Larson: \’News Flash To Republicans — Obama Does Care\’

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At Blue Back Square in West Hartford U.S. Rep. John Larson rallies the Democrats:

Larson has a few thoughts about the youth vote:

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7 thoughts on “Larson: \’News Flash To Republicans — Obama Does Care\’

  1. Richard

    Did someone tell Larson those are drifting leaves on the pavement and not Democrats? The leaves got a helluva speech FWIW.

  2. Sharpshooter

    We all know Obama cares….he cares about which golf course he’ll play next and when he can visit Indonesia (his homeland) again….he also cares about how effectively he can put us on the path to socialism…no one quaetions whether or not Obama cares….its what he cares about that has thinking people worried…

    1. Kim

      that’s right sharpshooter. Some other things he cares about:
      -destruction of the Constitution and individual liberty
      –transitioning all citizens over to government nannyism and control
      –completely removing the ability of citizens to defend themselves against harm, criminals, and the very government he is trying to create in the US
      –dropping America down a few notches to a level of military preparedness and security that Muslim nations are comfortable with (his words)
      –Bringing America to its knees as penance for it’s perceived colonialism

      If Obama cared about America and Americans, he would have ordered our military to rescue the ambassador and the other murdered US citizens in Benghazi during the 7 hour attack that they WATCHED live and knew were terrorist attacks. If he was willing to allow our own ambassador to die, what do you think he’ll allow to happen to regular citizens?

      Yes, he cares. He cares about a second term where he’ll have unlimited power to continue his actions to destroy this nation

  3. Ajmal Mehdi

    Both major parties are out-of-touch with businesses and ordinary ,poor American citizens. Mehdi

  4. Kim

    hopefully the recent trend of states petitioning the government for secession from the union, will grow and flourish

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