Larson to Hold Forum on Money in Politics

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The day after President Obama swept into the state for a pair of big-ticket fundraisers that were expected to net his reelection campaign about $2.5 million, Democratic U.S. Rep. John Larson is hosting a forum on campaign finance.
\”Currently large donors and special interests are able to spend unlimited money to influence our elections,\’\’ states a press release issued by Larson\’s office. \”As America’s trust in government nears an all time low, Congress now more than ever needs to put elections back in the hands of ordinary Americans.\”
The forum, which will begin tonight at 6:30 at West Hartford Town Hall, will feature Nick Nyhart, the president and CEO of Public Campaign Action Fund, a national non-profit group that aims \”to taking big special interest money out of politics.\”
Larson, a seven-term Democrat from the heavily Democratic 1st District has hauled in more than $1.4 million so far in the 2012 cycle, more than half of it from political action committees. His Republican opponent, John Henry Decker, a political unknown, has raised less than $20,000.
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2 thoughts on “Larson to Hold Forum on Money in Politics

  1. Richard

    The system they propose favors incumbents. A fair system would give challengers more money than the incumbent to offset incumbent advantage.

    When John devises a system that would have left him jobless after his first term then there’s the beginning of true reform.

    Term limits you say? 2 consectutive terms and no more than 8 years in one lifetime? Save the pension and health care costs on the life-timers?

    1. jim

      If John Larson is so concerned about fairness, why doesn’t he give 3/4 of his campaign donations to John Decker? No waiting for laws or legislation, just do the right thing. Then we’ll see how well this proposed incumbency protection “reform” goes over with his supporters when they witness their contributions going to the challenger. John Larson is the poster boy of partisan entrenched incumbency and everything that’s wrong with congress and their 11% approval rating. It’s way past time for CT to end its national embarrassment and term limit John Larson in November. GO JOHN DECKER!

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