon us.

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